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Feminine fluids and diving, Testosterone at Splash

A lactating instructor in custom made DiveRubber

The photo: The lactating instructor in the photo above is thrusting out her chest and bending backward. With the shoulder straps of her tank sloping away from her waist there is an optical illusion that she is big-breasted. By ballet standards she is, but she is only a C-cup when her breasts are full. You can tell by her full lips and the way she grips the mouthpiece of her reg that she has amazing suction for giving head.

Diving and Feminine fluids: A returning reader and friend interested in cervical barriers asks: “Does the pressure experienced in the dive tank cause an expression of breast milk or a more pronounced period. I would think it would but alas I am not a diver.”

BREAST MILK: These are good questions and ones I haven’t answered before. If it’s a normal dive and I’m breathing ambient air as I descend then there is no major pressure change on my breast tissue – other than a tight wetsuit - that would cause me to express my milk. However, there are situations where I do, such as:

1) In a descent with my air shut off (or the reg is out of my mouth) where the change in depth is 10 feet or so my nipples start to leak. If I descend 20 or 30 feet w/o breathing ambient pressure air my milk flows freely. When my milk reaches full flow will depend on how full my breasts are when I dive. I try to have a partner breast feed or I pump to empty them before diving as rough sex with engorged breasts isn’t my idea of fun. Tight rubber compressing engorged breasts may look erotic, but it is very uncomfortable and not the sort of pain I’m into.

2) The other situation that forces lactation is if I’m wearing a drysuit and I intentionally release, or don’t add, air causing the suit to ‘squeeze’ me as I descend. The rubber will compress my breasts and I will lactate in my suit. I have to be careful that a nipple isn’t caught in a fold and nearly crushed as the suit squeezes me because that can be amazingly painful. Lactating in a drysuit from squeeze (or for any other reason) can be annoying. Not from the feel of warm milk trickling down my belly, but because after the dive the suit is a nightmare to clean. The scent of rancid breast milk at one I’ve never come to love so a thorough washing of the inside as soon as possible with a white vinegar and water solution is necessary before the milk turns rancid.

The compression of breast tissue while diving will decrease the milk quantity to an extent and puts a lactating woman at a higher risk of having clogged milk ducts so I use a good skin cleanser after I dive and if I’ve been submerged more than an hour I pump a bit to ensure my ducts are flowing freely.

URINATION: Urine is another fluid the quantity of which is pressure related and that affects both male and female divers. Any diver who says s/he hasn’t peed in his/her wetsuit is lying. When diving the pressure of the surrounding water causes immersion dieresis which is not depth related as long as the diver is breathing ambient air. Immersion dieresis causes buildup of urine from increased pressure squeezing fluid out of body tissue, which is why dehydration is such a problem for divers and it can contribute to decompression sickness. That’s why it is so important that divers stay well hydrated. Immersion dieresis can reduce the amount of breast milk and the thickened milk can contribute to clogged ducts.

MENSTRUAL FLOW: The effect of diving on menstrual flow is to slow or stop menstruation during the dive primarily from the effects of immersion dieresis. Once I’m on the surface again there is a surge in flow over the next few hours that requires emptying my diaphragm more frequently.

Towel Girls and testosterone at Splash: Gigi has an after-school job as a Towel Girl at Adolph’s adult pool facility in the hills. For more about that see my March 9, 2010 Blog entry entitled ‘Towel Girl Fantasies’. One of the hormonal supplements available at Splash is Androderm, the testosterone patch and one of the senior Towel Girls is undergoing physiological changes. Her muscles are beginning to bulk up, her voice is getting deeper and she is beginning to have a little hair growing on her chest and chin. She is a petite blonde with a svelte figure and unblemished skin and that is changing though at this point she is still quite attractive. Rumor is that she is getting a reaction to the testosterone patches than most of her clients wear to improve their muscle mass, virility and stamina. That is because her specialty is mind blowing oral sex and she has swallowed pints of semen and testosterone ladened urine from her clients on a daily basis for the 7 months that testosterone therapy has been available at the club. Approximately 90% of a testosterone dose given intramuscularly (from Androderm) is excreted in the urine as glucuronide and sulfate conjugates of testosterone and its metabolites; about 6% is excreted in the feces, mostly in unconjugated form, so the thought is that she is getting masculinizing side effects from the testosterone excreted in the urine of her clients.

The Gyn who oversees the health of the Towel Girls and Endocrinologist who prescribes the hormonal supplements at Splash deny that there is any connection between this girls symptoms and her secondary ingestion of testosterone. Meanwhile she has taken a leave of absence. Gigi volunteered to take her place since a lot of the men on Androderm are wealthy Europeans who are worth cultivating as sexual partners. I’ve asked my medical advisors at the clinic to research the literature to see if there are any reports of masculinization of escorts and working girls from metabolites of testosterone ingested while giving head to men on supplementary testosterone. Meanwhile her father, Jacques, is supporting her in her desire to take the place of the masculinized blonde saying that Androderm or its equivalent have been in use in Europe for years with no instances of masculinization that can be traced to professional girls providing oral sex.

The first performances of Dracula: The first performances of my adaptation of the ballet Dracula were to packed venues and were very well received! I danced the heroine, Flora, Sunday night. I was CD3 and my period was in full flow so the audience was properly shocked when it seemed as though I was hemorrhaging. My partner, in the role of Dracula, tried to staunch the flow after he had gorged on my blood and flinging the bloody thong around he splattered a few of the men in the first several rows with my flow. I thought for guys wearing $2,000 suits they took being splattered rather well. We offered to have the suits of five men dry-cleaned and only one took the offer. The others said they were not going to have my blood cleaned off. My producer gave each of them our card so if they change their minds they can get back to us. We did say the older the stain the less likely it would come out. Fortunately there were no women in the first few rows.


  1. hello and thank you for the great info never considered how diving has such profound effects on the human body. gerald marcus

  2. Hi Jill,

    Your Dracula performance sounds like another sequel to 'Carrie'!

    How many shows have you got to do?

  3. Dracula has turned out to be extremely popular with the high-rollers so we have extended the run through Tuesday of next week. With two shows a night at each of three venues we have had to add some girls to the corps to give my company women a chance at major roles which has resulted in some world class portrayals of Flora. Scheduling around the women's periods to have Flora bleeding has made it mandatory to give every one of my women a chance in the role. That is a nice sort of ‘problem’ to have!


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