Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pointe shoe quiz October 26, 2010

Who is the maker of these shoes?


  1. Hi Jill,


    Paul S

  2. Ok, no one has it right so far. It’s time for a clue: think Brazil

  3. From the design, they could be Prima Soft En L'Aire or Vole'.

  4. This is the thrid time I have done this !

    Pointeshoe.net there are four brands made in Brazil Balletto, Sapatilhas millenium, The shoe Vole' from Prima soft,and a special line from So' Danca Cecilia Kerche Pointe Shoes - Special Line Performance Shoe Model Ef-26 I found the picture in E-bay. Thanks Jill the quiz took my mind off my dad for a while . Only wish my computer was running so I could log this one in . How did I do ?

  5. Jill,

    Capezio? :)

    Best wishes,
    Paul S.

  6. What pointe makers are headquartered in Brazil?

  7. Well, Balletto is a Brazilian maker, but they aren't Balletto shoes, nor are they by Leo, Capezio or Prima Soft although with Prima Soft there are some similarities.

    Paul D was the only one who got the correct answer. The shoes are Cecilia Kerche Pointe Shoes from So' Danca. So' Danca was the name I was looking for.

    Thanks to everyone for participating. This one was more difficult than I expected.

  8. I am such a dime bar, I looked at So' Danca but the penny didn't drop!

    Sigh! Eagerly awaiting the next quiz, Jill! :)

    Paul S.


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