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1950s Cosplay pregnancies

A Reflexions flat spring diaphragm & its introducer

Ballet Cosplay and pregnancy: There have been some unintended pregnancies among the UNLV cosplay women. In my entry for October 18th 2010 entitled ‘Ballet Cosplay & Horizontal Academics’ I discussed helping Taryn’s friend in a UNLV Cosplay club train for some 1950s ballet role playing involving pointe shoes and sex using female barrier birth control devices available in the 1950s.

The girls I coached have now debuted in femme fatale and ingénue ballet roles and been very successful in their portrayals of 1950s ballet dancers (Moira Shearer, Zizi Jeanmaire, Cyd Charisse and Leslie Caron) and well protected by their latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragms. However, two of the more senior members of the sorority’s cosplay club who had been the most verbally abusive weren’t as well protected and found themselves pregnant just after my October 18th entry. Male UNLV cosplay partners are not required to use condoms – in keeping with the dislike of them by men and the more subservient social position of women 60 years ago. And that’s come back to bite some of the most fanatically detail oriented and verbally abusive women in the group. Curiously, the ones insisting men ride bareback are the ones who found themselves with a bun in the oven and (were) very vocal about being against abortion, believing that life begins when an egg is fertilized, not after implantation in the lining of the uterus which is the medical definition of pregnancy.

An emergency call: Suddenly I’m getting an emergency call from Taryn’s friend wanting to know if I can smooth the way for discreet menstrual extractions at our clinic for the two fourth year girls who were then about six weeks preggers, because they didn’t want to go through Student Health at UNLV where their condition might become known. Getting them on the schedule wasn’t a problem and they paid for the procedures with their own credit cards. I went over to see if there was anything I could do and talked to both of them. I asked them how they felt about the right-to-choose now that they needed the option and both where in tears when admitting they had not understood what it meant to find yourself pregnant with medical or law school on the horizon, tens of thousands in student loans and no male partner for support and now, in their need, had found themselves with a total reversal of opinion and very much pro-choice. I was saddened that it had taken a personal crisis, but very pleased that two more women understood the need to have abortion available as an option.

Barrier blues: While they were waiting to be prepped for their procedures I asked what barriers they were using and both had been using three year old latex Ortho coil spring rim diaphragms. Neither of them had had a fit check since the initial fitting and both had been frequently sexually active in the intervening months and both had started an intensive training regimen for track and had lost weight and toned their bodies. So I thought that both women’s diaphragms were probably too small because of the stretching of the vagina from an active sex life and from the fact that they had both lost about fifteen pounds.

The women said they had enquired about getting new barriers since early 2009, shortly after Ortho stopped making latex diaphragms, and whoever they consulted told them, incorrectly, that latex diaphragms were no longer being made. By that time they were so involved in the cosplay community that they kept using their old barriers, since the rubber domes appeared to be in good condition with no pin-holes, thin spots or cracks in the rubber, though the latex was beginning to lose its elasticity. Continuing a very active sex life using a two to three year old latex diaphragm that hadn’t been fit checked was just asking for trouble. They lucked out for about eighteen months before testing positive for hCG when they both lost stamina and began having nausea in the mornings.

Reflexions fitting: Both extraction procedures went well and while shaken and glad the ordeal was over neither women seemed remorseful. But remorse, while in my experience not common, can occur at any time, especially when the woman has had time to think about it and been staunchly pro-life, so one or both may need therapy later on, or not. They were so newly pregnant that the size cannula used didn’t require cervical dilation which sped their recovery time. I told them both that I would personally fit them with latex diaphragms when they felt that they had recovered enough to withstand the fitting process and two weeks later they called to set up a fitting visit and asked for me as their fitter. I volunteer at the clinic on most Saturdays and do nothing but cervical barrier fittings, about ten or twelve a day on a busy day. When they came in they both looked good and accompanied each other during their fittings and asked lots of questions so I could tell whoever fitted them the first time wasn’t really into teaching their patients about how to use the barrier they were being fitted with. Both women took a Reflexions two sizes larger (a 75 mm and a 80 mm) than the ones they had originally been fitted with and with the soft coil spring rim a D two sizes too small is easy to under-thrust which completely compromises the effectiveness of the diaphragm and that is probably how they were impregnated.

Under-thrust training: I had had them bring in their old Ortho coil spring diaphragms and while each was on the exam table I asked if they would like to have a brief under-thrust lesson which we teach in the AST class at St Lucy’s. They both said yes so I had them insert their old diaphragms and then feel the gap between the anterior rim and their pubic bone. When not aroused they could get a finger between the rim and the bone with room to spare which was an obvious sign that the device was too small. Then I took a warmed silicone dildo, lubed it with Dive-Gel and while the woman was on her back with her feet in the stirrups I inserted it and then at an acute angle gently but firmly thrust it into the anterior wall of her vagina and she gasped as the chisel-head tip of the dildo pushed between her pubic bone and the rim and slid under the rim compromising her protection. I withdrew the dildo had her reseat her D and while still on the table helped her get on her hands and knees as though she was preparing to be penetrated doggie style. Then when she was ready I spread her labia and inserted the dildo, thrusting it downward this time, but not at such an acute angle because the gap between the pubic bone and the rim was wider in that position since gravity pulls the uterus and cervix deeper into her body. I immediately had the tip of the dildo under the rim again, but this time it was far less noticeable because there was a much larger gap and the thrust angle wasn’t anywhere near as acute. Then I had the second girl remount the exam table and repeated the demonstration under-thrusting with her old D inserted. All they could say was, “I had no idea!”

Then I had them both insert their new Reflections flat spring diaphragms and went through the procedure with the dildo again in both missionary and rear entry positions showing them that with a properly sized D and with the flat spring rim it was very difficult to do and it hurt when a flat spring rim was under-thrust, so now they know if they feel anything like that during an encounter they should use their safe word and stop the scenario that is being acted out while they check their protection.

The Sorority and latex fetish: While they were in the exam room the women, who are also sorority officers in addition to running the cosplay group asked what I thought about the sorority becoming involved with a local latex fetish group. That sort of thing wouldn’t be approved by the UNLV administration (if they knew about it) so I recommended they do nothing to raise the school’s or public’s awareness of their interest in latex as a fetish.

I advised them to start small with a sorority based latex fixation group. That way they can control the rules, membership and male guests. If they try to affiliate with a local Vegas fetish group they will find themselves relegated to being prey for local Alpha males. Not that that might not be fun if you are a Sub, but being at the bottom of the food chain is a very bad place for a group of young inexperienced women to start.

I passed on to Taryn’s friend and her circle that the sorority officers are considering starting a latex fetish group and was told that there were already signs of a serious interest in latex especially in the “rotten rubber” stench aspect of latex diaphragms left inserted for more that twenty-four hours. So the sorority’s member’s interests are beginning to expand into more kinky areas and she asked if they started a latex fetish group would I be willing to be an advisor. I agreed as that would give me a renewable source of candidates in their twenties for some fetish projects I have in mind.

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  1. Mmmm It does sadden me to that it took a crisis... to make them understand ....


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