Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Under-thrust training

My Gaynors and a latex Reflexions gas guard

AST and under-thrusting: My Advanced Sexual Techniques class at St Lucy’s has a symbiotic relationship with the male escort trainees. One of the ways that the two groups learn from each other is by participation in the diaphragm under-thrusting lab. The AST students get to experience what under-thrusting feels like and the escort trainees learn how to intentionally under-thrust and how to avoid under-thrusting, mutually valuable lessons. This is very valuable to the 80% of students who are not involved in competitive swimming or taking the pre-professional ballet syllabus. Swimmers and dancers now get additional under-thrust training because from their touring to other schools they are at higher risk of becoming involved with more adventuresome men. They begin with a Semina (coil spring rim) which is easiest to under-thrust and then when they see how easy it is for a guy to get under the rim they switch to a Reflexions fiat spring where for all but the most determined man it is too painful to thrust under the dome.

Diaphragm changes at St Lucy’s: I have convinced the dean of students that for the students reproductive health the students enrolled in ballet and swimming should routinely be fitted with Reflexions flat spring diaphragms because they provide greater dynamic protection, both from the possibility of being under-thrust and for dive-sex below 30 feet. Under-thrusting has become more of a problem as more and more women out here have started using diaphragms as gas guards for upper reproductive tract protection because of their increased interest in dive-sex, especially when menstrual.

St Lucy’s girls have had one or two instances of under-thrusting by prep-school boys they hooked-up with while at dance or swim competitions at co-ed schools in surrounding states. The girls have been fitted with GyneFix IUD implants so pregnancy wasn’t a concern, but emboli during submerged sex is always a potential and serious problem. The girls had been allowed to use Semina diaphragms which work well if a lover just wants vanilla dive-sex no deeper than 30 feet, but there are more and more men who think its fun to try to compromise their lover’s protection and a flat spring diaphragm makes that very difficult to do using only an erect penis.

Our male escort candidates appreciate the St Lucy’s swimmers, ballet and AST students wearing flat spring rim cervical protection because it gives them more of a real world feel just as though they were having an encounter with a female escort candidate or a paying client rather than an adventuresome teen and it gives the students experience with men who are expert at how to manipulate a woman’s body to completely exhaust her sexually from the intensity of the encounter. The St Lucy’s swimmer/dancers are the envy of the other girls for their access to as much of the very best sex it’s possible for a girl to have in Vegas and get paid walking around money for it.

Stalking staff: We take precautions that our instructor’s identities are hidden from students outside the entertainment industry. They work using professional names and carry no personal ID. Even so we occasionally have a very determined former-student who develops an obsession for an instructor and s/he attempts to force themselves on the person on whom they are fixated. It’s mostly male students stalking women staff, a testosterone thing probably and last week we had another instance. The object of this stalkers obsession is a dancer/diver therapist on the staff of the ASCE course that I wrote about in my entry for November 6, 2010 “Sexual addiction and Vegas”. She was his partner for the training and he obviously formed a strong (but unreciprocated) romantic attachment. Swift and firm action is the only way to stop that sort of behavior.

The head of a freshly euthanized dog (of the same breed as his pet - from a pound that euthanizes strays) was sent by courier to his wife at their home in the mid west. A hand delivered note addressed to the wife was slipped through the mail slot in the front door of their home that said if he didn’t stop the next gift she received would be part of something far more precious to him. After a hysterical call from his wife he seemed to take the warning to heart because he immediately left Vegas and two days later I heard he checked himself into a rehab facility. Go figure!


  1. I'm still wondering about underthrusting. As I've never taken anyone who uses a diaphram (Jenny and I were au naturel except for our first few times where I wore a condom, and she was on the pill), I've never understood how someone could thrust around it. Of course, I would think something like that would have to be a fluke or someone would have to have a lot of skill. However, you might've mentioned the possibility of poorly-fit diaphrams.

    There are times when I wish I was among your stable, or at least apprenticing. I know it's a lot of work to become a male escort out there, but it seems the fringe benefits would be worth it.

    I had to re-read the "Stalking staff" portion. I was wondering what was going on with that guy. At least someone got the message.

  2. Hi Eric, “I've never understood how someone could thrust around it. Of course, I would think something like that would have to be a fluke or someone would have to have a lot of skill. However, you might've mentioned the possibility of poorly-fit diaphragms.”

    I’m going to explain why and how under-thrusting can occur and am going to post it in a blog entry where more readers will see it.


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