Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Vaginal health

Premarin vaginal estrogen cream

Vaginal Health: Thanksgiving weekend I had nine men as guests along with the women they were escorting, they were: Chris, Robin, Jeff, Pirate, Peter, Colin, Clark, Adolph and Jon. The tenth is Jacques, Gigi’s father, and my main squeeze and live-in lover. With the exception of Colin, who Fiona (Cyndi’s Mom) tried to put off limits (except to me) the other men; including Jacques were shared for the weekend so every woman got to bed every man at least twice. Well, that was the plan. Since most of the women, other than me, have GyneFix IUDs implanted pregnancy wasn’t really a concern. I could sense Fiona was afraid I would take Colin away from her, or be so much better in bed that he would begin comparing her to what he got from me. I don’t think so. Jacques is an excellent judge of a woman’s sexual abilities and had bedded Fiona before. He says “she is a very good lay, tight, deep, wet and very exciting with a marvelous scent” were his exact words. Colin is fun and a good lover with a better than average package and technique, but as a Brit he is a bit too reserved for me and I’m not in the mood to collect British SAS officers right now either. So Fiona is quite safe in that regard (aside from my using him temporarily to fill me with sperm) but she was still edgy when he was around me.

I understand her not wanting to share Colin, but it was only for the holiday and it wasn’t like she had taken a vow of chastity herself. We were all draining semen the entire weekend and this morning as well. Even with SET – semen emitting technique – using Kegels and tissues to squeeze most of the semen out - we still drained into our thongs. I left packs of party thongs for the girls in each of their rooms and in the bathrooms in the formal area so they could change as necessary and toss the old ones.

Everyone had a recent full STI panel so there was no concern there, but by taking that many different men bareback - which is how we all wanted them - in such a short interval there is always a chance of unbalancing the vaginal flora and ending up with a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. Neither of those are STIs (like Chlamydia, Herpes or gonorrhea are) but still they are uncomfortable and can be frustrating to treat. So I took Jeff up on an offer he had made several months ago to add an experimental biocide to Dive-Gel. He wanted us to trial it and he’s calling it DiveGel+.

DiveGel+: The biocide has been in clinical trial as Gel-33 in Thai brothels. They were hoping for a reduction in the transmission of the HIV virus, but that hasn’t materialized. What the results did show is the cases of YIs and BV dropped to nearly zero. So Jeff added 4% of the experimental biocide to Dive-Gel as the application medium and packaged it in a case of 48 100 ml tubes and is calling it DiveGel+. We all used DG+ as a lube for the long weekend and it will be interesting to see if anyone comes down with a YI or BV.

As part of getting Jeff to provide us the DG+ I agreed to have our clinic enroll the female escort trainees, my circle of friends, my ballet company and the ballet classes and swim teams at St Lucy’s as participants in the clinical trial so he can get some data closer to home. That way he is also covered in providing an experimental drug to a limited number of local women. The clinic had already been talking about wanting to participate in a clinical trial of a biocide so I didn’t have any problem getting them to agree to sign on with Jeff’s DiveGel+ formulation as they were already using and recommending Dive-Gel to their professional patients.

Premarin and well hung men: Shortly after Fiona arrived last Tuesday, while I was telling her about the men we would be sampling over the holiday weekend she confided that her vaginal tissues weren’t as stretchy as they once were. At 44 she’s not that much older than I am and she uses her well preserved body in her work, just not as blatantly as I do, so I thought she would have had any vaginal atrophy already being treated, but she said that the congressmen, senators and lobbyists she works with weren’t super-sized as far as their packages were concerned so she had been putting it off. She only realized she had a problem because her largest dildo that she had been fond of using was becoming painful to insert, not from lack of her natural lube but because her tissues weren’t as stretchy as they were a few years ago.

At 39 I knew exactly what she meant and when I found myself getting that way two years ago I started a regimen of the topical estrogen Premarin, a finger full to coat the external vaginal tissues around the introitus that are subject to tearing with penetration by a very large diameter man or one who corkscrews as he buries his shaft which can sometimes catch a fold of labial tissue if I’m not fully aroused when he enters me. I use the .025 mg/gram strength which is the lowest dose and is enough to make me super stretchy w/o noticeable estrogenic side effects. I had Chuck our male Gyn write her an Rx and give her a tube of .025 mg Premarin and told her she might want to hold off taking Peter, Clark and Jon until Saturday as they were spectacularly hung as far as diameter (the critical dimension) is concerned to give the estrogen cream at least three days to work it’s magic. I’m pleased to say she was able to easily handle Jon the largest and the one with the most corkscrew thrust. She confided afterward that after using the Premarin for three days she felt as though she was twenty-five again.

Cyndi and Peter: Cyndi especially enjoyed taking Peter (as a change from Chris) so the weekend was special for her in that way. I think it’s not only because his package is so large and he uses it so well, but because Peter has impregnated so many women who thought they were quite safe using an effective method of birth control only to find a few days after sleeping with Peter that they tested positive for hCG. He seems to be especially good about fertilizing the eggs of girls on hormones who have either forgotten to take a pill, change a patch or insert a new ring. Taking meds that reduce the levels of hormones in the bloodstream leading to breakthrough ovulation is another way Peter’s pregnancies (as they are called) occur. He has a really high sperm count so every time he plants his seed in a woman’s belly she has to wonder, regardless of how good her contraceptive protection is. Actually Peter is in demand by women for that very reason; his groupies love the unknown waiting breathlessly for the results of their pregnancy tests after having an encounter with him to find out if they need to take Mifeprex.


  1. Sounds like everyone had a lot of fun over the Thanksgiving weekend. I wish I was part of that group.

    Sometimes I do wonder if the girls you hang around with enjoy being guinea pigs for Jeff's many different chemical formulations or experimental devices. I know you're all doing that for the advancement of reproductive health and such. Also, reading that Fiona does lobbying in Washington and how she lobbies, it makes me wonder if she is ever in contact with either of the men that represent me (Rep. Bruce Braley (D-IA 1), Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) or Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA)). Of course, Grassley is in his 80s and is a devoted husband to his wife, who I believe also lobbies, and Harkin's in his 60s. Don't know much about his private life. Braley is only in his 40s, and he's a family man. I covered his son once at a tennis meet at Waterloo West High.

  2. Dear Jill,

    Paul is attempting to read Apollo's Angels and Jills Blog at the same time. Jills Blog wins for describing the Thanksgiving weekend in intimate detail... now back to the book, I lost my page too. Sigh! ;)

    Lots of pumpkins,



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