Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ballet and the pointe fetish

A pointe fetish divertissement; the scent of a sweat soaked shoe

Pointe fetish ballet: We are experimenting with having tours of our ballet training complex and they are becoming popular with fetish groups. Where the audience can watch dancers rehearse through glass walls. I have choreographed a series of special erotic divertissements in the classical idiom to show off the ballerina’s feet and her pointe shoes. For this sort of pas de deux only pointes made of traditional materials; satin, linen, paper, leather and paste should be used as then the blocks will soften and deform from being soaked with the dancers estrogenic sweat. I think Freed Classic shoes are the best for this as they use English paste which has a distinctive and I think erotic scent that mixes well with the other fragrances; the musk of dancer’s estrogenic sweat, damp fabric, tanned leather, powdered rosin and liniment.

My women dancers all have high arches so they are really hard on Freed shoes even though the shanks are Forteflex and three-quartered. The insides of the blocks of a pair used for this sort of dancing are not treated with jet glue to delay the paste in the blocks from melting. Leaving them untreated increases the strength of the scent, but shortens the life of the shoes for these roles to no more than twenty minutes, but they can still be used for romantic roles and class work. The air circulates from the studio into the observation area before being drawn back into the A/C so the audience gets the full scent bouquet of the dancers. None of the divertissements the tour members see include penetrative sex although there is aggressive groping by both sexes. We are, after all, trying to sell tickets to the shows at Naughty Pleasures so we want to feed the audience’s lust not sate it.

Meeting a need: I thought we would have more men on these intimate rehearsal tours, but more than 80% are women, and from the research we have done most are or have been dancers. From the looks on their faces it’s obvious we have tapped into a niche market for adventuresome women who are looking for new erotic roles they can play with the men in their lives. None of the moves I’ve choreographed involve Karma Sutra contortions, the divertissements are made up of classical steps and poses that any advanced pointe student can do so for a woman with a good memory (no cams or cell phones are allowed) there is a lot that she can learn that she should be able to put to use herself. There are a few sensual lifts where the woman is rubbed against the man as she is lifted so there is full body contact which always causes erect nipples easily seen through the cotton lycra of her compression top. Even with the man in a dance belt and tights you can see that he becomes aroused, which can be very frustrating for him, except the couple uses the pas de deux as foreplay and have penetrative sex immediately afterward in her dressing room, or if she isn’t up for that he masturbates.

Jacking and Jilling: Speaking of masturbation, watching one of these intimate rehearsals can cause some of the audience to take things in hand to care for urgent personal needs, mostly women because it’s easier for us to get away with it in public. In the case of the few males who find themselves in that situation I think most will roll a condom on, to prevent staining their slacks. You know it’s pre-planned because they do it under a sweater with the arms tied around their waists. It is unusual, but does happen when the lights are turned down in the observation area. Security first picked it up with the low-light cams watching the area. Around the waist is a common way sweaters are carried while inside (but not worn in front so it’s a pretty clear give-away what’s going on) and empty foil packets are occasionally found on the floor afterward. I’m sure at least some women in the audience realize what the guys are doing if they aren’t themselves too intent on watching the dancers dry-fuck each other or getting off themselves, but none of the women has complained. It’s a fairly short program so a guy has to be fast or be caught out when the lights come up.

Women don’t have that problem. We are able to have a pressure orgasm by concentrating and squeezing our legs together. The thing a woman has to be careful of when masturbating in public is to be able to stifle a scream or moan. If she can’t, then disguising it as a cough or sneeze or at least trying to can sometimes divert suspicion. With a little planning a girl can wear a diaphragm to collect her fertile cervical mucus and a thong with a cotton liner to absorb her natural lube when she becomes wet when aroused. Otherwise she might put a wet spot on her skirt when she sits down. A lot of the women in the audience visit the ladies room afterward to change into dry thongs. You’d be surprised at the number of perfectly good but slippery-wet thongs tossed into the trash in that restroom.


  1. My fetish is for muscular legs, like that ballerina in the pic has. Beautiful!

  2. That is a very interesting tour you have going on. Sometimes, I do wish I was in the position of the danseurs, being around those lithe ballerinas teasing me encessively en pointe, lifting them, and if she's inclined, giving me the reward for being a good boy. Then again, I would think getting aroused under a dance belt and tights (or tight shorts like the guy above is wearing) might be a bit frustrating. I know when I wear mine to yoga class, my junk is really pressed in.


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