Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Motivational sex

A Semina silicone coil spring diaphragm and its introducer

Travel agents behind-the-scenes tours:
One of the things that have kept our casino/hotel profitable during the recession is that we are offering ‘award tours’ as motivation for selected top-selling adventuresome women travel agents in up-market agencies. We offer them a chance to have an adult adventure behind the scenes in the Vegas entertainment community and offering that sort of an adventure has been a great motivator in increasing our bookings, especially in the area of adult entertainment. It’s not intended as a gender specific thing, but so far it’s turned out that way. Think about it, how many men have you seen working as travel agents? The women we select from the travel industry are usually single, between the ages of 35 and 45, pretty, in good physical condition and are self motivated. A few are single moms which is not an issue with us as it makes them that much more intent on making a sale.

Everyone awarded a “behind the scenes tour” is checked for STIs and hCG. We tell them that it’s a normal part of Vegas life (which it is in our part of the entertainment industry) and the tests are free so while we sometimes get a strange look there is so much else going on it’s soon forgotten. We test so we know exactly where we stand infection and pregnancy wise so we aren’t allowing a pregnant chick to dive because she could later claim the pressure caused birth defects or other complications and we need to know about their sexual health to protect our tour guides. Our male escorts offer unprotected sex (no condom) if the woman wants it so she can experience ‘Mr. Muscle’s’ load draining into her thong while he takes her to dinner in a nice restaurant and dancing.

Child Care: We have very few winners bring their children, but if they do we are prepared. We have a deluxe day-care facility for hotel guest’s young children. For tweens we take them to see magic shows or movies and for those over the age of consent we have special programs. Teen daughters can be more easily entertained by an afternoon in a dance class or watching a rehearsal and for boys we have them work out in the gym or take a SCUBA class with a male escort.

If the boy is over the age of consent and his mom says it’s ok we may take him to Naughty’s for a soda and a blow-job. We don’t come right out and ask “is it ok for Bobby to be blown” we just ask if it’s ok to give him a taste of Vegas while chaperoned, and they usually agree. We wouldn’t intentionally give a virgin his first experience with vaginal penetration, (unless asked to) but we do ask enough questions to tell if he has been sexually active. The kid is normally blown away (no pun intended) and comes back raving about what a great time he had watching the pole-dancers. They always seem to leave out the part about the dancer letting him remove and smell her shoes and swallowing when he unloads in her mouth.

Men and head: I don’t know what it is about males that make them so pleased when we swallow their ejaculate. The dancers entertaining the teen males have had recent full STI panels so the kids are in no danger. And, the boy leaves with a swagger in his walk. OMG! That is so cute to see what effect his first professional blow-job has on a boy! When I give head I always swallow. I like the feel of the thick hot fluid sliding down my throat like a huge glob of mucus from a sinus infection, but with a much better, taste. I love the thought that my stomach juices are digesting the hundreds of millions of sperm in his load any one of which could (if I wasn’t protected) give me his baby if he pumped it in to me from the other end.

A virgin in Vegas: We had one tour-winning mom ask that we give her 17 y/o son his first vaginal sex. She was concerned that he wasn’t assertive enough. She said he was shy around girls and thought “where better for him to learn about women than in Las Vegas”. I could argue the point either way, but it’s something we are prepared to handle and the mom signed a waver telling what she didn’t want him doing (no anal sex, but cunilingus and fellatio were ok) so there wouldn’t be any ‘misunderstanding’ after the fact. We also videoed the encounter, so if there was a difference of opinion about what actually occurred during the encounter we would have a record.

There are so very few 17 y/o straight male virgins in Vegas that I took responsibility for his sexual education myself. It was an opportunity worth more than rubies! He is polite and smart a National Honor Society student and into hiking and rock climbing so he is in wonderful physical condition. I thought he might be shy because he thought his package was undersized, but it turned out it was just the opposite. He appeared to have normally sized genitals, but when he became aroused he turned out to be equipped with a giant-economy-size package that was at least 2.5 inches thick and 8+ inches long. When I saw him aroused it was all I could do to keep from smiling which I was afraid he might misinterpret. I was so pleased that I had the feeling he was special and had taken him under my wing for his entry into manhood, sexually speaking. I told him what a wonderful gift he had been given, but that he would need to be gentle with his girlfriends. I let him watch and told him what I was doing as I inserted a Semina diaphragm and we talked about how he needed to be sure his girlfriend was protected before entering her. He said he thought “girls had hair around their pussies” which gave me the opportunity to talk about how most female dancers in Vegas had waxed or shaved pubes so their abbreviated costumes would fit better.

I taught him how to give oral sex and loved it afterward when I could smell my musk on his face and taste my fluids on his lips as I taught him to deep kiss. I taught him to breast feed (gently) and he proved to have the stamina one hopes to find in very young virile males entering me gently and taking me five times the first afternoon and four more that evening before I had to ripple-grip him. Afterward, during pillow-talk, he said: “I thought you were going to suck me so deep inside you I’d be coming out your mouth!” That conversation was caught on the video which I thought was cool! I loved him ramming my cervix, but he wasn’t nearly big enough to hurt me! I told his mom when they left that she had a wonderful son and she needn’t worry about his performance with girls. She seemed relieved. When he starts dating at home the girls will be all over him like white on rice, and lining up for a chance to be taken by him.

Preparation for dive-sex: The tour winners have all heard about and want to experience dive-sex so we give them some preliminary training where if they aren’t SCUBA qualified they take a basic SCUBA class using an Ocean Reef Space Raptor FFM. They are fitted for a diaphragm for use as a gas guard and shown how to use it. We also show them how to use a diaphragm introducer that holds the diaphragm (either a Semina coil or Reflexions flat spring rim) in its compressed position for ease of insertion. [An introducer is shown with a Semina diaphragm in the photo at the top of this entry.] The women are also given a diaphragm under-thrusting class, in a studio (not underwater) to let them experience what under-thrusting feels like. Included in the tour winner’s dive-sex encounter is a guaranteed three orgasm minimum with a gorgeously virile and well hung escort, which is usually the high point of their stay in Vegas.

Our escorts do not under-thrust during dive sex for safety reasons. We give the women the under-thrust class so that if they have dive-sex again they will know if their partner is under-thrusting the dome of their diaphragm. If they think their gas guard has been compromised by being under-thrust during submerged sex the wearer should immediately terminate the encounter at least long enough to surface, remove, reinsert and reseal their gas guard before continuing with the encounter.

The tour winners are fitted with either Semina diaphragms and have dive-sex in one of the twenty foot deep training pools; or, for a very few who we are courting because of their contacts, they are fitted with a latex Reflexions flat spring (suitable for dive-sex below 30 feet) and use Nitrox II to dive ‘The Pit’ the 68 ft. deep pool at my home. That last bit drives my lawyers wild and increased my insurance premiums, but I can write that part of the insurance premium off as a business expense.


  1. I can atest there is nothing in this world like having a well hung guy blowing his load down your throat and then swallowing the lot --- i love it

  2. Man, I wish I had that mom when I was 17!


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