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Terri is Splashed

Principal F style pointes and a FemCap

Terri takes a hit: One of the more senior Towel Girls, Terri, took the ‘offer’ spot of the TG who was fired for shooting up with testosterone. [For more about that see my entry for October 30, 2010] Gigi had thought she would have a chance at the position, but age, experience and being a favorite of several influential club members got Terri the job. Physically she is very attractive and has great skills and stamina, but her vagina while tight is fairly shallow so she has had to make sure she takes a well hung stallion in positions where he can’t penetrate her too deeply. Talent has kept her in the offer spot – though there is a probationary period associated with any new appointment at Splash - even with that limitation because she is a favorite with most of the more modestly hung (up to 6.5 inches) members.

However, a German stallion (8+ inches) and friend of Adolph came in for his regular romp and found his usual Towel Girl was out with a UTI so he was offered Terri. His name is Otto and he is infamous at Splash for rough sex regardless of how deep his partner is so she was terrified, but obligated to accept him or appear to management as being unwilling to take risks and it’s the risk taking that Splash Towel Girls are known for. He wanted dive sex so she took him into one of the private twenty ft deep encounter pools.

It happened that Adolph had asked me to go with him to Splash to give him my opinion of the Club’s operation now that it has been open since late February of this year. So we were in the operations room when Terri was assigned to Otto. I asked if he wanted to say hello to Otto, but he just rubbed his hands together smiled and said no, that he wanted to see how they got along and that, “their encounter would be a good test of the depth of talent that we have at the club”.

Terri chooses FemCap: When I talked to her later Terri said she expected Otto to ram her cervix which is what he is infamous for, but she thought she had a chance to get some cervical thrust buffering by wearing a FemCap which she hoped would transfer some of the energy of his thrusts to the walls of her vagina rather than it all going directly to her cervix as it would through the thin stretchy dome of the diaphragm she normally used as a gas guard. She had two FemCaps; one had its removal strap trimmed off which allows another 5 mm of penetration depth before there is any contact between a partner’s glans and the dome covering her cervix. The other was unmodified. She decided that she would wear the unmodified FemCap hoping the strap might hurt him when he rammed her and cause him to back off a bit.

Terri, like a lot of other working girls in our area, is part of the clinical trial of the GyneFix IUD and so is still cycling naturally. She was fertile and let Otto watch as she tried to insert her FemCap over her ripe (soft, high and open) cervix, but she was nervous and had so much trouble getting it in that he finally had to help her position it correctly and push it on to her cervix for her. He also had trouble getting it over her cervix until she pushed down to force her cervix toward the entrance to her vagina so he could reach it. Adolph and I were watching on the pool’s security cam and I squirmed as I watched Otto forcing the dome over Terri’s cervix.

Thrust buffering Vs. Semina: Terri said she knew it was a gamble that the thick silicone dome of her FC would be enough to save her, but she hoped the stiffer dome would provide more thrust buffering than the super thin transparent silicone membrane of the Semina coil spring diaphragm that she and the other TGs typically wear for submerged encounters. She thought she would be in trouble if management learned she was using a FemCap, but it was her only chance to try and minimize the pain she knew Otto was going to cause her. Adolph insists that all the Towel Girls wear Seminas as gas guards because the girls, and more importantly their clients, think the pink transparent silicone device is both sexy and beautiful and the clients can feel the girl’s cervix through the transparent rubber membrane. Semina is only effective as a gas guard down to 30 feet, but that is all a TG needs working in 20 ft deep encounter pools and it can be worn regardless of where the TG is in her cycle, unlike FemCap that can’t be worn safely while menstrual.

Once Terri’s FC was in place she inserted a 10 ml applicator of Semécide, the intimate lube/spermicide combination made with dive-gel and 4% Octoxynol-9 and spread a finger full of it over her labia to help with underwater insertion. Then she put on a Splash signature swimsuit, a white Gottex string thong bikini that tied at the hips and between her breasts so it could be easily removed while she was in full dive gear. The fabric of Splash swimsuits becomes transparent when wet so while she was covered her breasts and waxed vulva would be on full display. The intent of the bikini is as a delaying tactic and part of foreplay to keep the client busy playing with her nipples and labia while she tries to get as aroused as possible before penetration by an impatient client.

The Dive: We watched on the HD video in the Operations center as Otto helped her into her SCUBA set; a very short fat 80 cu/ft aluminum tank (so she was accessible from the rear), an Ocean Technologies Guardian FFM and a ScubaPro Diva buoyancy control vest and cinched her shoulder straps and waist belt snug so her tank backboard wouldn’t slide around. She pulled on her FFM and tightened the straps on her head harness to seat the seal against her face. Then she closed the ambient breathing valve on her mask and tested the seal. Finding it satisfactory she opened ambient breathing valve (ABV) again and entered the water. While she waited for Otto she inflated and vented her BCD to make certain she could control her buoyancy while she watched Otto put on his SCUBA gear and enter the water. They had discussed what Otto wanted and all he asked for was ‘ordinary vanilla sex while taking her from the rear’. That sounds pretty routine unless you’ve see Otto in action with his 9 inch long 2.5 inch diameter shaft and Terri knew what was in store for her.

They closed their ABVs, stepped off the shelf into deep water, vented their BCDs and started their descent. While sinking they both worked the equalization features of their masks to equalize the pressure in their sinuses and ears. On the bottom she tethered with ankle leashes attached to D-rings in the pool floor then added air to her vest until she was at positive buoyancy and held in a wide spread-eagle about fifteen feet below the surface and facing Otto. He began playing with her bikini. He was far more solicitous of her than he is with his regular TG who knew what to expect. Of course Terri knew from other TG’s accounts what to expect and while she should have been grateful for his attempt to arouse her she was near panic. Then Otto finished stripping off her of her bikini and it was Showtime!

The thrust: He swam around behind her, had her bend at the waist so her tank was out of his way and he spread her labia feeling for the entrance of her vagina. She had just been waxed at the first of the week so her mons veneris and vulva were baby soft and smooth and she remembers thinking how gently he fingered her. It didn’t last. She felt him position the tip of his shaft against her vaginal introitus then clamp his hands on both her hips grip her tightly and pull her towards him while with a massive thrust he rammed his shaft inside her. She remembers gasping as she felt him plunge into the depths of her and then she said things got chaotic. It was a single enormous thrust and she felt him going deeper and deeper and deeper and she wondered for an instant how she was going to take all that, but of course she already knew, she couldn’t! And then he hit the dome of her FemCap and kept going deeper. The dome of her cap collapsed from a combination of ambient water pressure and the force of his thrust and compressed the soft tissue of her ripe cervix while forcing her uterus up and back tearing the ligaments that held it in place. Only then did his pelvis slam into hers. She said later that she couldn’t breathe for what seemed like ages. Then she inhaled and as the first wave of pain washed over her she screamed and tried to wriggle out of his grasp, but to no avail. She was impaled on his shaft as surely as a butterfly is pinned to its specimen card in a museum.

She said she felt him withdraw and thought he realized she was badly hurt and that it was over, but it had only just begun! He continued to ram himself into her for another five minutes. And during that time he came up underneath her and split the pad of fat, the mons veneris, that protected her pubic bone, gave her a class 2 vaginal tear and seemingly detached her uterus from its anchors so she could feel it just flopping around in her belly as he continued to ram her cervix. The good news was that her uterus did not rupture and the ER doctor said that the dome of her FemCap probably prevented her cervix from splitting. She doubled over wracked by crushingly intense cramps and then nausea swept over her and she gagged and tried not to vomit in her mask as she reached for the Velcro fasters on her ankle leashes. After several tries she managed to get them open and hit the inflator on her buoyancy vest and started their ascent and at that point she vomited in her mask. . On their way to the surface Otto tipped over the edge by her vaginal spasms shot his wad inside her.

The recovery: In the Operations center Adolph had already alerted the EMTs on duty and had an ambulance on the way. We rushed down to the encounter pool and helped Otto get her out of her equipment and pull her out of the water. By then the EMTs (two experienced women) were there and they managed to clear her airway and get her breathing again while in the background I could hear Otto complaining to Adolph that he only got off once and wanted another Towel Girl.

(To be continued.)

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  1. Oh god, hope Terri recovers ok.

    Paul S.


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