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Sexual addiction and Vegas

An illustration from our brochure on ballet addiction

Vegas for medical professionals: As prospective clients we are targeting groups of medical professionals, especially Gynecologists, Psychologists and Psychiatrists who are either sexually adventuresome or want as part of their continuing education (CE) to experience extreme sex or sex in hostile environments so they can better understand the compulsion or addiction to it. These disorders are not fully understood and treatment protocols vary widely. An emerging protocol, one that is gaining in popularity, calls for mental health professionals to experience the narcotic effect of extreme sex for themselves. Our Sexual Addiction Continuing Education (SACE) short courses are done in conjunction with and filled through major medical schools throughout the country which feel that they don’t have the expertise to teach such a specialized subject in-house, but they do most of the screening process for us. We provide a relaxed learning environment and aside from the clothing, shoe and protective device fittings, which are pleasurable in themselves and take about four hours, the other three days are devoted entirely to sexual encounters with a single diver/dancer escort chosen specifically to match the physical and mental needs of the student.

IUDs and dive-sex: I’ve written before about the fact that wearing a cervical barrier as a gas guard during dive-sex is crucial for the safety of the woman and that a diaphragm can interfere with the strings of an IUD with a frame, such as a ParaGard or Mirena because the strings can stick to the dome and if that happens removing the diaphragm can pull out the IUD. Because so many female Gyns have IUDs inserted themselves and because ParaGard and Mirena are the only two brands currently approved by the FDA (except in clinical trials) for insertion in the U.S. we had to come up with a way to allow ParaGard and Mirena wearers to safely wear a diaphragm for dive-sex.

We decided that since the IUD was providing effective contraception spermicide wasn’t needed in the dome. Instead we filled the dome with dive-gel the thick super slippery silicone base intimate lube so if the dive gel is applied correctly there would be no danger of the IUD strings sticking to the gas guard. Problem solved! And, we can use this fix with all other women IUD wearers who want to experience dive-sex for themselves.

Confidentiality: With medical professionals there is a confidentiality issue both from the personal and professional privacy standpoint. We initially though that for dive-sex the client would wear a mirrored full face mask so that the escort s/he is with would be unable to recognize the client with his or her clothes on. And for Ballet or other surface sex laboratory-encounter training the client would wear a Polymorphe latex helmet that covers the hair and facial features so again s/he is unrecognizable. But as the length of the course increased to four days and the escort would be in classes, at meals and sleeping with the student for the entire time that idea was obviously unworkable so we just give the student an alias for the time s/he is with us. And as licensed sex therapists our escort dancer/divers are ethically bound not to discuss what a client says during a therapy session. The mirrored FFM and the Polymorphe helmet are still used, but just as part of cosplay.

Doctors and pointe shoes: While dive-sex is more extreme ballet-sex in its most virulent form is far more prevalent as a disorder, probably because dancewear and shoes are cheaper and more readily available than SCUBA and pools that can be used for intimate dive encounters. One of the problems we have had with both men and women in the SACE program is that few of the women and none of the men have had much experience with wearing much less walking in pointe shoes.

For the very few women who have taken pointe and have kept up some level of skill we offer a CE penetrative encounter en pointe while taken from behind. We have the woman fitted in new Gaynor Minden pointes sized with her wearing additionally toe padding. Gaynors are the strongest and most comfortable pointes to wear for a penetrative encounter en pointe, but still it can be painful so being a bit of a masochist is a plus. The problem for women who have never experienced an orgasm en pointe is that regardless of how strong their feet and ankles are they all go rubber-legged at orgasm so the escort must hold firmly on to her hips not only to be able to guide his thrusts against her G-spot, but to support her when her ankles begin to wobble and she starts to fall off pointe.

For the women who have never worn pointes: We trim their toenails and pad them up in Gaynors just as we do for the experienced pointe wearers and let them stand en pointe holding on to the barre in a studio just so they get a feel of what it’s all about. Then, for their CE encounter we have them kneel on a bed and be taken doggie style where they can support themselves on their hands and knees while still having their toes packed into the blocks of their Gaynors.

A very few with high pain thresholds will insist on trying to stick it out en pointe. If that happens we have them sign liability wavers and substitute silicone toe pads and coat their toes with lidocaine gel to numb them. But that doesn’t stop their calves from cramping or their ankles from wobbling from the start. They insist on trying to get as much of the total experience as they can so you have to admire their dedication. But those few are at very high risk of a bad sprain even though the escort is there to catch them when they fall off pointe.

For men who have never worn pointes: So far none of the male doctors has had any previous experience wearing pointe shoes. There have been only one or two who wanted to try wearing toe-shoes and then only because they specialized in treating male sexual fantasies and had seen several cases of pointe shoe addiction. So we trimmed their nails, fitted them (padded up) in Gaynors, and coated their toes with lidocaine gel with additional in their silicone pads. They did quite well for their first times in toe-shoes, complaining only about calf cramps. Their CE pointe encounter is with their therapist diver/dancer escort also en pointe standing on an adjustable platform so she would be at the correct height for penetration.

And, the guys have all been very focused as most gave their escort an orgasm (no faking is allowed by the escort) before they ejaculated which I think is marvelous control by guys balanced on their toes for the first time while drilling a dance-chick. Realistically I know continuing education in such a specialized field as sexual addiction is worthwhile, but I have to wonder if the continuing education training we are providing isn’t enabling addiction of some of the medical professionals we are training. In talking to my personal psychiatrist – who was a dancer in her teens and has taken the SACE course we provide - she says that it’s probable, that some of the doctors taking the course will become addicted themselves from the intensity of the encounters we provide.


  1. I wonder how you can get CE doing the things you do out there and have that certified by medical boards? Of course, I'm not a doctor (nor do I play one on TV). ;-)

    I know you've said that pointe sex isn't really for those who don't have prior ballet pointe training. With that in mind, do you have to have the CE participants sign waivers? If I was in your position, I would have to, because I don't want to be responsible if they voluntarily expose themselves to that sort of activity.

    The reason I mention this is that Mary, my main yoga teacher, scolded me in trying to help fellow students in class, and since I'm not certified, she would be liable if I lead someone the wrong way. (However, I'd like to eventually get certification.)

  2. Hi Eric, I think I mentioned that for the students who have no pointe training we require liability wavers. And I mentioned that our dancer/diver escorts are licensed therapists (in physical therapy). Nearly all of the women who have never taken pointe are penetrated while on their hands and knees so there is no danger there.

    There is a very large element of fantasy in the addiction that adds to the experience. If the SACE students are in identical clothing, equipment and situations like what are typical for the fetish patients they will treat they are exposed to the full allure of the fetish. So we strive to make the experience as realistic as possible.

    Actually it may be more of a quality experience for the doctor-students than the patients they will treat. That’s because in many cases the addicted patient will not have correctly fitted pointe shoes. We get feedback that the students going through SACE have all found it very helpful in understanding what their patient’s experience.


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