Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pointe shoe quiz November 06, 2010

Who is the maker of these shoes?

This is one may be difficult, but you guys are good at getting the easy ones.


  1. None of my resources can match this shoe. Sorry.

  2. Hint: It's a new European maker

  3. Unfortunately, I can't access any of the usual suspects anymore to get that answer. One of the sources that Paul D suggested to me is no longer available, and another is inaccessible.

  4. Was one: That one can sometimes be helpful

  5. Well, it was

  6. Hmmmm, Jill, anymore clues with this? A thought : 'new European maker'... established business outside Europe? or are we looking at a completely new outfit?

    I like the site you linked too. :)


  7. Jill You know I love a good quiz and this one was great!

    The maker is Aloart the shoe shown in the picture is called
    Punta in raso con suola intera medio forte [CLONE] which translated is
    Shaved tip in with medium entire sole hard [CLONE]
    It fustrated me that in the even though you was giving good clues in there was something I was over looking.
    Then today it came to me use the tags in pointeshoe blogs to find my answer. when I used Italian pointe shoes . At first it did not hit me . Then I started to clue in when I scrolled into Italian brands there was a name missing ...I saw reart,angelo luzio,porselli,anniel,and freddy. Then I went back to the tag Italian pointe shoe. There it was the missing name Aloart. I clicked on the link...went to products and there was the logo as plain as day found the shoe in the picture . Pointeshoe .net blogs dated 7-26-10 and 7-22-10... As they say elementary Jill ..Yes elementary..quite right jill

  8. Good for you Paul, Yes the maker is the Italian Co. Aloart. That was a difficult one.

  9. Paul, you make Columbo look like Inspector Gadget.

    Well done! Glad someone got the answer to this one.


  10. Leave it to Paul D to track down this answer like a bloodhound!


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