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Christmas at Crag Abbey

Christmas Gaynors with Reflexions and introducer

The photo: A pair of my Gaynor Minden hard shanked play shoes worn for Christmas showing the wear from ‘winging’, putting my weight on my big toes when en pointe. The satin covered platforms wear through much quicker on the rough wood and stone floors of the abbey. On Christmas day I was CD11 and fertile. I should ovulate this coming Friday, 12/28.  So in addition to the Oves screwed down tight on my ripe cervix I’m ‘double bagging’ and wearing my diving diaphragm, the latex Reflexions, over it for an additional layer of protection because of the number of different men and frequency of my taking them.

Pointe shoes at Christmas: The choreographer Christopher Wheeldon (quoted in the January 2014 issue of Dance Magazine) said “Chorographers gravitate to fantasy, escape and romance because these are themes that work in the pointe shoe.” I totally agree! However, I like to bring a bit of fantasy and romance into my every day life and the lives of those around me as well and slake my shoe fetish at the same time by wearing pointes as much as I can, which is to say as much as I want.

So I’m wearing pairs of red satin hard shanked Gaynor Minden shoes this Christmas, pink 50 denier leggings and matching wool leg warmers under a red wool skirt trimmed with white rabbit fur. Jack said I look a bit like one of Santa’s ballet–girl helper elves, requisitioned by His Grace to help coordinate the Abbeys more intimate holiday activities.

The Abbey Christmas tree: His Grace has a small stand of Douglas fir trees on a well drained and sunny spot on this estate from which he has the Abbey’s Christmas tree harvested each year. It’s brought into the Great Hall and erected and decorated two weeks before Christmas. Everyone’s presents were placed under its branches and we all gathered around it after breakfast Christmas morning to open our Gifts. The trees were planted specifically for harvesting as Christmas trees by his grandfather when he decided that the Abbey would be rebuilt and used as the families seat since the properties that came with the Abbey were extremely valuable for scarce timber and minerals.

Lighting the Yule log:  The Yule log was cut from a huge oak which had toppled last year somewhere on the estate. It had been cut and drying for almost 18 months and was cut to fit in the massive fireplace in the Abbey’s Great Hall. When we arrived late Sunday afternoon the girls and I participated in the ceremony lighting it with the remains of the log that was burned here last Christmas. It will burn in the huge fireplace for the next few days, perhaps until the New Year and will always be attended. Reminiscing, Himself said he recalls helping light the Yule log in his Grandfathers time when the Abbey was mostly ruins.

The solstice ceremonial costumes: During a dawn ceremony on Monday in the outer bailey of the Abbey the initiate’s ceremonial costumes were burnt. I convinced His Grace that the Earth Goddess would look with favor on saving parts of the woman’s ceremonial costumes for our protection during our stay at the Abbey because as priestesses there is a cachet in a male guest breeding any of us, which is how having sex with us is thought of during this festive three week period.

I’m certain the men, if they give it any thought, know we are using effective contraception. Even so the fantasy that one or more of the priestesses, or other female guests, will become pregnant from their efforts during the house-party is something that - knowing the male ego as I do - they all fantasize about or perhaps even wish for.

I asked His Grace for this favor because I’d already had encounters twice with men (other than Jack) on Sunday night and been thrown against the bare stone walls of a staircase and taken with vigor. I’d say those encounters were brutal if I hadn’t enjoyed them so much. However, the walls are ice cold, rough and hard and the other women aren’t nearly as masochistic as I am and we all could be badly bruised or even have a bone broken when thrown against such unyielding walls.

Breeding vests: What I suggested was to have his seamstresses take apart the shearling robes that the priestess had worn; removing the sleeves, cowl and lower part of the robe so that it ends mid thigh while leaving the high collar and letting us keep the white Mountain Hare hoods to protect our heads when worn with the modified robe that has become a long shearling vest that protects the woman’s back and buttocks from the rough, hard, cold stone walls when taken spontaneously. His Grace readily agreed and called the resulting garment a ‘breeding vest’ which proved to me that he harbored the same fantasy as his male guests. His leather crafters quickly opened the seams, removed the unneeded parts and finished the edges so the garments looked like purpose made vests.  So of the women’s ceremonial costumes our Freed shoes, sleeves, cowls and the bottom section of the robes were burnt as offering to the Earth Goddess while we continue to use the other portions as breeding vests in her service honoring her every time we are penetrated during this festive season. And, they work wonderfully for warmth and protection from the stone walls of the Abbey!

Male sports: In the bad weather here the men have been skeet shooting off one of the abbeys terraces on the west side of the Abbey when clouds lift and the rain and sleet stop. Jack is the best shot followed by His Grace and the others. Chris, our male Gyn, is a surprisingly good shot. And there are cards. Himself is an amazing card player and while he was with me for Thanksgiving he won several thousand dollars at a rival casino. So, the guys are playing for matchsticks because Himself knows most of the other men can’t afford to loose money and he doesn’t have anything to prove to any of them which would make him hyper competitive rather than being a good host.

Another facet of the male as hunter is rape fantasies, which turned out to be far more popular than I had thought. Perhaps because the men know they are dealing with beautiful and very experienced women and there will be no consequences for them, unless they seriously injure a partner, so they let slip some of their civilized veneer and acted like the animals men are. Tanaquil had alerted me that rape ‘fantasies’ were part of some very sophisticated European house parties so I told the other girls what we could expect. It turned out that the possibility of spontaneous rough sex with handsome virile men known to be sexually safe, from the standpoint of STIs, was quite a turn on for most of the women and certainly for me. 

His Grace’s French ballerina, ‘Mademoiselle Oui’, was one of the first to be taken. She was caught unprepared in a hallway and didn’t enjoy it as much as she has during later rape encounters. She has even come around to wearing her old pink satin Repetto pointe shoes now since she found I was right that pointes give her more options when being impaled on a staircase. After her first encounter of that sort she came to me for comfort and guidance. She is in her early 30s and not nearly as sophisticated as she thought she was. She has a Mirena IUD inserted so she should be safe enough, but she suffers from vaginal dryness, a common hormonal contraceptive side effect. I gave her some DiveGel+ applicators which should temporarily cure her dryness and stabilize her pH as she enjoys sampling the male guests.

Women as prey – prepositioning supplies: Given how spontaneously sexually active we are Tanaquil, who has years of  experience planning country house parties, suggested we preposition feminine supplies in some of the most heavily used areas like staircases and upper hallways. Things like condoms (which none of us use), prefilled disposable applicators of DiveGel+ (used here primarily as a vaginal pH stabilizer), baby wipes and tampons to absorb the liquefied ejaculate that can never be entirely Kegeled into a baby wipe. Housekeeping had wicker baskets that blended in and that could be easily hidden behind tapestries on the walls for both the supplies and the trash after use. We try to ‘get caught’ on the staircases as the risers give us more opportunities to be taken en pointe and adjust our height to that of our partner.

I think it’s useful for the men to think of us as playthings or in some instances as prey during the house-party as then it’s easier to mind fuck them. And, at least with my girls we are all so strong, as far as pelvic musculature is concerned, that we can relax and let the man have his way until he is inside us and then we have him! Because we are then able to wrap our arms and legs around him and ripple grip him to orgasm in a few minutes regardless of how experienced and proud he is of his iron will and marvelous control. Or worst case, if he is hurting us we can tighten until we cause the blood reservoirs in his penis to rupture and at that point all he wants to do is escape. If that happens he will never be the same no matter how skilled his reconstructive urologist is.  

The Christmas feast: Was held in the late afternoon in the Great Hall as befits any medieval baron, who His Grace reminds everyone of, with his family around him. He and his house guests sat at high table while the staff and estate employees sat at tables below us while the kitchen and serving staff struggled to serve everyone quickly, efficiently and pleasantly. The menu was staggering with venison, roast beef, turkey, pheasant, and potatoes, green veggies of all kinds with mince pie, plum pudding and ice cream with coffee and wine to wash it down. It was exceptionally well done for both the food and service. Later in the evening some of the guests who are professional performers were expected to perform briefly so Willow and I couldn’t eat as much as we might have had we not been dancing later.

A three act strip show: After dinner Mademoiselle Oui, Willow and I performed briefly. Each doing a brief piece to recorded music, to hold the men’s attention.

Mademoiselle Oui Stripped to ‘Bolero’: Wonderfully done with great sensitivity. She captivated Himself and drew him into her act by draping her cast off garments on his shoulders except her G-string which she inverted and slipped it over his head like a mask so he could inhale through the scent of her vaginal musk. Then she was down to her pink satin Repetto pointes and pasties.

For New Years she will dance the Dying Swan.

Willow stripped to ‘Toyland’ all 4 verses, played twice: I’ve been working with Willow since she joined my troupe on a holiday striptease routine because I knew she would be coming along to His Grace’s Christmas celebration and professional performers are given an opportunity to perform in the Christmas Show at the Abbey in front of the family and house-guests. We decided that a seasonal song for her would be Toyland:

“Toyland, Toyland, beautiful girl and boy land
While you dwell within it you are ever happy there
Childhood's joy land, mystic and merry Toyland
Once you passed its borders you can never return again”

She stripped out of a Santa suit of sorts… down to her Penetrator plug and pink satin Gaynor pointes, no pasties, and her performance was very well received.

For New Years She and one of the POB men are going to dance the balcony pas de deux from Romeo and Juliette. A week isn’t much time to get that down solid with a partner never worked with before, but they are committed to doing it.

I stripped to ‘Santa Baby’ Eartha Kitt’s version, all 8 verses:

“Santa Baby, slip a sable under the tree, For me.
been an awful good girl, Santa baby,
so hurry down the chimney tonight.”

I stripped out of a skirt and blouse that were made up of seven individual Hermès scarves loosely knotted together, shedding them one by one until I too was down to red satin GM pointes a Penetrator and a smile. Then I walked among the audience adding a jet or two of breast milk to their coffee if they wished. I was pleased to see that several who usually take their coffee black had me add milk. 

For New Years I and another of the POB men will dance the Black Swan pas de deux from Swan Lake. Again that isn’t much time, but if we concentrate and our chemistry is good there is a good chance we can dance it well.

Boxing Day: Today, the day after Christmas (12/26), is Boxing Day. In England it traditionally had been a day to give gifts to those in service positions and on His Grace’s estates it continues to be celebrated that way. However, in general the day has morphed into a bank holiday and a day of sales by merchants and football games between professional and local teams. This year Himself gave all his employees Barbour waterproof sweaters. Here at the Abbey his employees, including everyone in the village that supports the abbey, gathered in the Great Hall for the distribution of gifts.  

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