Monday, December 23, 2013

Crag Abbey

Loch Ness from the mountains near Crag Abbey

Location Z: While pleased to get away from the commercialism and crowds of Stonehenge the weather in the highlands surrounding Loch Broom could hardly have been less appealing for outside celebrations even for the Earth Goddess. Himself insists The Goddess is testing her believers to see if their faith is strong enough to brave frigid conditions to celebrate the Winter Solstice. Perhaps. His Grace has done everything possible to make the celebrants as comfortable as possible under difficult circumstances. I think the miserable weather is almost certainly why Location Z was abandoned. Of course His Grace isn’t going to abandon it when it is on his property and under his control.

UK weather: We were fortunate to have just missed a severe storm off the Atlantic by traveling from Ullapool to the mountains around Loch Ness on Sunday Dec 22. Trains from London were still on time as well on the 22nd.  As this is being written on Monday December 23rd southern England and western Scotland are having severe storms with heavy rain and high winds in the south and snow and Ice in the north especially in the mountains. We are quite snug here at Crag Abbey behind solid walls and a lead roof and with a large generator in the inner bailey with several months of fuel if the power goes out. His Grace had the power line right of ways freshly cleared in the fall and much of the line up from Inverness is buried so perhaps we won’t have a commercial power interruption. Crossing fingers!

On Sunday after a full English breakfast the initiates were sent on their way with gamekeepers to take them home and we loaded our things in the Range Rovers for the trip east to Loch Ness and the climb to Crag Abbey. The trip in sleet and snow took four hours, but was uneventful with the private road up to the abbey well plowed. The abbey’s looming outer bailey walls and drawbridge are modeled on 13th C examples that can still be seen elsewhere in England.  The Abbey is beautifully decorated for Christmas with boughs of holly and other winter greens and a huge Christmas tree in the Great Hall. The restored keep with its wings of guest rooms, small suites mostly, had been pre-assigned and our things were unloaded and unpacked by the staff while we had a late lunch and awaited the arrival of the rest of the guests. I took the opportunity to visit the Roman temple kept under lock and key with Jack. I think it is one of my favorite spots as I feel close to the Goddess there. I think that’s because before the Romans built on this location it was the site of a holy spring belonging to the earth Goddess whom I serve. I talked Jack into lending me a key to the Chapel so I can worship privately since we will be here through the New Year.

The Roman temple at Crag Abbey: From my post for Tuesday, July 12, 2011 entitled: ‘Deer stalking, Crag Abbey and the heir’  “I was particularly interested in the mosaic images of Roman Goddesses in the floor of the chapel which is the part of the abbey that was the least damaged by neglect over the centuries. The part that archeologists have found puzzling is that the mosaics appear to be of Roman origin perhaps of the 1st or 2nd centuries CE, long before Christianity became the state religion of the Roman Empire and much further north than the Romans were believed to have penetrated in Scotland. There are representations of four powerful Roman Goddesses; Venus, Diana, Minerva, and Juno, which together are said to be unique.”  For more about the temple see the post referenced above.

Christmas reunion: Other guests at Crag Abbey for Christmas are Taryn (on holiday from Cambridge), Cyndi, Fiona (and Major Tree) and Tanaquil, (who runs Taryn’s Porn empire and lives in Paris). It is like something out of Downton Abbey (before WWI) as far as the splendor, servants and service is concerned, but with all the modern convinces. What were needed were men for the women. His Grace had his French ballerina from the POB, I had Jack, and Fiona had Maj. Tree, but the rest; Bea, Willow, Odette, Odile, Beth, Taryn, Cyndi and Tanaquil needed dinner and bed partners. Tanaquil, who procured the men worked to order knowing we needed men who could perform expertly in bed and were good shots while hunting. There was also the requirement that at least two or three are virile ballet dancers as we needed partners in the women’s daily ballet classes.  

Our male partners along with Tanaquil came over from Paris (first class - His Grace is footing the bill) on the Eurostar and then from London to Inverness on the overnight train (a 12 hour trip) getting in to Inverness about Noon. They were picked up by several estate Range Rovers. As money was no object Tanaquil brought elite European escorts and POB dancers thoroughly screened, heterosexual and virile. Not that we were going to stay monogamous for the house-party. The whole point was to share men so that all the women as well as His Grace and Jack could sample as many different partners as possible. The sex has been marvelous! The women are all relaxed and draining coitial discharge. With this many men to play with we have to be careful to use plenty of DiveGel+ which has a pH balancing formulation that minimizes the likelihood of some of us contracting Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) from having so many different sets of bacteria introduced into our vaginas.   

Will she or won’t she: I’m not sure if His Graces partner, the POB Ballerina, plans to sample other men. If she decides not to sample the male smorgasbord available for our pleasure it will be her loss. However, I’m not sure what method of contraception she is using so that may have some bearing on her decision. I wasn’t sure about her sexual history and health, but Himself required her to have a full STI panel and she is clean and should be safe enough.

Certainly His Grace won’t miss this opportunity to inseminate as many beautiful athletic women as he possibly can and the fact that we all take our men with them bareback is an opportunity not to be missed. Certainly Jack is interested in his father’s bedmate which I understand completely. We have been wondering about the strength of her grip. I imagine she is very tight with all the time she has spent en pointe, but probably not as well muscled and tight as I am. It will be interesting to hear his comparison of us when I ask.


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