Friday, December 20, 2013

Location Z, Snow bound

Mountains around Ullapool in winter.

The photo: Imagine a prehistoric solar observatory on top of one of those snow covered peaks and performing a ritual sacrifice – sexual intercourse with a virgin male - to the Goddess of the old ways, bringing fresh blood in to her service.

Highland walks and walkers: Ullapool is on the highland walks circuit. This time of year there are very few hill walkers as the weather is bad, so except for novices who are clueless and totally unprepared and often have to be rescued His Grace and Jack have the mountain to themselves. During warmer times of the year hill walkers are a nuisance as far as Himself is concerned and are often dissuaded from walking near the site by scary tales of lost and injured hikers that aren’t entirely false.

Snow bound: Gale force winds had closed the road, to the solar observatory above the snow line with deep drifts in several places.  Jack had anticipated that possibility and rented a large tracked snow plow, a Caterpillar D8T, to clear the snow drifts on at least part of the road up to Location Z. The one he rented has a two person temperature controlled cab that is relatively quiet and comfortable. It was parked in a barn at what is usually the snow line and one of His Grace’s Gamekeepers who lives near by keeps the propane heater in the barn going to make the big diesel easier to start.

During the fall, after the autumnal equinox, Jack had spent several weeks grading the trail into a road and laying tons of crushed stone with local labor and mule drawn carts to make it passable in wet weather. I wanted to go with him to plow the snow as I’d never ridden on a bulldozer, or had sex in the cab of a bulldozer, in the winter, on top of a mountain, in the snow, at a prehistoric solar observatory before. Or on a bulldozer at all come to that. John was expecting a very long and tiring day and didn’t want me along, but I insisted and it turned out he was very glad I went with him.

Returning readers will recall that motorized vehicles became inoperative about half way up the track during the fall equinox so we used mules to pull carts and wagons of equipment to the campsite. It was thought that the Goddess was opposed to modern equipment near the site. What Jack and I found was that if I was riding in the cab of the dozer he could drive it up the road plowing the drifts all the way to the top. However, if I got off the big machine wouldn’t operate at all lending some credence to the possibility that I have a special relationship to the site, which is what Himself has said all along.

Jack was amazed and I was too, but also secretly pleased that the Goddess had favored me in a way that I can control machinery (to a limited extent) when near her Holy site. At the very top the last bit of road was clear where the wind had blown almost all the snow off it and the observatory site as well. It looked as though a crew of people had swept it with brooms. Plowing the road had taken all morning, but Jack had originally thought it would require all day (before we found that the dozer would work all the way to the top if I was aboard) so it gave us time to go down and connect the equipment carts loaded with the dressing and dining tents and associated equipment and take them up to the staging location just below the crest and out of most of the wind where a crew of estate workers set it all up in preparation for the girls and I and the male initiates to dress (or undress, depending on your perspective) very early on the morning of the 21st.

Steamy sex: Given that his part of the preparations were completed early Jack was very pleased and we went off by ourselves on the dozer down the mountain a bit where there was a small clearing and I got to find out what fun it is to get fucked sitting on a man’s lap an a cozy dozer cab while the wind howls around it. I’m CD5 today and have pretty much stopped bleeding so I didn’t stain his jeans, but I don’t think that ever entered his mind he just wanted to fuck me in the middle of a snowstorm! For me CD5 is a time in my cycle when I could become fertile early so I was using DiveGel+ in the dome of an Omniflex and on his lap I controlled the direction and depth of thrusts so I could be sure he didn’t under-thrust my diaphragm and ejaculate in the dome when I might become fertile in the next few hours. We kept the motor idling and the heater going, but when we finished we still had to wipe the fog off the inside of the windows. I do so love steamy sex!

A bulldozer of the type rented to clear drifts to Loc. Z

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