Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A safe flight, weather, pageviews

Grishko canvas slippers worn aboard Limnaea II.

The photo: My footwear aboard Limnaea II was the women’s Grishko ‘Ultimate’ split-sole canvas slipper instead of Gaynor Minden pointes. The G650 cabin is 6’5” which is plenty high for dancers to be on our toes in the cabin, but I chose slippers for safety reasons since if the plane hit rough air if I was en pointe which I probably would be if I was wearing pointes, I could sprain an ankle or worse and I really don’t need that.

Our flight:  Went beautifully and we even got a few hours sleep. As I mentioned in an earlier post I’m menstrual and began flowing heavily today. I’m wearing a Diva cup as I might have slept through filling my Milex and spilled blood in the bed. A Diva cup, even on my heaviest days will take 6+ hours to fill so I was good with that and used my Hitachi wand to Jill-off. Then I went right to sleep. 

McCarran to Dulles is 2,060 miles. Dulles to Inverness airport, Dalcross, Scotland is 3,416 miles. The total distance from McCarran international to Dalcross, Scotland is 5,476 miles.  The long range cruising sped of a G650 is Mach 0.85 or 647 mph. Add a 100 mph westerly jet stream aiding east bound flights makes the ground speed 747 mph. 5,476 miles /// 747 mph = 7.33 hours + 1.5 hour refueling and getting in and out of Dulles for a total of about 9 hours. Which was my rough calculation and it turned out to be Just about right.  We landed a few minutes after 3:00 PM (about sunset) in Dalcross, Scotland in a light rain and temps in the high 30s F. We had eaten on the plane and Jack and the drivers ate at the airport while waiting for us so we loaded the four Range Rovers Jack had brought to meet us and the two hour drive to Ullapool turned out to be three over rainy mountain roads in the dark. 

Weather forecast for Northwestern Scotland:

It doesn’t appear that we will be having any sort of descent weather for the Winter Solstice at Location Z:

“Issued at - 17 Dec 2013, 12:16
Valid from - 20 Dec 2013, 15:00
Valid to - 21 Dec 2013, 15:00

An area of heavy, rain along with strong to gale force winds, is expected to cross the UK from Friday afternoon and through Saturday morning. This will bring some locally large accumulations, particularly on hills, and following previous wet weather is likely to lead to some localised flooding across western parts of Scotland, Wales and England.”

Specifically for Ullapool: Heavy rain Friday night and early Saturday morning with wind in excess of 30 mph. With temperature at Ullapool (sea level) of 44° F at sunrise (9:00 AM) which will probably be at least 34° at the site of the observatory.

Pageview milestone: This blog, Jill’s World, received its one millionth pageview while we were somewhere over the Atlantic. It was in May of 2009 that I began the blog when I migrated from Yahoo at the suggestion of Eric ‘VanMan’. Thank you Eric! One million pageviews in four and a half years is not too shabby! I realize it’s not quite the readership of the New York Times, but I’m very pleased.

Jet-lag: It’s 3:00AM here and I need to post this. So far I’m not doing too well in adjusting to the eight hour time difference from Vegas. I’m supposed to lead a ballet class in 5 hours! Sigh!



  1. Congratulations on the 1 million view milestone! I'm glad I could help out when you wanted to switch from Yahoo when its blogging service was shut down.

    I see that the solstice is going to be at 11:11 a.m. CST, which would be about 5:11 p.m. GMT. I'm wondering why you're talking about what the weather's going to be like in the morning when the solstice is happening after sundown out there. Is that ceremony for sunrise on the day of the solstice rather than at the time of the solstice itself?

    Anyway, enjoy your time in Location Z and have lots of fun (and orgasms).

  2. Hi Eric, Since the site is a solar observatory we celebrate the solstice at sunrise which on 12/21 at Ullapool will be at 09:04 GMT.

  3. I see. I've read in a book on Tantra Yoga that there is a sect that would stay up all night on the winter solstice and perform ritual sex while waiting for the sun to come up again.


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