Thursday, December 5, 2013

My 2013 Thanksgiving rape fantasies

Festive pink lace party thong

The photo: Microfiber lined for comfort and with a pocket for a disposable absorbent pad the lace party thong gives hours of comfort and protection during times when a girl is sexually active while on her feet. Even after Kegeling out most of a partner’s ejaculate, when it liquefies there will still be residual discharge that will be absorbed by the pad. And the pads can be used as party favors since some partners enjoy sucking on a used pad moist with his lover’s vaginal discharge. All the girls had all gone to Body Buffers several days before for a complete body wax except for scalp hair and eyebrows so our mons pubes  could be gripped comfortably by the stretchy panty and latex catsuit and not catch on bush stubble. Having satin smooth pubs for a partner to caress is such a turn-on!

Thanksgiving cycles and Ben Wa Balls:  On Thanksgiving day I was CD12 and fertile which meant that Bea, Cyndi, Odette and Odile whose cycles are in synchrony with mine were fertile as well. Willow, who got her GyneFix only two weeks ago, may well be fertile and not have needed to wear their ballet class sets for lubrication as they were draining FCM, but for Gigi who was luteal and me with an Oves screwed down tight on my cervix additional natural lube was good so I wore the standard training set of 1.0 inch diameter (.65 oz each) solid Pyrex Ben Wa balls to stay lubricated and to enjoy moving them up and down my birth canal to gently caress my G-spot when I wasn’t with a man. Fiona and Marie-Claude were both menstrual and were wearing Diva cups so were not wearing training balls, but would switch to Milex wide seal Omniflex diaphragms for flow control during penetrative sex.

Additional guests at our feast:  Paul, the Swan Twins father, called to say he would be in town for a day or two and I invited him for Thanksgiving dinner. He needed a partner so I asked Gigi, Jacques daughter and a 4th form student at St Lucy’s, if she would be his partner and she was thrilled to be included in an adult gathering. She has a clean STI panel, has had all her Gardasil shots, has a GyneFix implanted and tested negative for hCG so she was quite safe having sex with unprotected men. She is seventeen so is legal for sex if not with someone having supervisory authority over her so she was perfect for Paul, who returning readers will remember lusts after his daughter Odile. Since I was planning on us all to having multiple partners we all used prefilled disposable applicators of DiveGel+ which has a pH balancer in it to minimize the likelihood of any of us getting a yeast infection from so many different unprotected partners.  

Sitting around my Thanksgiving table were: 1 Fiona (Cyndi’s mom) and Maj. Colin Tree; 2 Ondine, (Willow’s mom) with Jacques, Gigi’s father and a former lover of mine as her partner; 3 Cyndi & Chris (our male Gyn); 4 His Grace and Marie-Claude a member of my ballet troupe and former Paris Opera Ballet dancer. I put Marie-Claude with him because he thinks a French accent is sexy and doesn’t need his performance enhancing med when he’s fucking a French girl. The things a procuress needs to know! Go figure! Then 5 Pirate and Yardley; 6 Adolph and Abigail (the manager of The Lorelei); 7&8 Odette and Odile (With the Gemini, Castor and Pollux who have been ardent in their continuing pursuit of the Swan twins), 9 Jack and me and 10 Paul and Gigi since she looks a lot like the swan twins and acts like Odile and 11 last but not least Willow and Mitch.

Screened, auditioned, protected and costumed: The ten all female waitstaff for Thanksgiving dinner at my home were thoroughly screened having to pass a full STI panel and test negative for hCG, but that wasn’t all. They had to audition for a spot on the serving staff as I was looking for specific height, weight and body types and be able to stand and walk confidently in ballet boots for long intervals w/o sitting down. Since they were already performers in training as escort candidates and were expected to wear costumes and do more than wait tables their roles fell under the union contract definition of a performance so I had to pay the ones chosen union scale actress wages.  

The women auditioned in their escort trainee standard black latex catsuits with relief zippers and full back-zip hoods with only eyes, mouth and nostril opening and black latex gloves, ball-gag and ballet boots by Gepetto which are all part of a women escort trainee’s wardrobe.  So it was impossible to tell by looking at them who was wearing the catsuits when the hoods gloves and boots were all being worn. Of course the catsuits have RFID chips in them identifying the person to whom the suit was sold. And four of the women trainees who I picked were very close to the height, weight, body style, carriage and gait of Odile, Gigi, Willow and me. The waitstaff also wore penetrator plugs - they usually wear them when working at Naughty Pleasures to prevent being penetrated when groped by lounge customers – as I expected the same from some of my male guests, and I was right, not that I cared since I just  used the plug to help identify the wearer.

The diaphragms and plugs that escort candidates, St Lucy’s students and my wards and I wear have RFID chips in them and so do the Penetrators the selected waitstaff, wore since they were escort candidates. The chips enable security to tell who the device belongs to and to record their entry and exit through limited access (monitored) doors. I have an RFID reader app on my phone linked to the casino database so I can scan a female waitstaff member to see if she has her device correctly inserted not just in her pocket or purse. And that holds true for my ballet dancers and wards Bea, Cyndi, Odette, Odile and Willow as well. Because, with my ballet dancers there can be insurance liabilities if under certain circumstances their sexual health isn’t properly protected. And with chips in both the catsuits and plugs I can crosscheck that the ID of the plug and catsuit match to the registered owner which minimize the possibility of fraud or a security breach.

A plan comes to fruition: Remembering Paul’s fantasy about having sex with Odile and me acting as her surrogate for him while he and I were watching her train with a mirror mounted dildo (described in my post for October 11, 2013), I had been waiting for an opportunity when my mix of guests would support a plan I had in mind to stage a series of rape fantasies and our Thanksgiving get together fit the bill perfectly. So I approached Odette, Odile, Gigi and Willow separately and in private to sound them out on how they felt about incest as I might not be able to control which man took which woman so if they participated it would be possible that during the scene they could be inseminated by their father.  

All were fascinated by the possibility of being taken forcibly (under somewhat controlled conditions) even while fertile (since they each had a GyneFix implanted) and wanted to participate. All three admitted having fantasized at one time-or-another about having sex with the man who had created her, but none had the nerve to ask her father. So I had Odile, Gigi and Willow fitted with the standard issue black latex escort trainee catsuits, hoods and gloves that as training assistants they hadn’t been kitted out with. They already had All-Flex Breeding diaphragms and ball-gags.

Rape in latex & ballet boots – the fantasy: You know it’s a fantasy when the woman who is being attacked while wearing ballet boots with her feet unrestrained doesn’t try to shred her attacker’s legs with her 7 inch spike heels, which in the case of our waitstaff and women guests were Gepetto’s titanium spikes with the optional lace cutter edges.  Actually I don’t think the men gave it much thought, thinking if the woman’s legs were spread and he was between them with her pressed hard against a wall, he was safe when actually that position gives her better access to his calves, Achilles tendons and to a lesser extent his hamstrings to destroy them with her heels.

The men I know seem to like rape fantasies with dancers wearing black ballet boots rather than pointe shoes. I think that’s because ballet boots have a reputation as erotic bondage footwear worn by naughty or submissive women especially if the boots are locked so they can’t be taken off. And quality ballet boots properly sized and correctly laced can be worn more or less successfully for sex on their toes by far more women than can stand en pointe in pointe shoes, (even Gaynor Mindens) for 20 minutes to give a man her tightest grip during ballet sex.  Pointe shoes are far more ‘good girl’ feminine footwear, but so few women have the strength and stamina to provide and enjoy penetrative sex when entered from behind while en pointe holding on to a barre that ballet boots are the default footwear for many women who can be properly fitted in good quality boots that provide both toe and ankle protection.

Dressers and dressing room performances: In support of the waitstaff and guests wearing latex catsuits I had three Dressers and a Costumer to help the girls into their latex costumes and ballet boots and repair or replace any garment that tore. Fortunately none did. The Dressers also polished the catsuits once they were on properly and comfortable so the suits shone like onyx mirrors. Well, ‘comfort’ in a latex catsuit is in the mind of the wearer. In my experience it’s the erotic feel of the rubber gripping my body that outweighs any discomfort in being encased in really stretchy rubber that is a huge turn-on!

The waitstaff dressing room had the HD cams on to let my male guests watch the girls dress, a sort of porn-lite as the girls checked the integrity of the domes and inserted their All-Flex breeding diaphragms - which readers will remember are intentionally sized two sizes smaller than the correct size so a partner can more easily under-thrust the rim and fill the dome with his seed. They were checking the pulls on the relief zippers to make sure they were opening easily, inserting their vaginal plugs  and ball-gags (to prevent them from speaking during the entire evening) and adjusting the head harnesses and icing their nipples through the latex to get them hard and erect before appearing in the dining room.  

To minimize production of nasal mucus and ease breathing and help with jaw discomfort with a ball gag inserted tightly between the jaws the waitstaff took decongestant tablets and 800 mg of ibuprofen 30 minutes before dinnertime as did Gigi, Odile, willow and I. I had the rubber-girls dressing room feed on a sixty inch flat screen in the media room to encourage my male guests to lust for rubber sheathed pussy. I’m pleased to say that the dressing room feed was more heavily watched than any of the day’s football games. I Thought Paul would be a rabid football fan, but he like the European men was fascinated by what they called the ‘latex pussy feed’.

I thought I might get some pushback from some of my women guests, specifically Fiona, but it turned out that the girls were as interested in watching rape fantasies being played out as were the men. Possibly because they thought the women ‘victims’ were professional escorts and wanted to see how a professional handled a situation like that.

Place cards: The place cards for our Thanksgiving feast for Jack, Jacques and Paul had a number underneath that gave him his place (first second or third) as an ‘attacker’ in the rape fantasy supposedly involving member of the waitstaff whose physical characteristics matched that man’s daughter.  Jack, Jacques and Paul were seated at different points around the table and away from their partners as were the other men to share all the men with all the women. After the meal the place card holders were turned over and the lucky men were identified. Earlier Odile, Gigi, Willow and I had all gone to the ladies room together, as women are want to do more to gossip about the men than anything else, but of course we were actually speed dressed in our black latex catsuits, hoods, gloves, ballet boots and ball-gags. Our latex skins rubbed to a high gloss with latex polish and our nipples iced to make them erect and easily seen through the latex membrane of our suits. Gigi went first as her waitstaff double since Jacques had the lowest number so he was the first attacker.


A ball gag and harness similar to the ones worn for the rape fantasies on Thanksgiving

Gigi is raped: The attack began in the hall between the kitchen and dining room the walls of which had been padded with new furniture blankets, the kind that moving companies use to prevent furniture being transported in a van from being damaged. Gigi came out of the kitchen supposedly to clear tables and Jacques passed her in the hall only to turn immediately grab the neck strap of her ball-gag harness and slam her into the wall. While she was disoriented he hustled her through a side door into a corridor feeding my three encounter sallies and into the first one where he spun her around slammed her back against the mirrored wall kicked her feet apart to spread her lags and feeling for the pull tab on her relief zipper jerked it down exposing the head of her Penetrator.

He told me later that her scent was a delight, a mixture of fear, estrogenic sweat, latex, rubber polish and the musk of her vaginal secretions when he slipped his finger into the removal tab lying flat on her perineum and pulling down and forward pulled out her plug dripping with her natural arousal secretions. He tossed it on to the closed lid of a nearby piano and unzipping his trousers freed his erection from the Speedo slingshot he favors before spreading her labia and began inserting himself.  Gigi made no attempt to struggle though she did adjust her hips to try and minimize having her cervix battered and in the dining room we could hear her muffled moans, screams and mewing when he gave her a massive G-spot orgasm that made her go weak so she had to lock her knees to prevent collapsing and her strong contractions milked his shaft sucking his ejaculate out and he filled the dome of her breeder with his sperm during which his thrusts lifted her off the floor and she worried about being thrust-dropped on to one of his feet with a boot heel. She said later that being thrust-dropped in tightly laced ballet boots was a lot more comfortable than while wearing Gaynors. It was over very quickly, in less than ten minutes and the rest of us watched the HD salle cam feed festinated as he raped her.

Willow bends: Willow was supposed to be next, but she decided against incest with Jack and her waitstaff double took her place. No one watching the salle cam feed knew there had been a change in the cast. I have mixed feelings about her withdrawal from the game, but I understand her drives aren’t as strong as mine were for sex with my father as she was never intentionally banished and had nothing to prove as I continually tried to do with my father.

Jack took Willow’s waitstaff double similarly to how Jacques had done, grabbing the neck strap of her ball gag harness and throwing her against the wall to disorient her. Even though a woman knows what’s going to happen it’s really hard not to react defensively and try and stop the attack. A good actress she handled the role well and he hustled her into salle #2 and over to the barre where he used cable ties to bind her wrists to the barre kicked her legs apart, jerked open her relief zipper and grabbing the removal tab on her plus pulled down while pushing forward and the locking ridge popped out from behind her pubic bone and the plug slipped into his hand.. He unbuckled her ball gag harness and pulling the ball from between her teeth shoved her plug still dripping her vaginal secretions into her mouth and told her not to spit it out while he fucked her. She nodded her obedience.  Jack being a very well endowed man and basically gentle with women penetrated his ‘victim’ from behind while she was bent over holding on to the barre, a position where gravity pulls the uterus down and forward keeping the cervix further out of the way of a thrusting penis. As with Jacques Jack’s rape was over in less than ten minutes. Leaving her with a breeder filled with his semen and moaning in ecstasy still with the strong contraction from the three vaginal orgasms he had given her. She said later she thought playing the role of a rape victim enabled her to enjoy sex with him far more than if he had just asked her for it.

Paul’s piece: Paul was last and Odile was entheuastic taking the place of her waitstaff double and as with the two previous girls she was grabbed by the neck strap of her ball gag and thrown into the wall, her arm twisted up behind her back and was forced at a run into salle #3 where she appeared on the salle-cam and we could see her trying to scream around her ball gag and drooling saliva down her chin and onto the polished latex encasing her breasts while her father unzipped his slacks and pulled out his fully erect shaft dripping pre-ejaculate.

He quickly opened Odile’s relief zipper slipped a finger in the removal loop of her plug and yanked it out and while we watched her try to gasp and moan around the saliva coated red ball of her gag. As her plug slipped into Paul’s hand she immediately began to drip cervical and vaginal secretions as she was fertile and very aroused to find herself actually having sex with her father during a rape fantasy. He slipped his hands under her buttocks and lifting her waist high, commanded “fit me inside you” which she did then wrapped her legs around his waist and held on to his shoulders as he pushed her against the mirrored wall and fucked her brains our after quickly under thrusting her breeder All-Flex. He has amazing stamina and when he was through with her he had gotten off in her three times in thirty minutes and had kept her in a near state of constant orgasm so she couldn’t stand up when he tried to put her down. At that point I was still dressed in latex with my ball gag in so I went in and helped him support Odile as we walked her back to the women’s dressing rooms where she rested while the rest of us stripped off our catsuits, showered and changed back into our dinner clothes. Willow, who had stayed in the dressing room and Gigi went back in with the rest of the guests while I stayed with Odile until she felt strong enough to shower and dress after which we returned to the party where the men were back watching football.

Saint Andrew’s Day in Scotland and the winter solstice:  November 30 was the feast day of St. Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland.  Himself wasn’t upset at missing the 2013 celebration. Much of his land is in Scotland obtained through family marriages over the centauries, but his Dukedom is English. He is far more concerned that I and the girls participate in the ceremonies at Location Z (on a mountain top overlooking Loch Broom on the west coast of Scotland) to celebrate the 2013 winter solstice which occurs on Saturday December 21, 2013 at 5:11 PM UTC.

The Brits all went back east aboard ‘Limnaea’ on Monday December 2nd. Maj. Tree was dropped off at Dulles and the plan refueled while Fiona and Cyndi went back to enroll Cyndi at Cambridge. Undine was to perform again in mid December while Himself and Jack were going out to  the lodge outside Ullapool.

All in all I think Thanksgiving went well. In the rape fantasies I got two for three and I still think I can get Willow to participate in rape fantasies. One thing I did find out is that she really likes wearing latex! So there is something I can work with as we continue to bond.


  1. I I have to admit that I was a bit surprised that you would wear a gag.


    1. Hi John, I'll wear one for role-play and for the Thanksgiving rape scenes it was important that I wear exactly what the players were wearing just in case I had to enter the scene as a substitute. That wasn't necessary since Willow's body double was willing to play. Wearing one occasionally also keeps me in touch with what my Submissives have to contend with.


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