Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Aboard Limnaea II, Crag Abbey

A G650 similar to the one I’ve borrowed for our winter solstice trip

The photo: A typical G650 seating arrangement. The plane I have been loaned has the Universal Aft Galley 15/6 configuration which accommodates 15 passengers with sleeping accommodations for 6. That gives me room for my wards; Bea, Odette, Odile and Willow as well as Beth, my PA/Dresser/Divemaster, and myself. And the chairs, if they are needed, are super comfy to sleep in as well.

The seats are wonderfully soft leather. I had the servicer make sure all the leather had two treatments of leather conditioner and stain repellent applied as returning readers will recall all the women passengers will be menstrual on the outbound leg of our journey and may have menstrual sex while in one of the beige leather reclining seats. Can you imagine dark menstrual blood with clots on that lovely soft leather? In the loan agreement there is a clause that the aircraft will be returned to the owner in the condition in which it was received or the borrower pays any costs necessary to restore it to that state.

Possible purchase: I’ve christened the G650 ‘Limnaea II’, well at least temporarily. If I buy one it will be new not even slightly used. The Gulfstream rep says he has a deal for me. One with the cabin config. I like (the Universal Aft Galley 15/6) was contracted for by a North Dakota oil man whose gambling obsession overtook his common sense when he bet his company on a card turn at blackjack and lost. I love the balls some high rollers have!

The casino isn’t interested in the aircraft so he lost the down payment and the plane was repossessed (if that’s the proper term) w/o ever being in his possession. There is still a government program to help qualifying entities buy aircraft and like Limnaea it would be held in one of my corporation’s names. I think I may even have some leverage of my own to bring down my out-of-pocket cost if I decide to buy.

Beth: I rarely mention any of my staff, but Beth is special. She is my Personal Assistant/Dresser/Divemaster and she literally knows where the bodies are buried and why. She’s a 27 y/o brunette, and it took me a while to find her. She came to work for me in April 2010 has a Doctorate in Biology from UNLV and has ‘Family’ ties in Vegas. She is about to complete her Ph.D. in Psychology.

She is into fetishes so she took Taryn’s place when I go on cleanup projects. She’s a highly qualified SCUBA dicer and has been taking ballet lessons (she took when in high school) so is now quite proficient at pointework (for an amateur) and lovely with amazing stamina in ballet boots. She has no current boyfriend. Guys seem to shy away when they find she is connected. She has proved a loyal and hardworking employee I’m giving her more responsibility with Bea and the Swan twins and have begun to include her when we have a man who needs a partner since she is excellent in bed. Pirate wanted her as an escort. She has been through the Escort and Courtesan College courses and worked for him for six months getting rave reviews. However, she came to me wanting more adventure as she knew I sometimes do cleanup for her family as well as high risk dive encounters and said she wanted to work for me because (she said) “You meet such interesting men”.

I was very pleased as I had been watching her thinking I would approach her. She is like a member of my family. She loves her work and is very well paid. Like my Wards Beth has a GyneFix implanted a deep post-pubic vault and a very strong vaginal grip. She takes a 75mm diaphragm and I need to find her a ‘death rubber’ one preferably that she can harvest herself. And, because we are together taking class and during our business day we are in menstrual synchrony so she is menstrual right now like most of the rest of us. Given we can all be a bit edgy while bleeding we get on amazingly well.

Packing for Ullapool, Loc. Z and Crag Abbey: In addition to our slit-kits we are all packing our practice clothes and pointe shoes, Freeds for me as well as Gaynors, in case I’m asked to perform. If I am I’ll use a ball gown as a costume. We will be staying at the castle over Christmas as the guests of His Grace who has a French ballerina currently sharing his bed. The castle has a heated ballet studio Himself had converted from a large tower room for Cyndi. It is fully equipped with a Marley floor, barres on three walls, wall to ceiling mirrors and triple glazed windows overlooking Loch Ness to the east in the distance.

Crag Abbey: Begun by the Benedictines in the early 12th century as a place of refuge and contemplation it was overrun in the mid 13th C by the local Clan whose Laird then added greatly to its fortification, but it still was known as Crag Abbey. Built over a natural spring of fresh water the Abbey was never again captured by force, but due to its isolation its occupants were either starved into surrendering or it was bypassed. One of the Dukes ancestors came by the Abbey and the thousands of hectares surrounding it as part of the marriage settlement when he married the Laird’s only daughter.

Said to have been owned by a Warlock and considered bad luck by the locals no one would work the property and it languished unwanted for several hundred years until it passed into His Grace’s family. It turned out the original laird was a very distant relation of His Grace and therefore he believed he was safe from any spells that might have been cast on the property when Cromwell’s men were tearing it down. The story goes that the surrounding villagers accepted the new Laird’s explanation and the property began to be put to use again.

Over an interval of nine years Himself had the ruins of the thirteenth castle lovingly restored. From the outside it must appear every bit as foreboding as the original 13th C one. The giveaway from outside is the triple glazing of all windows and well fitting doors. The castle was built with wall thickness called for in the thirteenth C and every room has a working fireplace, but with modern amenities; hot water baseboard heat, full bathrooms with hot and cold running water in every suite and triple glazed windows and tightly sealed doors to keep out drafts and muffle sounds of rough sex. Water is supplied by a very deep well that tapped a large aquifer of pure water that eventually flows into Loch Ness. The Roman temple ruins in the undercroft of the original Abbey chapel now incorporated into the fabric of the restored fortifications have been lovingly preserved behind thick wooden doors to prevent the possibility of pilferage of artifacts.

There’s really no easy way to get to the Abbey except by helicopter and that’s limited by bad weather. By road it’s down the A831 a small road to the east into the mountains off the A82 at Drumnadrochit on the west side of Loch Ness and then a further two hour drive into the mountains on a private road to the top of a steep crag to the castle. Fortunately His Grace has several helicopters so if weather permits we can be flown from his hunting lodge to the castle. Otherwise it’s at least a five hour drive from the hunting lodge outside Ullapool.

On our way: We are at McCarran and aboard Limnaea II so I need to get this posted.

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