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Winter Solstice 2013

The Winter Solstice in the north
The photo: A picture I like depicting sunrise on the winter solstice. I like it because it looks like it is extremely cold, which is what we encountered at Location Z. Actually, the lunar phase on 20 December 2013 Friday is Waning Gibbous. The current moon phase is from Full: 2013-12-17 09:29 to Last Quarter: 2013-12-25 13:50. The moon is growing smaller (old moon) from a Full Moon on 2013-12-17. It was snowing heavily so we saw neither the sun nor the moon on the morning of December 21st at Location Z.

The weather on the solstice: The area around Ullapool averages 21 days of precipitation in Decembers. Loch Broom isn’t called the Loch of showers for nothing! So it wasn’t surprising, regardless of how hard we prayed for dry weather, that it had snowed all night and was still snowing at sunrise when the ceremony was underway. The weather was miserable for outside activity with the temperature at 29° F with a 21 mph southeasterly wind across the solar observatory.

Snowbound again: The afternoon of the 20th Jack and I plowed the road up to Location Z. It had been raining at sea level and snowing up there all day with a brisk wind so the road was drifted closed, but not as badly as when we plowed it the first time. Then we went back down to pull enclosed and heated carts carrying the junior Goddesses, initiates and support workers up to the site. We spent the short (for us) night in sleeping bags on cots in heated tents listening to the wind howl around us. I don’t think any of us got much sleep.

Shearling capes, cowls and booties: Himself had decreed that his craftsmen would make warmer ceremonial robes for the Goddesses and initiates concelebrating the Winter Solstice at Location Z and his craftsmen performed beautifully making us all sets of ankle length capes and hoots with 2 inch thick wool on the insides. The Men’s capes were cut more generously so that when they mounted us on the altars their capes and cowls fit over ours forming a seal of sorts. So if anything I was too hot once a male initiate had mounted me and we were united with him thrusting lustily into my nether parts. The trick for me was to hold the one I’d just fucked senseless close until his replacement was ready to mount me.

At Himself’s insistence we wore new Freed pointes (just barely broken in) while on the altars walking from our dressing tent in waterproof shearling boots similar to ballet warm-up booties except heavier and waterproof and toasty warm!

Hoods from hares: The Mountain Hare (Lepus timidus) is Britain's only native member of the rabbit/hare group. The women of the village supporting His Grace’s hunting lodge had again made rabbit fur hoods with attached capes over the neck, throat and shoulders, for all the visiting altar girls, from the white winter coats of the Mountain Hare. They are beautifully made delightfully warm and were fitted individually over our hair after we arrived. They are ceremonial altar clothing for warmth and head protection while being repeatedly inseminated on behalf of the earth goddess at sunrise on celestially important occasions when ritual seed planting is called for.

Secondary altar precedence: With the four secondary altars available on the North, South, East and West of the principal altar all my girls were major participants. Returning readers will recall that the North altar is close to the cliff edge, but Jack says the rock it’s on is quite solid so while it looks dangerous if the wind isn’t blowing from the South the celebrant and her partner(s) on the North altar should be quite safe. Cyndi had the first choice during the Autumnal equinox as His Grace’s granddaughter. Willow is taking her place for this celebration and being another granddaughter of His Grace she has precedence and like Cyndi chose to offer herself on the Eastern altar because it’s closest to the rising sun.

The other girls chose to celebrate on the altars they occupied in the fall; Bea on the South, Odette on the Western altar and Odile on the Northern one. However, the wind was stronger and from the south so she was in somewhat greater danger this time. Still, Odile is a risk taker and wanted the scary one because the sheer drop is just a few feet away, but we did insist she and her partners wear safety harnesses.

Beth bleeds: Beth, my PA/dresser, has a GyneFix implanted and was menstrual with the rest of us and her period ended a day or so ago. However, since she was working with Jack for this celebration guiding initiates to and from the altars she wore a Diva cup as women not participating as ritual sacrifices bleed when they are within the circle of stones comprising the observatory proper. She didn’t believe she would start bleeding again as her cycles are very regular, but she did which has probably reset her cycle by three days. We shall see. She was ok with 800 mg of Ibuprofen and the activity on the site took her mind off the return of her menses. She had worn her menstrual cup more to please me than because she thought she would need it. She is now a believer!

Celebrants prep: At 8:00 AM in the men’s tent His Grace and Jack began prepping the initiates giving them their Cialis and shots of Gorse brandy to build their confidence, assertiveness and to counteract the cold. Beth did the same for Bea, Willow, Odette, Odile and me in the ladies tent. Then 20 minutes before sunrise we all inserted a 10 ml disposable applicator of DiveGel+ to make certain that we would be well lubed and I had checked my Oves to make certain it was screwed down tight on my cervix as I was feeling as though I might be fertile, though it would be a day early and unusual, but then if that’s what the Goddess wanted then who am I to question her plan. After putting on our Freed Classics we stuffed our feet into the shearling boots. Then Beth helped us into our shearling robes. They were wonderfully warm, but quite heavy though we only had 20 yards to walk to the altar cluster.

The men: there were fifteen initiates, from the ages of 14 through 17, who supposedly had not had vaginal sex with a woman, though I’m sure working with His Graces flocks of black face sheep they have had penile vaginal sex with ewes. We Goddesses had three each and I had Himself and Jack as well. I wasn’t sure His Grace would feel strong enough and I was concerned that he might have a heart attack and die on top of me on the altar, but he did remarkably well. I was gentle with him and he gave me an orgasm before planting his seed in me.

The initiates had all been screened for STIs and problems that might cause them to falter while attempting to fuck the brains out of a Goddess.  Though we met them all the night before te only one I remember is Malcolm who is the brother of one of my favorites from last time, Donald. I tried not to, but I couldn’t help comparing the two as far as technique and stamina is concerned. I thought Malcolm was more confident and assertive and wanted to control the encounter as I think a man should. Try I mean. But in these ritual encounters I top from the bottom and he found he couldn’t control his ejaculations when I ripple gripped him. After the second time he just hung on while I moved my hips to position him to give me a G-spot orgasm and then got myself off while fucking his brains out. All through our encounter he stayed wonderfully hard so he was a delight to play with.

Ritual seed planting: A few minutes before sunrise as we were all on the altars with the first males of the ceremony the snow fall became much heavier so it was very difficult to see more than a few feet. Jack helped Odile on to the Northern altar and both of them as well as the initiates wore safety harnesses in case a strong gust tried to blow them off the edge. Fortunately that didn’t happen though I thought of the talk about a blood sacrifice. But I suppose that could be interpreted as Beth bleeding while assisting Jack in positioning initiates. The whole ceremony proceeded w/o incident which I was very grateful for since with the terrible weather the likelihood of a serious accident was quite high.

Afterward: With the weather slowing us down a bit we were through in three hours. After we changed back into our winter storm clothes the support staff shut the gas heaters down. While they were doing that I went with Jack on the dozer to plow the road so we could get out pulling the heated personnel carts after us. The road had drifted closed again but it took only a hour or so to clear it then go back for Himself, Jack, the girls and staff. Below the snow line jack put the dozer in the barn and we all climbed in to a caravan of Range Rovers and went back to the hunting lodge in heavy rain. By 3:00 PM it has stopped raining and the sun had actually appeared.

We had a celebratory dinner this evening with all he initiates and support staff. Then the initiates were bedded down in a large guest house with several of the male staff as chaperones, though I understand ewes were available if anyone felt the need. The boys will be taken back to their farms and villages in the morning.

The ritual burning of the Goddesses and initiates ceremonial clothing worn on the altars was postponed until we get to Crag Abbey where we will be spending Christmas.  The ritual fire of purification will occur within the castle walls in the fire pit where it will be safer to burn the robes, hoods and boots, not that it seemed likely to me with all the rain the fire was could get out of control, but Himself said that dry Gorse burns very easily even in wet weather so that was that. All in all it has been a wonderful day and I’m still draining Jacks semen as he was the last to take me.  

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