Friday, December 13, 2013

Our Christmas tour of military hospitals, a G650 perhaps

A Gulfstream G650 like one we will be using for several weeks

Year end travel aboard a G650: ‘Limnaea’, my G550, is due for major engine overhaul on the 16th and the local Gulfstream rep is anxious to make a sale so he’s loaning me a G650 to take on our round-trip to the UK to celebrate the winter solstice. Adolph has accused me of wanting to ‘swan around’ in the 650, but he’s just jealous. I see it as taking advantage of an opportunity and it does have a lovely new aircraft scent to it.

I could get a good trade in on Limnaea, but I really don’t have a good reason to upgrade to a 650.  A 650 takes a hundred feet or so less runway to takeoff. It has 500 or so miles longer range and is a bit faster, but nothing really worth trading in a perfectly good aircraft that has the same payload and seats the same number of passengers. It may be a bit quieter too, we’ll see. Still it will be fun to see what it feels like. My air crew service has crews fully trained on the 650 so there is no problem crewing the one I’m being loaned. The pilots love it, but I haven’t seen anything that makes it a must-have like a Hermès handbag for instance.

Our Christmas tour: We’ve been to three military hospitals in California and Texas for Christmas this year and the most heart wrenching for us were the burn units. The men and women we performed for were mostly quite disabled, but many could enjoy the view and scent of athletic young dancers performing right in the wards and they all enjoyed being kissed and fondled. Five women, including Willow and two men from my troupe went on the trip in addition to me and we all used FC2s (for the staff), male condoms and Nitrile exam gloves because the military men and women we were in contact with hadn’t been screened for STIs and since their immune systems are compromised their resistance to infection is low so we didn’t want to cause them any additional problems. Initially I thought that we might at least be able to offer PVI in the ‘woman astride’ position (Just squatting over his hips with no weight on the patient) but the possibility of the woman slipping and putting weight on the patient was unacceptable as none would have been able to withstand that so we settled for fondling, masturbation and breastfeeding where appropriate which pleased the recipients. There was very little privacy in the wards, just the standard sheet on a rolling track separating the beds so everyone could hear the moans and gasps of delight.

We couldn’t leave the usual souvenirs so we gave out new pairs of toe pads or Ben Wa balls and let them see how we put on the pads and inserted the balls. A few were well enough that we could roll a condom on the guys snap on sterile gloves (and in the burn units face masks) and stroke them off which the guys seemed to enjoy especially when Willow took them in hand.

A favorite for any patient who could stand the excitement was when we fondled him until he was erect, rolled a condom on to him, gloved up the patient and let him slip his hand under the thong of a dancer and insert his first two fingers between her well lubed labia. Then she would roll up on to pointe and grip his fingers with her muscles while she gently stroked him off.  None of the men took more than four minutes to orgasm. Our men worked with the few women patients who wanted to participate fingering them to clitoral orgasms or using Pyrex dildos which were left as souvenirs.  I breastfeed the one lesbian patient after sterilizing my nipples before and after our ANR and gloved up and I was so pleased to have been able to give her a G-spot orgasm with my fingers.

Our tour made for several long days and was emotionally exhausting, but a very worthwhile experience as the troops we performed for and interacted with were so grateful! I’m looking forward to doing our military tour again next year when I hope our forces won’t be taking more casualties


  1. How did you sterilize your nipples?! That sounds painful.


    1. Hi John... No it wasn't painful at all. Antibacterial soap and alcohol.

    2. Jill.. I think your tour of Wounded Vets is wonderful. Bless you and all those who went with you. It's the kind of tour I'm sure the Vets really appreciated and will never forget!

    3. Thank you Pointeman1. It's a great feeling being able to fill a niche the USO doesn't cover.


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