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A Fouganza brown schooling riding crop

The Photo: A brown Fouganza schooling riding crop of the sort used by some of our training associates for motivation stimulation during encounters with male escort candidates during sadist training.

Visitors: Fiona, who is Cyndi’s mom and Jack’s sister, is in town (w/o her partner, Maj. Tree) and is staying at The Lorelei. But that’s not the real news. The big news is that Her Grace, the Duchess, Fiona and Jack’s mom, who never travels has come from her home on Virgin Gorda and is at the Lorelei as well.

An important favor: I knew the Duchess was coming as she traveled on Limnaea, my G550, and to complete the family group Jack flew in last night. So the whole family is here, except Himself who is in the Highlands deer stalking. Jack brought along a ballet dancer a stunning beauty in her late 30s,and a Principal dancing for the Royal Ballet who I’ll call ‘Ondine’, along with her 19 y/o daughter, a member of the Royal Ballet’s corps, who I’ll call ‘Willow’. Fortunately Her Grace, Jacks mother, had called earlier to let me know why she and the family were coming and who the dancers are. Otherwise their purpose in being with Jack wouldn’t have been clear.

Even so seeing Ondine and Jack together gave me a frissson of jealousy. Could he be trying to hurt me by flaunting another woman on his arm rather than me? I was mad at myself for entertaining the possibility when I knew perfectly well that wasn’t so as it showed I wasn’t as confident as I’d like to be about my status with Jack. Ondine and Willow are at The Lorelei with his mom and sister and Jack is staying with me an arrangement which helps to decrease my feeling of vulnerability where he is concerned.

It’s complicated: I had Jack’s family and guests at my place in the hills for a catered dinner as the Duchess said they had an important favor to ask of me and I wanted them in my home when they asked. After dinner we all gathered in the library and sat in a conversation circle.  Sherry was served and Jack began with background. It seems that nineteen years ago when he was in his late teens Ondine who was twenty at the time was a guest of the Duke and Duchess during which time the Duke had intended to sleep with her as was his custom with other young ballerinas who took his fancy. However, he became ill, Her Grace believes his heart acted up from over excitement thinking of a new conquest, and was in no condition to service a woman leaving Ondine alone on the very first night to amuse herself in whatever manner she could.

Although Jack put it more diplomatically what occurred was that being highly sexed and needing male companionship Ondine turned her attention to Jack who had been steered her way by his mother who was trying to disrupt her husband’s planned assignation he intended to conduct in her home while she was in residence. Ondine nodded, smiled and said it was one of the shortest seductions she’d ever conducted. She had noticed Jack giving her longing glances and also noticed the woodies he seemed to develop whenever he was around her. He was low hanging fruit so she helped herself. She let him know that he would be welcome in her bed and that she was on the pill and so for the week that she was there he took her salmon fishing or bird watching during the day during which they had sex as well as spending his nights in her bed and their affair was still blisteringly hot when she returned to London and the RB went on a tour of Asia and Jack went to Oxford.

Three months later Her Grace received a letter from Ondine saying she was 12 weeks pregnant by Jack and asking for advice, should she terminate or carry to term. Her Grace told Jack and they both wanted her to give birth if it was his child so a paternity test was arranged and Jack indeed was the father. Ondine’s position with the ballet was secured by His Grace’s patronage and the fact that she was recognized as a rising star and she took a leave of absence and delivered a healthy daughter.  The Duchess has been paying for raising and educating Jack’s 19 y/o natural daughter, because she felt that she was responsible for Willow’s birth by making sure Jack kept Ondine satisfied and away from her husband who had insisted she stay the week thinking he would recover and have his way with her.

Back channel conversations: With Her Grace alerting call before she came to give me the news about Jacks relationship with Ondine and Willow and that they were going to ask me to take her under my wing I has several days to absorb the news beforehand otherwise I wouldn’t have been nearly as calm as I appeared to be during my meeting with Jack’s family. I also had time to talk with a friend on the coaching staff of the RB to get her opinion of Willow and found that while she is highly regarded technically her ‘strong attraction’ to men while not affecting her work has caused friction with other female dancers. She said that Ondine was also highly sexed, but was far more discreet and career oriented so a permanent arrangement like marriage is of no interest to her, So “the apple didn’t fall far from the tree”. I thought to myself that Willow would have to be highly sexed to fit in with my girls so perhaps everything would work out.

The request: Jack and Ondine, supported by Fiona and Her Grace asked that I accept Willow as another of my Wards and allow her to live with Odette, Odile, Cyndi and Bea in my home and under my supervision and dance with my company. Of course with the exception of Bea they are all 18 or older so technically they are adults. However, living with me and because of the access to sensual delights of all kinds to which I can grant access not to mention the difficulty I can cause if I’m not obeyed, my Wards are obedient. Willow agreed she would too.

The reason: But there had to be something more. Why would Willow want to dance with my company and train with me to expand and improve her skills? I was incredulous, give up dancing with the RB! Given her extensive professional ballet experience and my training specialties that could only mean one thing, she wants to attend ‘coital college’, escort training. Now why should she want that? Is it to be able to best her competition for one of the handsome, titled and rich men who pursue young RB dancers? Willow blushed fetchingly as her mom explained that while confident around women Willow needs to work with more men who aren’t ballet dancers. So she and Jack had thought having her take escort training would be a confidence course for her while being as safe as it’s possible to be with a young woman’s health and security.

Then in an excess of candor, the truth emerged. Willow let it slip that she had become a discipline problem to the RB because of the number of men she was with and the risks she was taking, not to mention her marking some of the male dancers buttocks and backs with her Fouganza schooling riding crop during encounters. Ahhh, sadistic tendencies.  So it became immediately apparent that Willow was being sent into exile in the Colonies, at least temporarily, and I was being asked to supervise another hypersexual young woman while she fucks her way through the ranks of male escort candidates as she hones her skills. Go figure!  Perhaps she will get over her extreme need for unprotected sex or perhaps not. Either way I’m good with that. Willow reminds me of my need for men when I was her age. The difference for me now is that I can have as many and whenever I want.

When I talked with her later privately she said Jack had talked to her about me and that she wanted “to meet and study with the woman who has captured my father’s heart” which I thought was sweet and if it proves to be genuine will gave her some points with me. When I heard Willow say that I blushed as no one in the family had ever discussed Jacks interest in me in my presence, except Himself who told me he was opposed to Jack marrying me, though Jack hasn’t asked me. 

So the plan is that Willow, after an audition where my dancers can see the talent she will bring to our troupe will join my company as a Guest Artist just in time for the Holidays. She can also audit courses at UNLV time permitting as she works her way through the male escort candidates to slake her sexual appetite and broaden her physical skills as Cyndi has done. The assurance of the other women present that that they were all supportive of what Willow wants, given that they were exiling her for her own good,  was amazing, not to mention droll, but I tried to keep a straight face as I accepted another girl who if what I’ve heard is true should fit right in. Or should until she gets over her hypersexuality, or we can channel that into making her a performer with her own act.

Cyndi changes her mind: Actually, with the addition of Willow the number of my wards will remain the same, four; Bea, Odette, Odile and Willow. That’s because Cyndi had already decided that she will be leaving in December and will attend Trinity College Cambridge where Taryn is studying rather than Oxford as she had thought she wanted earlier. The paperwork for Cambridge has been completed and her late entry for the Spring 2014 semester has been approved. As I’ve mentioned before there are advantages of having a grandfather who is a Duke. So when Fiona mentioned Cyndi’s cutting short her gap year it didn’t catch me unaware.

Afterward: After the discussion was over and I’d accepted Willow into my circle I had my girls, Bea, Cyndi, Odette and Odile come in and sit with the adults while I told them that we would have a new girl entering our circle and introduced Willow and told them a bit about her background. Cyndi, Odette and Odile all looked at each other and said in unison, “Ohhh, so that’s who you are! Is that cool or what! Welcome!” and giggled which left me puzzled until Cyndi said Willow had been a new student in Yardley’s Ballet class that afternoon, a 19 y/o Brit-chick who was such a marvelous dancer and who quickly made friends and fit right in in a notoriously clannish group.  What a great start!


  1. Of course, if you were to marry Jack, Willow would be your step-daughter. I hope you and she can get along well as she learns all the tips and tricks you can impart on her. But then again, with you as her teacher,she'll do just fine.

    1. Hi Eric,

      Hi Eric,

      I’m sure we will get along. She has so much energy and just needs someone to guide her and with her interest in men I’m well qualified to take her in hand and watch her thrive.


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