Saturday, November 9, 2013

Boot Fondle fetishists

An escort Training Assistant booting up for work

Ballet, ballet-boots and antibiotics: Fluorquinolone antibiotics such as Ciprofloxacin can cause tears in tendons. For dancers the Achilles tendon is the most likely to be affected so our sports medicine doctor has forbidden their use for my dancers and for women taking our ballet and ballet boot training.

Achilles tendons and negative heeled shoes: I’ve written before about the possible shortening of Achilles tendons from being in high heels, on pointe or in ballet boots for long intervals w/o exercising to stretch these tendons. But since I’m writing about ballet boots I’m going to  mention it again. For my circle who are on pointe for long intervals and ballet boot trainees it’s important when out of pointes and BBs that we all wear negative heel shoes to stretch our Achilles tendons as well doing stretching exercises.

Fondle fetishists: The swan twins are being stalked by two guys in their mid twenties. I first noticed it at Gepettos when Odette and Odile were being fitted for their ballet boots. The men were there with two women of about their age who were considering being fitted and they tried on several pairs of sample boots before deciding they were too expensive., The guys with them seemed to be concentrating on the twins not the girls they came with which aroused my curiosity. Then we saw the girls again in Naughty’s Boot Bar when the twins were having their boot cherries harvested. This time they were wearing lovely $800 British ballet boots and again the men were paying far more attention to Odette and Odile than to their dates much to their date’s disgust. The twins say they have seen the guys in the cafeteria on campus at UNLV, but they don’t seem to be students and they show up regularly at Yardley’s ballet boot classes which the stalkers girlfriends take. 

The twins took the guys pic with their iPhones while seeming to be taking selfies and we had our security identify them. They are the twin sons of a rival casino owner. They graduated from an Ivy-League school this past summer and work for their father in his Casino-Resort here on the Strip. At that point I decided to have a closer look at them and so I became a ‘boot-mom’ as a spectator at several of Yardley’s ballet boot stamina class, held in an encounter salle where visitors are behind a mirror so they won’t distract the students. There the guys seem to be deeply into their girlfriend’s boots and I watched them doing minor cleaning of the laces, oiling their date’s dry set of boots and then after the mid-class boot change, licking their damp toe pads and smelling the boots damp with estrogenic sweat.

But when they talked about the students it was about the twins amazing stamina and how few leg cramps they had compared to the other girls in class and when they watched the women they watched the twins and cast covetous eyes on the twins boot bags while wondering aloud if they were wearing training balls in boot class.  The girls avoid leg cramps by staying well hydrated replacing vitamins, minerals and electrolytes with sports drinks and eating bananas. The stamina comes from long hours of training so that a 90 minute boot class doesn’t leave them so leg-weary they have to take their boots off immediately or with cramping calves. Now that the twins have been on their training regimen under my supervision for two months they have been able to graduate from wearing 1.0 inch solid Pyrex balls (each ball weighing .65 oz.) to 1.0 inch solid steel balls like the rest of us (Bea, Cyndi, Anya, Yardley and me) during ballet and boot training classes. A 1.0 inch solid surgical steel ball weighs 2.153 oz., about 4.3 oz. for the set of two which because they are a quarter of a pounds we call our ‘McBalls’. And we all wear diaphragms the type depending on where we are in our cycles, menstrual or fertile or if we are training to avoid (Reflexions flat spring) or promote (Ortho All-Flex arcing spring) under-thrusting the rim.

I’m not particularly concerned about the age difference between the swan twins and their stalkers as the girls are very sophisticated and work with escort candidates that age. What I am concerned about is the guy’s absolute fascination with the women’s ballet boots. So I’m thinking these guys and perhaps their father - because I’ve heard (from Adolph who knows about these things) he is kinky in his private life - have an acute fetish-fantasy about women in ballet boots and are scouting talent for their fantasies. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but the only other example of an ardent boot fondler that I know of is Adolph and he can be extremely perverse!  So I’m waiting for the guys, who I’ll call Castor and Pollux, The Gemini, to introduce themselves to the twins which I expect to be soon.

An expected proposition: Actually, what should happen and I’m almost certain that It will, is that Castor and Pollux will come to me to ask permission, since it’s well known in the fetish community that I’m the swan twins dominant and Mistress in all things, before approaching them as I’m convinced that the Gemini want more than just to date them. Their father knows how business relationships in the trade are conducted so I’m sure he has counseled them to explain their interest in two of the most beautiful and talented girls at UNLV, what they would expect from them and get my permission before they approach my girls. Should I say no the Gemini would be forbidden from approaching the girls. I’ve negotiated with their father before so he has surely alerted his sons that I’m a tough negotiator and I don’t play games.  

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