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Cunt Crushers: Winning fights in ballet boots

An inexpensive pair of patent leather ballet boots

The Photo: The patent ballets above have heels of the right height for standing and walking in, but the platforms can’t take much standing on before they begin to collapse especially if the woman weighs more than 100 lbs.  

Ballet boot fights: Occasionally ballet boot wearers will get into scuffles with each other while out clubbing and men love to watch because there is the possibility of serious injury which appeals to the sadistic and misogynistic tendencies in a lot of men who like watching women in ballet boots. When physical contact can’t be avoided the smart thing to do is to destroy an opponent’s ability to stand in her boots as quickly as possible w/o injury to yourself. Usually experienced BB wearers, women actually comfortable walking in them, will be wearing better quality boots and the better made they are the harder they are to destroy. If an opponent is wearing boots other than from Gepettos the easiest thing to do is attack the boots weakest point, where the heel is fastened to the boot.  Gepettos lightly armored boots with spider filament laces – more about the laces later - have no weak points when compared to commercially available boots so if both women are in Gepettos boots the woman with the most strength, stamina and skill will usually win. If at all possible it’s best to avoid fighting an adversary who is wearing a pair of Gepettos BBs unless you know you can win.

Heel breaker: A downward lateral blow to the top of the heel on a commercial ballet boot will often break off the heel ripping the nails or screws out of the heel causing it to come lose or fall off. The blow is easy for a trained dancer to perform with the working leg turned out at the hip so the heel of the working leg doesn’t hit the floor and ruin the accuracy and power of the blow.  If the heel breaker is done correctly and the opponent’s heel is trapped in a carpet or soft wood floor it might also break her ankle even if it doesn’t break the heel off her boot.  Breaking a heel or an opponent’s ankle will have her on her knees or back and is a lot safer that getting close enough to slit her laces where she can use her hands to pound your breasts or pull your hair.

Cunt crushers: A man watching two very experienced ballet boot wearers fight while in ballet boots called their boots ‘Cunt Crushers’ because of the way one was using her boots to attack her opponents pelvis. That slang for ballet boots seems to have been quickly accepted by the serious boot wearing community at least around here and in Gepettos training classes. While graphic the name hasn’t seemed to cause any prospective boot purchasers to take up wearing other fetish footwear.

Actually, a Cunt Crusher is a vicious blow delivered by the instep of a ballet boot that should actually be called a cunt scraper, but the alliteration was too good to pass up. So now the slang for any well made ballet heels is ‘cunt crushers’, especially when fought in. A cunt crusher blow is one where a fighter thrusts her booted instep covered with lacing hooks up into the gap between an opponents thighs and against her pelvis, then withdraws it quickly while maintaining the upward pressure. That causes the hooks on her boot to catch in the crotch of her opponents fishnets and rip it out, often along with bits of soft tissue from her labia. The cunt scraping move is a lot easer for an experienced dancer to perform than it is to describe because she has the ability to balance on both the platform and heel of the boot on her standing leg while she scrapes across her opponent’s vulva with the lace hooks on the boot during withdrawal of her working foot. As with breaking an opponent’s heel(s) it’s a fight ending maneuver, but far more brutal and far less used because it takes greater skill, strength and excellent balance than breaking off a heel.

A cunt crusher can also be far more dangerous to the woman who is the recipient of the blow. That’s because some boot brawlers sharpen the edges of their lacing hooks so when they perform a cunt crusher the sharpened hook edges will tear easily through an opponents fishnets rather than getting caught in the nylon webbing. However, there has been at least one fatality from a cunt crusher when sharpened hooks were twisted during withdrawal, when a recipient’s natural response is to clench her thighs, and it cut her femoral artery. She bled to death. Wearing a Penetrator plug under fishnets and hidden by the absorbent crotch gusset will protect the vulva, but is no defense against sharpened laces hooks that when twisted during withdrawal will slice into thighs and could cut a femoral artery.

When fighting in Gepettos fully hooked boots (the standard fastening arrangement which allows the fastest adjustment when donning boots) placing the instep hard against an opponents pelvis the first hook sets will rip out the crotch gusset and allow the lower sets of hooks to imbed in the delicate tissue of her opponents labia and clitoris to shred her vulva destroying her sexual identity as the boot is quickly withdrawn. A properly executed cunt crusher blow is psychologically  as well as physically devastating as it requires reconstruction of the shredded vulva and no women I know who have been the victims of a successful cunt crusher attack have ever worn ballet boots again even in the bedroom.

To try to avoid presenting an opening for an opponent to deliver a cunt crusher knowledgeable ballet boot wearer’s realize they are vulnerable when directly facing an opponent when fighting and close enough for an adversary to get her boot hooks against her vulva, which explains why women in cunt crushers, even when talking with friends, rarely face each other directly, but stand at an angle with a hip forward in a defensive stance. This stance is stressed in training classes, but also seems to occur naturally from the subconscious urge for self preservation.  

Spider filament laces: In an earlirer post I extolled the advantages of wearing titanium alloy laces in Gepettos ballet boots.  There was a down side as the laces were difficult to adjust and hard to clean. Jeff at Labia Labs has just produced synthetic spider silk that is wonderfully flexible and light while as strong as steel and when woven into boot laces can be as easily tied as typical cloth laces while being virtually impossible to cut, which could be a problem if the EMTs were trying to cut an injured fighter out of her boots, but otherwise a huge plus from a wear or fighting standpoint.  

So Bea, Cyndi, Yardley, Anya and I spent several hours yesterday afternoon replacing all the titanium laces in our ballet boots with spider filament laces. I know it’s probably my imagination, but the boots feel lighter and the laces are such a pleasure to tie. I experimented with a training dummy trying to use my lace slitter heels to cut the spider filament laces on its boots and couldn’t do it which was personally comforting; I just hope spider filament laces don’t become generally available. 

Adolph’s Halloween party: I was CD14 and ovulated on October 31st and had an exhausting, but amazing time with several of my favorite men at his party. I had intended to write about the party today, but there were some complications, he seems to be missing at least two girls who disappeared during the festivities and says he’s not sure where they are. They are two lovely young Eastern European ballet dancers supposedly in the U.S. on green cards both of whom were working as dive assistants in his deep water training facility. There are rumors that both may be pregnant. Adolph has a long record of impregnating his women assistants so if true that wouldn’t be unusual.

A disquieting aspect of their disappearance is that he had the wood chipper going, running pigs through it to see the horror on guest’s faces as the gore spewed from the chipper, so it’s not entirely certain that one or both didn’t disappear that way, although he promised he wouldn’t do that again. The guests were standing in raincoats on the output side of the chipper watching the blood, shredded flesh and bits of bone splatter against a polyurethane tarp and slide into a large vat so I don’t think anyone would have known the difference if two 110 pound women went through the chipper with the noise it was making, unless some one was hit with scraps of a latex catsuit or possibly part of a diaphragm spring since both girls had Reflexions flat springs inserted for flood control as they were to perform a demonstration dive later in the evening. When they didn’t show up for their performance was when Adolph discovered they were missing. They are still being searched for.


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