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ballet boot abortions, kitting out Willow

A medium quality Pleaser boot with a 7” heel suitable for light ballet-sex training

Getting Willow kitted out: The morning after the family meeting I had time to take Willow around to make sure she got kitted out properly and introducer to my friends. The main areas I concentrated on were:

Her Gyn visit: We went to the large Women’s Clinic where I fit diaphragms and she had her pelvic exam, full STI panel, was fitted for a Reflexions FS diaphragm, a 70mm, a 22mm FemCap and had a GyneFix copper IUD implanted all taken care of by Chris our male Gyn who goes with us on trips. Chris also fit her for a custom Penetrator plug that my circle and I find useful to wear when around men who want to grope us, keeping their fingers out of our vaginas. Chris is such a good man to know for women as sexually active with multiple partners as my circle and I are. Willow has had all three of her Gardasil HPV vaccine shots so she is good there and has a lovely deep post-pubic vault Ideal for diaphragms and Ben Wa balls and her cervix enters her vagina at just the right angle that FemCap is a perfect fit.

Slit Kit: I got her a Coach cosmetic case at Nordstrom’s to use as a fitted slit kit and we filled it with Japanese super sheer condoms in several sizes, A ten-pack of prefilled 10ml disposable applicators of DiveGel+ (with 4% Octoxynol-9) and a small Diva cup ,her diaphragm, FemCap, four sets of Ben Wa balls: 1.0 inch solid Pyrex and .75, 1.0 and i.25 inch solid stainless steel balls as well as a place to store her Penetrator plug.  

Ballet-boots: After her Gyn visit she was feeling well enough that we went to Gepetto’s to have her measured for the standard four pairs of lightly armored ballet boots with lace splitter heels and spider filament laces to replace the fine quality heavy English leather BBs she brought with her. The English boots would be fine for training, but are unarmored so are a safety hazard if worn in public to fetish clubs here in town.

Pointe shoes: Our Freed rep is in town so after a consultation with the rep and verifying Willow’s measurements against the specs on her special order Classics she trains and performs in. I had Willow place an order for two dozen pairs since with a small troupe like mine she will be in pointes an en pointe much of the time she is performing. Performers feet change over time so it’s a good idea to be sure the old measurements are still good before ordering special order shoes that can’t be returned.

Ballet boot abortions: We are seeing 16 and 17 y/o high school girls coming in for abortions after having sex in ballet boots. These are wannabes for ballet sex whose feet and ankles aren’t strong enough to support them on their toes to be able to wear traditional pointes, even Gaynors while being inseminated. The glutes and pelvic floor muscles aren’t clenched as tight as when balanced over the blocks in pointes, but a wannabe can’t tell the difference and if she’s not sufficiently aroused or lubricated she is tight enough to burst or pull off her trainer’s condom. All the chicks who have come to us for terminations claim to have been impregnated during ballet boot training and said they were on some form of hormonal contraception.

However, they were all taking meds that reduced the effectiveness of their protection or had forgotten to take their pills. Two are on antiseizure meds one was on an antibiotic for a sinus infection and three were on diet pills that speed up metabolism and flush out the protective hormones too quickly and one had forgotten to start a new pack of pills on time. There are a lot of overweight teens who are on weight reduction meds who apparently don’t realize their hormonal birth control is often compromised by their weight loss pills. All had vacuum aspirations and ParaGard copper IUDs inserted. Both of the ballet schools that were offering boot-sex classes paid for the terminations and IUD placements. The school that had the antibiotic and two antiseizure meds failures is still in business as it is part of a larger organization. The smaller ballet school that had the weight loss pills and missed pills pregnancies has, thankfully, gone out of business.  I’m betting the remaining school either closes or continues to have unplanned pregnancies during ballet boot training from poor sexual health protocols. The only good news is that the pregnancies were caught early between six and eight weeks because when they missed their pill periods the girls began testing right away.

Pleaser ballet boots with 7 inch heels: The boot-chick wannabes that take these classes are often overweight and wear poorly fitting boots leading to frequent boot injuries. A medium quality (getting started) pair for ballet-sex is Pleaser’s 7” heels in flat black that can take a good bit of standing in before the toe boxes begin to collapse and they are reasonably priced at about $225 USD or so. (When this was written) But fit is everything so buyers should definitely try them on before buying and get a size smaller than what seems a good fit because like pointes they need to be very tight. In the case of ballet-boots they should be laced very tight across the instep for support to prevent the toes slipping very far into the toe box and the ankles laced tight to minimize the likelihood of sprained or broken ankles from an ankle giving way and falling off pointe.

Very few St Lucy’s girls and none of the local wannabes can afford Gepetto’s ballet boots so good leather English boots are worn by St Lucy’s girls while Pleaser (or Devious, which are cheaper, but not as good) are what the wannabes wear.  Of course with both Pleaser and Devious boots inseminated standard laces are time consuming to clean and restring clean laces in the four sets of grommets after each class, As a result semen stained laces are considered normal on a wannabe’s boots. Perhaps it’s because newbies think being worshiped in their boots that way is a thrill and are flaunting it!  

Boot maintenance: Actually, I’m not sure boot oiling and laces cleaning is taught at schools other than ours because I’ve seen small groups of ballet boot wannabes at Panera where the girls and I go for lunch and the first thing the two groups do is look at each other’s boots. I’ve never seen a pair of commercial leather ballet boots worn by wannabes that have been oiled and many wannabes haven’t brushed the flakes of dried semen out of their laces. Once one girl’s laces were so smelly from recent built up that there was a strong scent of estrogenic sweat and decaying semen. I took her aside and spoke to her about it and she seemed appreciative that I mentioned that sort of sent was only useful in boot clubs when trolling for men where the wearer needed to be seen as a player.  Panera and other local casual restaurants around town are boot friendly locations so fetishists who are confident about our kinks often wear them there as well as to the grocery and pharmacy.

St Lucy’s ballet boot training:  St Lucy’s offers ballet-sex training in ballet boots for advanced ballet students 16 y/o and older, but we are very protective of their sexual health making sure they have had all their Gardasil shots and ensure they aren’t taking meds or supplements that reduce the effectiveness of their hormonal contraceptives. Returning readers will recall that at St Lucy’s the Nuns stress personal responsibility so each student is responsible for her own contraception. As a consequence all male training associates working with students during approved sexual training are very potent and work unprotected to motivate the students to make certain their contraceptive method is effective. Fortunately most sexually active students at St Lucy’s have had copper GyneFix IUDs implanted so they cycle naturally and can enjoy the ebb and flow of their natural hormones.

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