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Ballet boot worship

Lacing detail on an inexpensive pair of ballet boots

The photo: A pair of inexpensive ballet heels showing the grommet and hook lacing detail into which most boot worshipers try to ejaculate. Dating a boot worshiper makes cleaning ones boots time consuming and tedious (using an old toothbrush a soft cloth and Obenauf's Leather Oil) since to do it correctly the laces have to be removed and replaced with a clean set and the fasteners and tongues have to have all the flakes of dried semen removed and the leather thoroughly oiled to remove any stains and buildup that might smell of decomposing male secretions.   

The Swan twins as Boot Goddesses: Odette is primarily a submissive, but will switch for the right man, while Odile is primarily a dominant, but will also switch for a man she’s particularly interested in.  I’ve related how the Gemini, Castor and Pollux, have been stalking the Swan twins. Things came to a head the other day when they came to see me at work. It was lunch time and they caught me at a time where I had hoped to have a quiet hour to myself. They couldn’t get past security of course, but when I saw them on the monitor I recognized them immediately, even though neither was fondling a sweat soaked ballet boot, and had them escorted to my office.

The Gemini are sexually submissive, but you would never know it from their business dealings as they are shrewd and aggressive businessmen even as young as they are. But their father had coached them (he called me) suggesting his sons come to me before approaching the Swan twins because he knows I’m like a mother bear, extremely protective of her cubs, so their task was to get my permission to offer the swan twins the place of honor in a fetish temple to ballet boots, as Boot Goddesses.

As they envisioned the temple it would have very few worshipers (“Boot Knights”) limited to those (men only) who have such a profound love of ballet boots and the women who can wear them confidently that each has successfully completed a dangerous boot quest and brought back talismans of success. I’m thinking that would be an interesting group of men to know. I probably know some already from their frequenting of Pirate’s stable of ballet boot chicks and Naughty’s Boot Bar, but it would be helpful to identify the hard-core ballet heels worshipers so we could target them for ancillary services.

I was intrigued by the idea, as were Odette and Odile when I discussed it with them, but my concern was that with all the pointe, ballet boot and escort training in addition to their academic work would the twins have the time to be Boot Goddesses as well.  Part of the time problem might be minimized by allowing boot worshipers access to the visitor’s gallery of the encounter salle in which Yardley trains her advanced ballet boot class. As the twins believe there is no more erotic footwear than ballet boots and they adore being admired for their skill in the boots as well as their looks. But if we did that there would have to be some way of separating Boot Knights sniffing and fondling a sweaty boot or sucking on a toe pad from any boot-moms chauffeuring their daughters. That turned out to be a non-starter since mixing the two groups was inconceivable and separate viewing rooms wasn’t an option.

Laces insemination: In addition to watching the Boot Goddesses train another part of a Boot Goddesses responsibility would be to devote private time to each male worshiper so he could inseminate the Goddesses boot laces leaving hundreds of millions of his sperm soaking her laces as a token of his devotion while asking for her blessing in all things sexual with other women. Readers will quickly recognize a disconnect in the Gemini’s reasoning (as it was explained to me) as they know their Goddess is sexually active with other men, but that aspect of the Goddess/Whore conundrum is ignored and a Boot Goddess is worshiped only for her skill in ballet boots and looks and assumed to be sexually beyond reach of the individual Boot Knight. At least that’s the way it is supposed to work.

Courtly love and Boot Knights: As the Gemini explained the status of a Boot Goddess; it is modeled loosely on the feudal relationship between a knight and women within his liege lord’s family. The knight serves his courtly lady (love service) with the same obedience and loyalty which he owes to his liege lord. She is in complete control of the love relationship, while he owes her obedience and submission (a literary convention that did not correspond to actual practice!) The knight's love for the lady inspires him to do great deeds, in order to be worthy of her love or to win her favor. Thus "courtly love" was originally construed as an ennobling force whether or not it was consummated, and even whether or not the lady knew about the knight's love or loved him in return. The "courtly love" relationship typically was not between husband and wife, not because the poets and the audience were inherently immoral, but because it was an idealized sort of relationship that could not exist within the context of "real life" medieval marriages.

The Gemini’s version of Boot Knights and Courtly Love is similar, but is overlaid with the individual Boot Knight’s fascination with if not addiction to ballet boots and the women who wear them an addiction that in most cases must remain hidden from the Boot Knight’s real lives that could include wives and children. The Boot Goddess is in control of what favors she will bestow upon the Knights paying her court. Penis/vaginal intercourse (PVI) being the most highly prized of her favors with cunnilingus and drinking her fertile cervical mucus (FCM) or menstrual flow from the dome of her diaphragm being lesser, but highly sought after favors from a Goddess.

Human nature being what it is I can see individual men having a difficult time remaining within the limitations of Courtly Love only inseminating the twins boot laces. Because wearing ballet boots brings out the most sensual behavior in both Knight and Goddess I could see their male worshipers exhausting themselves in fits of masturbatory madness even after taking performance enhancing medications. And of course there will eventually be some worshipers who will try to take their worship to the next level where pregnancy, regardless of how long the odds, can at least be more realistically fantasized about.

For the swan twins the possibility of pregnancy would be very slight since they have copper GyneFix IUDs implanted, but their worshipers would all have to be screened for STIs since cunilingus would be a  common favor level and unprotected PVI a possibility if a Boot Knight was particularly charming or forgot his vow of obedience to the Goddess he worships and in a fit of passion mounts her.

Safety and security: After I heard the Gemini’s proposal I told them that I would let them know my answer in due course. I thought more about it and then talked their proposal over with Odette and Odile. While the twins academic and training schedules could make room for their responsibilities as Boot Goddesses that would leave no time for trips to the UK for their work as Druid Goddesses in training or trips to Virgin Gorda both important intervals when we need time to relax from hectic schedules here in the U.S.

Worse however was the risk of the twin’s health from STIs and safety from predatory men being covertly inserted in the membership of Boot Knights by ineffective screening (it being out of my control) for predatory behavior as well as STIs. Should anything happen to either of them no explanation would be satisfactory. I’m certain that Paul (their father) would kill me so I’m not about to risk their safety or mine that way.

Odette, Odile and I unanimously agreed that while it was an honor to be asked to be Boot Goddesses in an elite standalone secret society of boot worshipers the risks were too great. So at a brief face to face meeting between the two sets of twins and Yardley and I we thanked them for their offer, but said no. And really, as training assistants to the male escort candidates the girls already are getting more boot worship and semen in their laces than is good for eighteen year-old women regardless of how sophisticated they are. They love having that sort of power over men and I worry about it going to their heads.

However, the idea of an elite ballet boot fetish group is not dead. I’m going to use parts of the Gemini’s business case, modified to include enhanced health and security screening to start an elite boot worshiping society within the structure of Naughty’s Boot Bar so my casino and clinic can control the entire screening process of all Boot Knight candidates and where (time permitting) Odette and Odile might perform as Boot Goddesses.





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