Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving 2013: Wishing all my special friends (you know who you are) and readers the happiest of Holidays!

We are celebrating at my place: I’m having everyone at my place again this year. It will be Cyndi’s last as a resident so the couples will be: 1 Fiona (Cyndi’s mom) and Maj. Colin Tree. 2 Ondine, (Willow’s mom) is coming and Jacques, Gigi’s father and a former lover of mine, who thinks sex with ballet dancers is exquisite, will be her partner. Then there will be, 3 Cyndi & Chris (our male Gyn), 4 His Grace and Marie-Claude a member of my ballet troupe and former Paris Opera Ballet dancer. I put Marie-Claude with him because he thinks a French accent is sexy and doesn’t need his performance enhancing med when he’s fucking a French girl. The things a procuress needs to know! Go figure! Then there are, 5 Pirate and Yardley, 6 Adolph and Abigail (the manager of The Lorelei), 7&8 Odette and Odile (With the Gemini, Castor and Pollux who have been ardent in their continuing pursuit of the Swan twins) and 9 Jack and me.

His Grace, Jack, Ondine, Fiona and Major Tree arrived Monday afternoon aboard Limnaea from the UK ahead of the weather expected in the east for Thanksgiving. They stopped at Dulles to pick up Fiona and Colin and refuel.  His Grace is supplying venison steaks and I’m providing bison steaks as well as the traditional turkey, stuffing, asparagus (for those who don’t want to participate in oral sex after dinner), candied yams and hot mince or pumpkin pie with ice-cream. His grace specifically asked for green olives stuffed with pimento as he says they “put lead in his pencil.”! The old bull!

The meal is being prepared in my commercial grade kitchen with chefs and waitstaff from the casino (on their own time and paid overtime) to cook and serve. There will be the usual football games on TV and intimate jollity, which I’m hoping to restrict to land based games as swimming and diving on a full stomach and after drinking alcohol can be hazardous to your health even in the traditional 15 ft deep pool. However, I’m having a Divemaster at each pool in case someone insists on using a pool immediately after eating.

Again, happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you. Hopefully, my girlfriend will be in the States with me by the time the next Holiday season comes around.

    1. Hi Eric! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

      I hope you're right and that your girlfriend will be all you hope for and in the U.S. this time next year.


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