Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Toe pads and their uses

Some of the toe pads I wear with pointe shoes and ballet boots.

The photo: Shows a selection of my toe pads: gel Bloch and Bunheads (Ouch Pouch), wool and the blue Eurotard elastic polymer. The Eurotard pads tear easily and are very hot. I prefer the Ouch Pouch which I change when I change pointes if I’m wearing Gaynor Mindens because the polymer blocks make the feet sweat so much more than the paste and hessian blocks of my performance shoes, Freed Classics.

Toe pads uses other than for toe protection:  

Souvenirs/favors: Toe pads make great souvenirs for giving by dancers in strip shows where the dancers have multiple shoe changes especially where they are using crossed elastics and not ribbons for speed changes in contemporary ballets. Tossing soggy toe pads one at a time into the audience can cause a riot with guys fighting one another for the talisman of a favorite stripper. Toe pads are a lot cheaper than giving away a pair of pointe shoes regardless of how dead they are as the shoes can always be worn for class and rehearsals. And the lucky guys can slip the pads in their pockets to fondle or suck on at their leisure rather than getting strange looks while carrying a pointe shoe around in the casino.  Commercial priced Bunheads are about $20 USD per pair and Eurotard is about $17 USD per pair. However, buying Ouch Pouch pads in bulk we get a deep discount.

Ejaculation cups: The Eurotard and similar pads of elastic polymer can be used when a dancer or her Dom wants her in pointes with her toes submerged in his semen. For this use they work better in ballet boots since as long as the wearer’s boots are vertical with the platforms pointing down the semen won’t spill as it does when worn in pointe shoes and the wearer isn’t on her toes.

The down side of this for the inseminated pads wearing dancer is that her pads are already soaked with fluid so prolonged wear can soften the calluses of a professional dancer which can be a problem if they soften to the point that they begin to slough off and leave her w/o sufficient callus build up for a busy performance schedule w/o taping her toes. It’s usually not worth the trouble for a professional to let a lover inseminate her toe pads before a performance even if there will be a quick shoe change and dry pads after a few minutes on her toes.

Doms into gags: Doms can use a Sub’s sweaty pads as a gag using her alignment belt or TheraBand tied around her head and open mouth to hold the pads in place while he fucks her brains out.

Submissives into toe cheese: A Submissive man into women’s scent and secretions can suck the sweat and her unique brand of toe cheese (dead skin cells, nail polish chips, toe-tape adhesive residue and tights lint occasionally fortified by puss or blood from a blister or spiced by the tang of liniment) out of a pair of freshly worn pads especially if his mistress was wearing Gaynors so her pads are very soggy with estrogenic sweat.

TheraBands: One of a dancer’s rarely mentioned exercise tools is the TheraBand. It’s a 4 inch wide latex strip, a resistive exercise band that comes in 8 color coded resistance levels. I always have a green or blue TheraBand in my dance bag so I can do ankle exercises while I’m sitting on the floor waiting my turn to rehearse or on a plane flying somewhere. We generally cut our Thera-bands in 9 foot lengths.  

Spring Mountains snow: As this was being written (on 11-23-2013, Saturday afternoon) it was snowing in the higher elevations of the Spring Mountains while it was in the low 40s and raining here in town. In the 40s is good weather to wear latex and leather as the clubs can drop their temps w/o using a/c by decreasing heating and just piping in outside air. Since they were calling for temps in the low 50s and rain the next day too we could have had significant accumulation in the mountains. Fortunately the snow line was well above my home, but there was sleet at home and tricky getting home from work. My Subaru Forrester with AWD is good on the roads but ice is scary. It’s all gone now except for snow an area of the peaks north of Mt. Charleston.


  1. Just curious , do you have damage to your feet from dancing?

    1. Over the years I’ve had ankle and foot injuries, but I’m fortunate that I have been able to fully recover from them all, so far. Of course at my age it takes me longer to warm up for a performance or to dance full out during a rehearsal. So, right now I just have the usual aches and pains of any athlete.

      Warming up is critical and wearing negative heel shoes to stretch the Achilles tendons since I am en pointe in pointe shoes or ballet boots so much. Icing my feet to reduce the swelling after a long day in pointes or ballet boots is a huge help in being comfortable after removing restrictive pointe footwear.


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