Friday, June 6, 2014

Long Tom and a super-elastic vagina

One of my front closure diving bras in which I can breastfeed

The Photo: An open front zip reveals structured cups that clip together (double bagging the girls) for a maximum-support sport bra that’s easy to put on and take off. Of lined neoprene mesh its perfect for running, diving, KP-boot fighting and other high-impact activities. The outer coverage is great for wearing under wetsuits or buoyancy vests while the zip and clip closures allow almost immediate access for ANR feeding encounters.

Long Tom and an elastic vagina: In my last entry ‘K-valves, burst disks and asphyxiation dive-sex’ posted on June 2nd I was singing the praises of the male porn star ‘Long Tom’ Spencer who along with his co-star ‘Juicy Breeder’ is currently performing in a porn video being shot in Lost Cove. I’ve been helping him keeping up his stamina by being available and coincidently looking a lot like Juicy except that I have red hair, but it’s covered by my hood while diving, so with my hair covered I’m easily mistaken for her though I have slightly smaller breasts. But when I’m wearing my diving bra with its comfy push-up look no one can really tell.

It’s obvious that Tom is sweet on her and their sexual chemistry is absolutely amazing. He hasn’t called me Juicy, yet, but I know he’s fantasizing about her while he is getting off inside me.  I don’t really care since I’m not nearly as emotionally into him even though he’s very deeply into me. I’m working on Jack’s father (the old bull) to get his permission to marry him. Jack and I are wonderfully compatible sexually since we both enjoy having sex with others. Long Tom is especial fun since he tests the elasticity limit of my vagina. Not only is he marvelously thick, but is, as his stage name implies, amazingly long. So long in fact that, in porn scenes he’s never shown so deep in a partner that his pelvis is against her mons pubis or perineum, except when he’s drilling Juicy. Here in the cove with the six Cambridge women boat crew, my four wards; the swan twins, Willow and Bea, and Anya and me as well as Juicy only Juicy and I can safely take all of him in missionary.

In my case I know how long he is and when fully aroused and tented after he fills me and his glans is up in my anterior fornix I just imagine I can take the bit still outside and I’ve been able to take all of him with breath control and thinking erotic thoughts of him actually impregnating me which seems to give me the extra few centimeters of depth I need to comfortably take him even when he is thrusting hard against my pubic bone. It’s an amazing ability and it makes the difference between ecstasy and being doubled over in excruciating pain with torn ligaments from the powerful thrusts of a man too long for his partner. I’m so pleased that I can do what so many other women would kill to be able to do and so few actually can, which is to enjoy all of what Long Tom has to offer w/o being severely injured during the encounter.

Long Tom on a woman’s responsibility for contraception: Being in the sex trade Tom has some expectations about his and a partner’s health.  First on any responsible sex worker’s must list is that all his partners, be free of STIs since the men all work unprotected and none have been snipped so all are shooting live loads. Actually, that’s a bragging point for male porn stars as to how potent they are.  The other imperative is that Tom feels no responsibility if his co-star becomes preggers by him. It’s up to female porn stars to take the necessary precautions to protect their fertility and prevent an accidental pregnancy. It’s ever been that way and with the men working unprotected and continuously fertile it will continue to be that way.  

I have to say I agree with the men on this as I can’t imagine trusting a man to not want to make me pregnant, unless he’s gay and then he just doesn’t care. I say that because so many of my partners have admitted it’s a fantasy of theirs when having sex with me. Plus I find it hugely erotic knowing that I’m having sex with a man who, if I’m not careful, will impregnate me though I think most women sex workers knowing about that common male fantasy are more concerned  rather than turned on by the possibility.

The most intimate female dive gear:  I’ve tried to teach Bea, Willow and the Swan twins, Odette and Odile, that they can not afford to chance unprotected dive-sex with a man even though they all have stringless copper GyneFix IUDs implanted so should generally be safe from pregnancy. However, protecting the upper reproductive tract, the cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries during dive-sex is another matter entirely.  Bea and Willow are scrupulous about using gas and flood insurance in the form of a Reflexions latex diaphragm. Odette and odile seem to intentionally forget even though Castor and Pollux, their boyfriends, love to watch them insert the most intimate of a woman’s protective dive equipment a flat spring latex diaphragm and love feeling the stimulator during sex.  I’m concerned the girl’s carelessness will lead to PID which can affect their fertility, but there is only so much I can do so I’m going with the old saying “If you won’t listen you must feel.” and hope for the best.

Cervical barriers in porn videos: Juicy says that younger girls in the trade want a contraceptive method that is easily reversible, doesn’t cause weight gain and doesn’t interrupt her natural cycles as many make a significant portion of their income from menstrual sex videos and want children after they have made some money or are set up as a mistress by one of the rich men who are porn connoisseurs and are anxious to have her for arm candy if she is clean of STIs and drugs, which can be a big if. Additionally, in face-to-face encounters with latex fetishists there is the very desirable allure of a strong scent of latex marinated in vaginal fluids and her lover’s semen. That’s why more and more young European female porn stars are switching to stringless copper GyneFix IUDs and latex diaphragms.

Using a diaphragm in a porn video provides an additional level of interest for any viewer into protective girl-gear. It’s an erotic plot element that can be used to add detail to the story by having it inserted by a lover on cam or sabotaged by the villain with a sharp fingernail while ‘helping’ the unsuspecting heroine insert her cervical protection prior to a penetrative encounter or for rough sex pulled out and stuffed in her mouth before the heroine is raped. And of course the Reflexions latex flat spring diaphragm is the safest to use in aqua-porn videos as it is the least likely to be accidently under-thrust by a mischievous partner while providing excellent heat transfer, is safe to use with silicone lube needed for underwater sex and can be used at any depth while FemCap is limited to a depth of about 30 feet by squeeze on the cervix causing extreme cramping.

As returning readers will recall Reflexions glans stimulation for very well endowed partners is accomplished with the raised size figure in a triangle in the center of the convex surface of the dome which even a Tantric master can’t successfully ignore. Meaning that if her partner can reach the dome stretched across her cervix and into her anterior fornix he will rub against the stimulator. If that happens and he doesn’t shorten his thrusts a Reflexions wearer can be certain he will inseminate her whether he intends to or not. Should a woman with a Reflexions prefer not to have the stimulator available to destroy a Tantric masters concentration and confidence she can wear the diaphragm with the dome inverted so that the stimulator is on the side facing her cervix and she can enjoy repeated orgasms as he caresses her G-spot while retaining ejaculatory control until he has exhausted her and only then will he inseminate her. 



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