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K-valves, burst disks and asphyxiation dive-sex

A cut-away view of a SCUBA tank 3000psi K-valve 

The photo: A cut-away view of a SCUBA tank K-valve showing the burst disk assembly protruding from the right hand side of the illustration. In the Sherwood 5000 K-valve, which is what we are currently using, the specially designed burst-disc assembly evenly distributes escaping air, preventing (to some extent) the tank from spinning or tipping if the burst-disc vents. However, the diver is still surprised, jerked around and left gasping without air.

Dive porn training & location shoot: The porn actress “Juicy Breeder” is working for Taryn’s porn production group and they will be videoing location scenes in the cove for the next few days. Unlike most porn stars she’s a blond with a trim balletic figure and 32C+ cup breasts so she isn’t pneumatic at all even though she is silicone enhanced. Like me she has an extremely long vagina when aroused so can take exceptionally well endowed men w/o being injured  For contraception she has a stringless ParaGard IUD inserted since she frequently performs in fisting and menstrual sex videos. However, she had never had dive-sex and wants children later, so she was anxious to be fitted with a Reflexions (she took a 80mm) for flood insurance while performing in the dive-sex scenes.

Her male Co-star, “Long Tom” Spencer, is a delight to work with once we got him past being paranoid of unprotected sex with women in my circle after we all exchanged current negative full STI panels. He is amazingly well hung and knows how to use every inch to please a woman so sex scenes with him involve very little acting and a lot of gloriously pure lust and hormonal ecstasy on the part of his lovers.

The video story line: A young competitive diver is having an affair with her trainer and she is competing with a rival and more experienced diver for her trainer’s affection. The heroine’s tank is sabotaged and ruptures during a dive-sex encounter with her trainer just prior to an important competition including her diving and romantic rival. The sabotaged tank creates a situation which exposes our heroine to new levels of danger and sexual intensity with her trainer. The Director is even going to use scenes of me breast feeding (Juicy and my nipples and areolas look quite similar) as the heroine is having to deal with lactation as a side effect of coming off hormonal contraceptive s which is something that happened to me IRL.

Burst disk asphyxiation testing: Some time ago Jack and I had been testing commercially available chemical heat-packs of various sizes which during their chemical reaction develop and sustain temperatures of approximately 54°C, or 129.2°F. When properly positioned against a relatively full 3,000 psi tank we hadn’t been able to get one or even several large heat-packs to raise the temperature (and therefore the pressure) of the gas enough to cause the burst disk to rupture and vent the tank.

So we enlisted Jeff of Labia Labs to develop a hand size industrial strength chemical hot-pack that can boil a large pan of water in a minute or so. We have tried static tests and the burst disk vented the tank submerged in cool water in less than a minute on all five HP steel tanks we tried them on. But there are safety problems since the pack can ignite fires if placed in contact with combustible material and so is in an insulated shell except for the active surface that is placed directly against the tank and held in place by a waterproof adhesive or in the case of steel tanks a strong magnet.

Having a burst disk vent during a dive is a scary experience even when you are expecting it! With Jack as my partner we tried it with the industrial strength heat pack attached to the lower end of my tank on several short test dives the other day. I find we are safest if I hold myself away from him by holding on to the shoulder straps of his tank harness with my elbows against my chest and forearms straight so we were a foot or so apart to keep our masks from colliding when I’m shoved into him and we start to tumble. Even when expecting the tank to vent it’s frightening and the roar of the escaping air is deafening and the tumbling disorienting and getting jerked around during an orgasm while the tank is venting and being unable to breathe or inflate a buoyancy compensator is immensely erotic, which complicates the process of pulling off my mask, grabbing Jacks buddy reg and starting to breathe off it because I don’t want to lose the incredibly strong vaginal contractions of an asphyxiation orgasm. 

Heading for the surface might not be a good option until the tank finishes venting as it may be safer to stay strapped to it rather than to unfasten the harness and have it smash in to you while still venting. Assuming of course that your partner has a buddy reg and you can get to it. That’s what Jack and I have been doing. When the tank begins to vent I hold myself away from him with one hand while pulling off my FFM and use the buddy reg on Jack’s octopus. Then after the tank has vented unfasten the harness and send the vented tank to the surface with a lift bag. I’m fortunate that I’m wearing a hood that deflects some of the roar of 80 cu. Ft. of high pressure air escaping and the bubble clous rushing to the surface. Jack and Tom say the noise doesn’t bother them. But I know if they are exposed to much of that it will affect their hearing.  Even with the hearing concern that test arrangement has worked well so far and we have kept our divemaster busy replacing burst disks and refilling tanks.

Even though it would be more photogenic with our long hair floating loose we are wearing hoods with sound absorbing ear protectors and the women have our hair in a bun or French twist under them so when the tank bursts our hair doesn’t get caught in the valves and hoses while the ruptured burst disk is venting and rotating the tank. The hoods also reduce to some extent the roar of the escaping air right next to the woman’s head and less then two feet from her partner. I’m not sure what the director will want to do for the production videos rather then just the test and training we have been doing, but I hope at least Juicy wears a hood to protect her hearing.

Women and erotic asphyxiation: I usually think of erotic asphyxiation as a guy thing involving hanging or suffocation with a plastic bag over the head. However, what we are attempting to do for a scene in the video is have me (and later the actress whose tank vents) having an orgasm when the tank vents and there is no gas coming through her reg driving her to a hyper-orgasm with unbelievably strong vaginal contractions. Her orgasm with no air at the very time when at maximum exertion and oxygen is needed most, being a form of erotic asphyxiation. Her partner’s buddy reg is just out of her reach and her vaginal contractions are their strongest while she can’t get air.  It’s a very delicate balance between unbelievably exquisite sex and brain damage and there are no stunt doubles, the actors do all the stunts themselves. So we need Juicy and Tom to get their timing down precisely.  

Today Jack and I have demonstrated to Juicy and Tom how a venting tank gyrates wildly when the burst disk ruptures on my tank while Jack is thrusting inside me. Then while I switch tanks Jack worked to bring Juicy to orgasm and to get her somewhat accustomed to the burst disk rupturing on her own tank so her being nearly asphyxiated and being saved by her instructor during their white hot dive-sex encounter looks realistic when worked into her training regimen for a competitive SCUBA race while fending off a rival’s attempts for sexual encounters with her trainer/lover.

During Jack’s time penetrating Juicy and rupturing her burst disk I work with Long Tom getting him used to the effort required to thrust into a woman during dive-sex while I relax and let him have his way with me enjoying the bone melting orgasms from the talented penis of a hard and rising porn star before we got to the part where he pressed the start button on the heat-pack attached to my tank and he held on while ejaculating in me as the burst disk ruptured and we tumbled in the roar and cloud of venting bubbles while I groped for the buddy reg on his octopus.


  1. Wouldn't it be safer for her to wear a rebreather, and just use a dummy tank for the "bubble" effect?


    1. Hi John, Yes it would be safer, but safer isn’t the idea, danger is. And a rebreather would be easy to spot for anyone who knows dive gear so the authenticity of the scene would be questionable. The thrill of having a burst disk rupture while diving can’t be appreciated by someone who hasn’t experienced it. And captured on video the panicked searching for your partner’s buddy reg obscured in a cloud of venting gas while out of air has a level of intensity not possible by simply acting.

    2. I can't imagine disguising a rebreather (actually doing so, or editing the video in post-production) would be all that hard.


    3. It’s not that disguising a rebreather is difficult; it’s that it destroys the authenticity of the encounter. If they do that, would the next step in the erosion of an honestly videoed encounter be having the man wear a condom, or using an FC2 in the case of dive-sex and just edit it out electronically? No, the realism of a tank venting panic by the actress can’t be faked. And Taryn’s porn production operation has a reputation to maintain.


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