Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Arrival at Crag Abbey, sensory deprivation

The ruins of Urquhart castle on Loch Ness

The photo: Once one of Scotland’s largest castles, Urquhart’s remains include a tower house that commands splendid views of the famous loch and Great Glen. Urquhart witnessed considerable conflict throughout its 500 years as a medieval fortress and its history from the 13th to 17th centuries was particularly bloody.

Lost Cove porn shoot ending: Anya is staying at Lost Cove for another few days to make sure nothing is missing after the video crew finishes shooting interior shots. Then the Duchess will take her around to St Thomas aboard Wanton Lass to catch a plane back to DC for a new assignment.

Juicy, Long Tom, the mermaids and the rest of the cast sailed away to finish the video on a set somewhere on the outskirts of London. Anya said their divemaster supervised two scenes with couples having intercourse when the woman’s K-valve burst disc ruptures and her tank vented. The actors survived the experiences, but were severely shaken and one actress, not Juicy, who panicked and couldn’t find her partner’s buddy reg nearly drowned and is in hospital on St Thomas being treated for aspiration pneumonia and an emotional breakdown. After that the director decided she had enough tank venting scenes.

The flight: At Dulles we said goodbye to the Gemini (the Swan Twins partners) who were to meet one of their father’s K-street lobbyists before flying home commercial and we picked up Fiona and Colin Tree who will be spending time with His Grace, her father, at the abbey (they aren’t participating in the Solstice celebration as they are non-believers) before going to London. … Just another service of JillAir…

It is 3,411 mi from Dulles to Inverness and at about 550 mph it should take about 6.1/3 hrs. We left Dulles at about 3:00 PM + 6.5 = 9:30 Eastern daylight time + 5 hrs to convert to British daylight time = 2:30 AM ETA at Inverness. We actually landed at 2:00 AM BDT as the jet stream helped a bit. The trip was uneventful, if you don’t count the girl-girl sex – with dildos - and Terry getting repeatedly blown. Fiona doesn’t share Colin so he had to make do with just one woman on the flight while the rest of us were moaning and mewing in ecstasy from G-spot orgasms given with textured Pyrex dildos.

Our arrival: Jack and Chris our Gyn were at the airport to meet us with three Land Rovers for Bea, Willow, the Swan twins, Terry and me. Fiona rented a car (on Her Majesty’s dime) at the airport for herself and Maj. Tree as they were only staying two days and then plan to take the train to London. Jack says the forecast is for rain and temps in the low to high 50s at Ullapool. That’s at sea level so it will be in the 40s F at Location Z. Which means we will be in shearling robes and using the massive peat braziers again and hopefully be warmer than at the Winter Solstice. We had coffee while the Land Rovers were loaded then the two hour trip down the loch and up into the mountains to the Abbey. It was 4:30 by the time we got to the abbey and the sunrise was at 4:18. It was a cloudy but dry morning.

The Abbey cistern: After a full English breakfast the girls, Terry and I took our regular morning ballet class in the tower studio.  Then I suggested that we plan another dive-sex video using the heated cistern as an aqua-dungeon. Returning readers will remember that the cistern was last mentioned in my 4-1-2014 post when I held a dive-sex training session for the Gyns attending the Inverness reproductive technology seminar. There I described it this way:

“The pool was converted from the Abbeys original medieval drinking water cistern. It’s a circular room 60 ft diameter and it is 40 feet deep with columns every 10 feet.  Ceiling and underwater lights have been installed as well as a shelf and platform for putting on equipment and conveniently entering the water. There is also a new circulating system that heats and purified the water. The cistern is kept full from the spring that flows through the temple and chapel. Even when well lit it still seems a bit claustrophobic to me because of the shadows cast by the columns. And at 40 feet it’s too deep to comfortably wear a FemCap to the bottom w/o the discomfort of dome squeeze on the cervix, but of course my Oves works well. However, when properly sized and correctly inserted the latex Reflexions flat spring rim diaphragm is perfect for flood insurance while providing the advantages a thin stretchy latex membrane can offer an experienced couple.”

Sensory deprivation: Leaving a diver tethered to the bottom while all the lights are off is an exercise in sensory deprivation and air conservation. During effective air conservation training the tank should provide just enough air to last until the dungeon-master makes her rounds and releases the captive or switches his or her tank. Sensory deprivation is something that is totally disorienting and terrifying to most, but there are a few of us who find it relaxing. I love the silence, just the hiss of my demand valve and the roar of my bubbles rushing toward the surface. With hands bound behind your back there is no hope of replacing a reg if for some reason a trainee expels hers and drowning follows shortly afterward if her dungeon master isn’t paying close attention and comes to her rescue.  Even though I’m sensory deprivation dive qualified I always dive an OTS Guardian FFM to eliminate the chance of an expelled reg during sensory deprivation sessions.


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