Monday, June 30, 2014

Jenna is back, as a Domme

Do these boots make me look fat?

The photo: Fishnets, corset and locked boots (so he can’t get them off me) I’ve decided to show Marvin, my $650 an hour psychiatrist, an entirely new side of his dead wife. I’m introducing him to Jenna as a Domme.

Jenna: Returning readers will remember Marvin (Morning Wood) when delusional, thinks I am Jenna and he becomes delusional only in that way when I’m near him for more than fifteen minutes at a time. Otherwise he seems to functions rationally. He says I could be her identical twin as I have the same small lithe hard body, color eyes, green, and hair, red. Same smile, same scent, and same profession, ballet dancer. And the same taste in designer clothes, perfumes and shoes. From the photos I’ve seen of her in his office and home, he’s right. I appear to look exactly like her, at least while clothed. The delusion is a coping mechanism from the trauma of his wife and baby being killed in an auto accident a bit more than a year ago and I’m happy to give him comfort both psychologically and physically. He is marvelous in bed, awesomely hung and knows what to do to please me with every centimeter of it.

In addition to the amazing sex he is helping me come to terms with my responsibilities as a Priestess of the Goddess Aphrodite/Venus. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to him that when alive Jenna wasn’t a Priestess of Aphrodite, but I have no interest in pointing out the inconsistencies in his delusion since even with all the strange bits  it suits us both extremely well. As I mentioned, he is amazingly good in bed and I get my counseling sessions free and he knows not to be controlling with me or I’ll cut him off.

Arrival home: We arrived back at McCarran International late Friday afternoon and while we all had a wonderful time and got to meet a lot of new men it was so good to be home and sleep in our own beds and not be awakened with an erect penis poking us in the back or the slippery tip being pushed between our cheeks. We have a lot going on in the next few weeks with the students for the two week Summer Ballet Intensive at St Lucy’s coming in this week and after the SBI we will all be going to Lake Tahoe for two weeks to stay at Adolph’s and dive the lake. My wards, Bea, Willow, Odette, Odile and I all began to bleed this past Friday right on schedule as I was CD1 and all my girls are in menstrual synchrony with me and when menstrual enjoy secondary peaks in our libidos. Even though their contraceptive method, the GyneFix copper IUD, is extremely effective and my use of cervical barriers has never failed me in the more than fifteen years I’ve been using them no method is 100% effective so there is always a chance, especially since we are all so sexually active with unprotected extremely fertile men, that there could be a contraception failure.

The girls after taking full STI panels and pregnancy tests to prove they are safe to work as trainers with unprotected candidates are back on the schedule as training partners for the men in our escort candidate training class. In the weeks we have been gone a good many new men have become trainees so it’s not as though the girls aren’t continuing to meet hew well hung and very fertile men. The scent of their testosterone laced sweat is marvelously erotic and especially so for the next few days since we are menstrual. 

Trust but verify: Since Marvin and I had been away from each other since mid May, about seven weeks, we both had full panel STI tests done so we could exchange them at our first meeting after I returned home. And I peed on a stick for him to show him I wasn’t preggers. Neither of us had any expectation that the other would be celibate while we were apart, but I hadn’t left Marvin w/o some of Jenna’s/my secretions and scents to remember me by. In preparation for being away I had worn Jenna’s thongs when I was fertile and menstrual and not been as careful to avoid staining them with my menstrual blood, fertile cervical mucus (FCM) and some of the coital discharge from our couplings and even urinated a tiny bit in the cotton lining of a few. Eighteen highly scented pairs of Jenna’s panties to give him something to smell and suck on if he began to feel really depressed.

Reliving sexual tension: He was so glad to see me! I can’t imagine what it must feel like to have an erection that large pressing on the front of his trousers as he met me at the door of his condo.  I had worn my ballet-boots – the lightly armored black leather calf length ones from Gepetto’s with the unitized titanium toe boxes and shanks, interchangeable-replaceable heels with spider filament laces and lace splitter heels. They were fragrant with Obenauf's Leather Oil Preservative and I intended to Dominate him from the start as he was so needy he wouldn’t complain that much or if I did it properly, not at all. He seems to have developed a fondness for the scent of Obenauf's Leather Oil so now when he smells it he is conditioned to get an erection.  How is that for training a submissive!

I didn’t want him finishing inside me less then three minutes after I helped him insert himself so I took the bull by the horn, in a manner of speaking. I had him clear off the top of his desk and then kneel on it so I could give him head while I was standing in my boots in front of him and he could see my reflection in the plate glass window of his office that I use as a mirror to do barre sometimes during our sessions. I’ve blown him several times now while he’s on his knees on his desk, and he watches to see if my ankles wobble when I’m on my toes concentrating on sucking seed.

He is uncut and I love tonguing his frenulum forcing his glans tight against the roof of my mouth to squeeze it while I rock back and forth to move him in and out. For fellatio I often wear a hood to prevent my partner from tangling his fingers in my hair. That’s especially important as men typically tend to grab my head and force themselves deeper down my throat when about to cum. Wearing a hood I can slip my hands under his arms and break his grip so I can lean back a bit to breathe and swallow while still manipulating his glans with my tongue. Otherwise with his fingers entwined in my hair I can’t get out of his grip to breathe and could end up with semen in my lungs and aspiration pneumonia.

This time I sucked him off twice which I thought should make his release in my vagina a bit less urgent and result in him having more lasting power. I swallowed his loads; I almost always do if I’m giving oral to a friend. Guys seem to be more appreciative if a girl swallows his semen and if he has no STI then the contents of his ejaculate could be thought of as a nutritional supplement with trace nutrients and protein. Sometimes if a man has been eating spicy foods or asparagus his spend tastes a bit off to awful, but I tell myself its good for me and swallow. It worked just as I planned and he lasted a good (actually an amazing) twenty minutes before finishing inside me with blood running down my thighs as he caused me to gush and overflow my Milex Omniflex diaphragm. He took me from behind while I bent over the barre against the plate glass window giving me a series of vaginal orgasms that had my toes curling in my boots and gasping, moaning and mewing. Fortunately the building he is in is very well built so the walls are soundproof something that a lover of his abilities needs in a nest for assignations with sex partners.



  1. So, how do you think he enjoyed you as a Domme?

    Anyway, I'm wondering if you'll be posting anything soon on the Hobby Lobby decision. It was a 5-4 ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Products, saying privately-held companies can exert their religious liberties when it comes to insurance and contraceptives.

    1. Hi Eric! Marvin performs very well as a submissive while being extremely masculine a combination I enjoy.

      I anticipated the Hobby Lobby decision by old, white, conservative men. I think (I hope) the Administration will change the ACA to give the women who work for this sort of company the same relief as those working for religious organizations. So financially the women working for Hobby Lobby and their ilk should not be out of pocket.


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