Monday, June 16, 2014

Soloing a venting tank, tutoring Terry

Soloing a venting the tank after a burst disc rupture

The picture: The lovely dive art of the artist HD, with permission.  The picture is entitled Death Spiral and shows me after accidently setting off the heat-pack causing a burst disc rupture venting my tank while solo diving something I’ve cautioned others to never do. Fortunately I survived, but the experience could have easily been fatal if the spiraling tank had forced me head first into the rock wall.

Even with all my warnings to others about not trying to ride a venting tank solo I tried it - unintentionally - while wearing a 2 mm dive skin and hood - in the new deep water location, and got bounced and tumbled on the seaweed covered bottom before I could get out of the harness and to the surface. I was fortunate I didn’t lose my mask. Nothing more than a really scary minute or so with some tears in the neoprene and no sex involved. I shouldn’t have used a tank with a heat-pack attached when I was solo diving in the area of the aquifer outflow in the cove where the current forced me against the aquifer outflow depression wall triggering the heat-pack. My God! I had such an adrenaline high I needed sex afterward to help me come down slowly otherwise I get really depressed coming off that massive a high.

Tutoring Terry: Just because Terrance is in chastity (of a sort) until I take his virginity from him on the main altar during celebration of the Summer Solstice at the ancient holy site at Location Z does not mean his education in the delights of female companionship hasn’t begun. After ballet class Bea, Willow or I will take him into an encounter salle while we are still sweaty from class so he will become familiar with the scent of estrogenic musk mixed with the bouquet of a woman’s sweat, shampoo, soap and perfume which he is familiar with from his ballet training in the UK. There we school him in the technique of pleasuring a woman with his tongue; the clitoral orgasm and the taste of her natural lubricant the weeps from her vaginal walls and labia during arousal from cunilingus. If he performs satisfactorily we reward him with fellatio. While he has masturbated since puberty he’d never had a woman suck him off (amazing since he has such a glorious body and has been around teen ballet girls for years) so having his frenulum caressed by a woman’s tongue and squirting his load down our throats was and so far continues to be an amazing experience for him.

Breastfeeding and pointe-shoes: I was concerned that he wouldn’t like breast milk, but he loves breastfeeding I did have to tell him to come to my breasts freshly shaved as even at 17 he has stiff stubble which is like sandpaper. He develops marvelous suction being able to empty my breasts quickly and expertly while getting my vaginal secretions flowing wetting my thighs. and turning my legs to jelly .So  now my tutoring sessions begin with have him breastfeed before giving me cunilingus and a clitoral orgasm with his tongue. I’m CD16 today and Luteal. I ovulated two days ago so I’m safe from pregnancy until next cycle, not that I need to worry about that from Terry before the 21st, but other lovers are keeping me filled with live sperm and not to break routine I continue to wear a latex flat spring diaphragm since it is possible, but not likely, that I could start bleeding early.  

When I’m tutoring Terry he seems fascinated with my legs and pointe shoes, I’m wearing old Gaynors as they are quieter, provide better support, are more comfortable and last far longer than most other maker’s pointes and they are already stained with stage grime so being splattered with my vaginal secretions or his semen (if I (drool) or breast milk (if he drools), it’s no big deal. I think he may have a thing for women’s feet and especially pointe shoes as I’ve seen him fondling and sniffing Bea’s and Willow’s Gaynors as well as mine and I’m waiting for him to ask for a pair of mine. If he asks I won’t give them to him. Only Jack gets pairs of my damp smelly Gaynors as talismans of my affection, but Bea or Willow probably would if he asks.

Blue Balls: We’ve learned to reward Terry with BJs only after ballet class otherwise his stamina suffers, but he should be able to overcome that with more practice.  I had first thought to put him right back into his Access Denied chastity cup w/o providing him sexual release, but without relief he would get ‘Blue Balls’ [or ‘lover’s nuts’, a slang term for the condition of temporary fluid congestion (vasocongestion) in the testicles accompanied by testicular pain, caused by prolonged and unsatisfied sexual arousal in the human male.] and was so uncomfortable after giving the woman tutoring him her pleasure that it was only right to give him relief. I’m a masochist not a sadist and none of us got pleasure watching him suffer. Besides it could warp his opinion - which is still being formed - of women and cause him to take his pleasure first which in my opinion is a bad sign in a man. There are women sadists, but that’s a lesson we don’t intend to teach.  He is a delight to be around is a quick study and has done everything asked of him so rather than let him suffer with lovers nuts his tutor will suck him off before putting him back in chastity.

The Summer solstice - preparation: Tomorrow, Monday June 16th, we will be boarding Limnaea II at Charlotte Amalie, stopping at Dulles to pick up Fiona (Jacks sister) and her lover Maj. Tree then on to Inverness. We’ll be staying at Crag Abbey on Loch Ness before moving on to His Grace’s hunting lodge in the foothills of the mountains to the East of Ullapool on Loch Broom. Jack has been at the lodge in the hills above Ullapool for the last few days working on the holy site with its five altars dedicated to the Goddess Aphrodite / Venus. Chris, our male Gyn, also went on ahead to screen potential young males to be inducted into the service of Aphrodite. And I’m bringing the heavy gold collar of office I wear as High priestess of Aphrodite when conducting the men’s initiation rites.

New for this Solstice we are going to wear Gaynor pointes rather than the Freed Classics worn during earlier ceremonies at Location Z. I thought the Goddess had a prohibition against using modern materials (the unitized polymer shank and toe-box in GM pointes), but I can safely wear a Reflexions flat spring diaphragm with its stainless steel rim spring and natural rubber latex dome, so I prayed to the Goddess for guidance and I have gotten a positive response. The weather is often so wet on the mountain top that Freeds melt almost immediately so Gaynors will be far safer ceremonial footwear.


  1. Do I recall correctly: after the Solctice, the pointes you wear are burned?


    1. Hi John Yes, you remember correctly our pointes and shearling robes are burned after the ceremony after we return to the lodge. The burning polymer from Gaynor shoes smells terrible so we all need to be standing up wind from the fire.

  2. I'm more worried about the fact that burning polymer smoke is incredibly toxic.

    Also, saw something I expect you'll appreciate: blue Subaru Outback with New Hampshire plates "BLAKSWN".


    1. Yes, smoke from the burning polymer is a concern which is why I plan to use incineration powder which caused anything it is used with to completely burn smokeless and spark free. Still we plan to stand up wind.

      Love the BLAKSWN plates!


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