Friday, June 13, 2014

Stalking Juicy Breeder

The sea floor showing the Puerto Rico Trench

The Photo: The sea floor around the BVI showing the Puerto Rico Trench in violet just to the east of the Virgin Islands. The trench is 800 kilometers (497 mi) long and has a maximum depth of 8,648 meters (28,373 ft) or 5.373 miles at Milwaukee Deep, which is the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean and the deepest point not in the Pacific Ocean.

Juicy’s stalker: The other night I was tutoring Tom on ballet-sex a position. I was surprised he wasn’t familiar with where the woman is en pointe a la seconde bent over holding on to the barre or a table or chair back while her partner enters her from behind. It was late and after Tom had taken me several times and given me a series of marvelous orgasms my adrenaline was peaks so I stayed to work off the high and try to come down slowly to prevent the depression I get after exquisite sex. I was bourréeing back and forth across the studio when I heard the sound of footsteps across the floor and without turning thinking Tom was back asked him if he was having trouble sleeping.  Suddenly I was grabbed around my neck and thrown across the room. Fortunately I have the ability to land on my feet in most cases and managed to do it again just before I hit the wall with my back partially knocking the breath out of me. The first thing the man said was to ask why I’d changed my hair color to red since blond suited me much better. I’ve never been blond and I realized he must have mistaken me for Juicy.

Fortunately he had a knife rather than a gun with which he could have kept his distance to kill me. I was in no doubt that was what he intended because he went into a rant about how I was a tease and whore and he was going to slit me” all the way from your pussy to tits”. That really got my adrenaline flowing because I’ve never taken money for sex and I wasn’t anxious to get cut either. It was only later that I wondered why I never screamed and realized he still thought of me as Juicy and she may well have taken money for sex. I’m glad I didn’t think of that immediately. I was very very angry that a man was after me with a knife in my own home and it reached the point in my rage when things seem to go into slow motion and I tend to think very clearly. It was him or me.

I’m fairly good at reading body language and realized that he was going to lunge at me so I kept circling to prevent being backed in a corner and moved out on to the balcony from which there is a long three floor drop to a tile patio overlooking the cove. I feigned a run for the door and he lunged. I was wearing suede tipped GM pointes and had excellent traction and was able to stop and he missed grabbing me with his free hand as he rushed passed. He was still running as I used the energy in my forward movement to  kick him in the knee of his forward leg supporting all his weight. His knee joint shattering made a wonderful crunching sound followed by his scream as he hit the balcony railing and pitched headfirst over it followed almost immediately by a wet sounding splat as though a melon had been dropped and a heavy thud. After I stopped my lunge I looked over the railing. His brains were all over the tile patio and his broken knee allowed his leg to fold forward with the foot twisted backward.

Tidying up: I woke Jack and Juicy and told them what happened. Juicy said the guy had been stalking her for the past eight months and she thought she had been able to disappear successfully even though she had a court order in the UK to keep him from bothering her. She was very relieved that he was no longer capable of stalking her. We took the ID out of his pockets and burnt it and she slit his belly to allow decomposing gas to vent. Then we rolled the body into a tarp and cleaned the blood and spatter off the patio with bleach. We took the body down to the zodiac in a laundry cart and out to the Wanton Lass and wrapped and locked the tarp in 30 feet of heavy chain taken from a storage locker on the pier and took the Wanton Lass out into North sound and a 50 mile run out to the Puerto Rico Trench to dispose of the body. We had good weather and got back in time for morning ballet class.

We left the stalker’s rental sloop anchored in the cove after checking on board that he had left nothing to indicate an interest in Juicy. However, we did find three passports with his photo on them as well as cash in USD and Euros. Also he was keeping a scrapbook of clippings about his exploits as a bank robber in the EU where according to the stories he had killed at least three people in a series of robberies over an interval of eighteen months. Given that level of violence I wondered again why he hadn’t come for Juicy with a pistol rather than a knife. Rental boats are abandoned more than you might think. However, the security deposit usually covers any retrieval costs.

Security – adding Facial recognition: Given this security breach I’ve added a facial recognition feature to my HD surveillance system. All the workers and guests will have their faces mapped into the image DB and when the system is on only those people the system recognizes will be allowed anywhere in the inner perimeter and the villa w/o setting off an alarm.  Given the problem with Juicy’s stalker we erased the video of his attack and his accidental fall to the patio from the hard drive and server back-up. Fortunately we deleted the footage before it uploaded the day’s events to the cloud. So now the only record is the encrypted footage that I copied to a thumb drive that has been sent to my bank at home.

Burst disc venting scene – an update: We have changed the location from where we were initially testing the burst disc rupture scene. It was in a 30 ft deep part of the cove and Jack and I hit the bottom once while being tumbled which stirred up a lot of sand that wouldn’t be good if burst-girl was trying to get the reg in her mouth while in a cloud of sand. We came near being forced into the sandy bottom twice more while the venting was tumbling us. So we moved the location to the depression at the mouth of the aquifer outflow which is about 65 – 70 ft deep. It’s quite cold (about 65°) in the fresh water at the bottom, but we will be starting the scene near the surface in salt water with a temp in the mid 70s so Tom should be able to perform w/o problems from the water temp and if they get tumbled deeper there is seaweed growth on the floor which should cushion being forced into the bottom.  We also increased the size of the man’s tank from 80 to 130 cu ft HP steel. We hadn’t run out of air, but we came close once with us both sucking off his 80 and near panic we weren’t using air conservation techniques since we were just trying to survive. If they are forced to the bottom at 70 ft in fresh water our divemaster doesn’t think the overweighting will be enough to endanger the scene as long as the man’s BC is functioning.


  1. Looks like you handled yourself well against Juicy's stalker. How surprised were you to see him, and if the guy wouldn't have fallen over the balcony, how else would you have defended yourself. I was half expecting you to kick the knife out of his hand, then kick him in the head. I'd bet he would've at least got a concussion, as those pointe shoes might be a bit on the hard side on the skull.

    1. Hi Eric,

      I was totally surprised when he grabbed me and threw ma across the studio. I haven’ gone into slo-mo with a man in a fight in years - since when I was at SAB in NYC when I was attacked while walking back to the apartment of the family I was staying with on the upper west side.

      Even then I was wearing pointes (Freed Classics) and while the blocks were nearly dead I broke his wrist with a kick and I’m sure I fractured his skull because I heard it crack when I kicked him in the temple. I just kept kicking him and broke his jaw with another kick and several more to the groin. He was already unconscious from the kick to the head. I ran the rest of the way home.

      If Juicy’s stalker hadn’t gone over the railing I don’t know what I would have done as I was so in the moment I totally focused on connecting with a joint with every kick, just trying to disable him any way I could.

      Gaynor pointes with their polymer blocks are very hard even with the layer of padding for traction and sound deadening. They really can be effective weapons if you have good aim and the room to kick with them.

    2. And just think if you were a black belt in a martial art (karate, taekwondo, etc.) how dangerous you would be with those pointes. I know you can do a lot of damage now, especially in KPBs.


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