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Hidden treasure, dive-sex soirée

A ten Kilo unmarked gold bar

The photo: A ten kilo unmarked bar of Scottish gold from the mine on one of His Grace’s estates.

The Duchy on the eve of World War II: His Grace’s Grandfather who became Duke in 1935 was, according to Jack’s father the current Duke, very concerned that there would be another war and that London would be bombed far more thoroughly than it was during the 1914 war. As a result he moved half of the gold bullion from his Scottish mine from the vaults of the bank of England to a secret location and didn’t begin depositing gold in the BOE again until 1947. The gold that was moved from London and the production of the mine for the twelve years between 1935 and 1947 has never been found, according to the family’s oral history.

His Grace says that’s partly attributable to the secrecy of his grandfather and partly to the fact that the workman who helped hide the gold were sent to war as part of the British expeditionary force that was trapped on the beach at Dunkirk. During it’s evacuation in late May and early June of 1940 the boat in which His Grace’s estate workers were being taken off the beach was hit by artillery fire and they were all killed. There was also a shaft collapse at the mine in 1947 which killed the two supervisors who took the gold from the smelter to His Grace at the Abbey to be placed with the other gold. And lastly his grandfather had a massive heart attack and died w/o telling anyone where the hiding place is. The old bull, (Jack’s father) says that his father searched for years and supposedly never found the hidden gold, but that after a while seemed to take the loss in stride as the family is still extremely wealthy. However, the current Duke believes his father eventually found the gold as he would spend weeks at a time at the Abbey and then suddenly his personality improved markedly and he stopped spending so much time there, leading the current Duke to think his father finally located the treasure. If so the location was never shared with Jack’s father, as he tells the story.  This story has passed into legend in the UK financial community as a cautionary tale of do-it-yourself security going badly wrong. It also has fascinated bankers about Crag Abbey since that is where everyone thinks the gold was hidden.

Cistern bottom debris: When the Abbey cistern was first converted to a swimming pool / aqua-dungeon of sorts, in the mid 1970s it was thoroughly cleaned of bottom debris. Things like bits of armor and equipment, the bones of small animals that found their way into the vault and fell in and drowned and buckets that fell apart and sunk. However, since then it hasn’t been touched as far as bottom debris is concerned. So I got permission for Bea and I to see what was on the bottom and give it a good cleaning – similar to what I do periodically for The Well, Adolph’s 216 ft deep dive training facility.  We used a vacuum hose connected to an electric pump that Jack had been using to drain a fishpond on the abbey grounds to deposit bottom debris into a huge screen filter to search it for interesting bits dropped over the last 40 years.

I operated the suction hose wearing an old heavy rubber Avon drysuit which belongs to Alice, the wife of His Grace, who returning readers will recall is my dear friend who lives on Virgin Gorda and is my size, to protect me from the cloud of sediment stirred up by the vacuum and it took us ten hours over three days to vacuum the bottom. In the process we came across some bottom paving stones in an area against the cistern’s north wall that had become loose, but since they posed no hazard left them untouched except to vacuum the sediment off them.  It wasn’t that on a whim I decided to do a little late spring cleaning in the aqua-dungeon it was because we were expecting visitors who might be pushed into the bottom during play and I didn’t want Jack to have to try and explain how some of the bits and pieces might have gotten there.   

Among the things we found were 3 old style copper coil IUDs, 4 latex Ortho White (coil spring) diaphragms, 5 very old dark rubber Schmid coil spring diaphragms, 2 silicone Milex wide seal Omniflex (coil spring) diaphragms and 11 NuvaRings (etonogestrel/ethinyl estradiol) and since NuvaRing became available in the UK in 2002 none are more than 12 years old so were from His Grace’s or Jacks sexual trysts in the cistern. Of course with NuvaRing it can be easily pulled out by a thrusting penis, especially if the wearer has very little to no post-pubic vault in which the NuvaRing normally rests to prevent its expulsion and during dive-sex so much else is going on that diverts a woman’s attention it is very easy to miss feeling the ring being pulled out.  That might help explain the high turnover rate in young, long haired, hard bodied, girls in domestic service at the Abbey a situation that continues today. However the senior staff has been with His Grace for a minimum of 20 years and has come to understand his need for a hot, tight, deep, piece of an afternoon, which is especially the case on rainy days when he enjoys tension release by congress with an obliging female sprawled across his desk penetrated from behind.   

An Abbey dive soirée: So when Jack organized a Solstice soirée for five of his closest city friends who dive and shoot to welcome in the summer and, and as a weekend entertainment offered dive-sex in the Abbey’s fabled aqua-dungeon his friends in the financial community with their trophy wives or arm-candy rushed to accept to slake their curiosity about staying and playing in the legendary Abbey as well as an opportunity to have dive-sex in the only medieval aqua-dungeons in the UK and perhaps the only one built in the 12th century still in existence. Additionally, Jack invited to the party four of his Oxford grad student friends who happen to be some of most accomplished cocksmen in the UK supposedly as partners for my wards. However, the girls and I knew we would all be swapping partners the whole time the guests were here. It was an amazing opportunity to meet nine new lusty men!

The guests came up on His Grace’s private railroad car with sleeping and dining accommodations for 20, which was attached to the regularly scheduled night train from London, Euston, to Inverness leaving at 9:15 PM and arriving at Inverness at 8:36AM. His Grace provided hunting trips into the surrounding mountains for red deer and skeet shooting off one of the Abbey’s tower terraces and cards in the evenings, but the ladies and I diverted the men in groups of two for more intimate pursuits.

For the ladies my girls and I offer shopping excursions into Inverness to sight see (no one has sighted Nessie, yet) buy woolens or gold jewelry made from the output of His Grace’s mine. We are also teaching the delights of Ben Wa balls as a vaginal toning tool and invite them to take our morning and afternoon ballet classes for those who want them. I’m pleased to say they all take our class since as a trophy wife or arm candy a girl needs to keep in top shape to minimize the chance she will be replaced. It’s no surprise when that they all have ballet backgrounds of one sort or another as you don’t get and keep the slim well muscled body and a well toned vagina w/o a good daily exercise regimen. We also have sessions – and wager who can last the longest before orgasming - riding one the two Sybian machines in an encounter salle off the tower ballet studio.

Feminine dive protection: Fortunately Jack had given me a few days warning so Chris, our male Gyn, could order 6 each of all the sizes of Reflexions flat spring diaphragms from Lamberts and we were able to determine while checking that they are all free of STIs that none of the invited guests were allergic to latex since I was going to have to fit the ladies with flood protection regardless of what other contraceptive method the girls were using.

When I mentioned to the female guests that for dive-sex we strongly recommended wearing a latex Reflexions FS diaphragm be worn for flood insurance the women asked questions from What is a diaphragm? To why should it matter?  And the universal statement we get from newbies to dive-sex, I’m on an effective method of birth control so I don’t need a diaphragm. And they all were, on hormonal contraceptives. Three had the single rod implant Nexplanon (releasing etonogestrel) in an upper arm while the other two were on the progestin-only-pill (POP) Cerazette containing desogestrel which is metabolized into etonogestrel. Of course the problem a diaphragm is used to protect against during dive-sex is not pregnancy (in their cases) but to protect their fertility and minimize the possibility of an air embolism.

So I went through my standard explanation about dive-sex protection. Which is that during dive-sex the vagina tends to flood.  Should that happen with a large hard man and a tight vagina some of the water and occasionally an air bubble or two can be pushed through the cervical os and into the uterus by the hydraulics of a thrusting penis. The bacteria in the water could cause PID leading to scarred tubes and sterility or an air bubble might cause an embolism and possibly death.  A properly fitted and correctly placed flat spring diaphragm can almost eliminate the possibility of having water or air forced into the uterus during dive-sex so it not only protects the wearer’s fertility but adds an intimate element of dive equipment to the wearer’s erotic wardrobe. Learning of those possibilities the trophies and arm candy were anxious to be fitted and then let their men know they were wearing such specialized intimate protection.

The dive-sex seminar is still underway and everyone is having a marvelous time.

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