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Tutoring the nobility

Coat of arms of The College of Arms

The Photo: The coat of arms of the organization in the UK that grants heraldic arms to an individual or organization if they meet certain strict criteria.  The College of Arms also creates the heraldic shields for the newly entitled and traces possible heirs to titles and arms belonging to families thought to have become extinct. 

Her Grace makes a request:  Alice, Duchess of M**** asked if I would tutor her friend’s eldest son who is 17 and will be going to Oxford this fall. Given that I’ve had a minimum of formal education I wondered what subject I could possibly help him with. She said his parents; his father is the current holder of one of England’s oldest and most efficiently run Earldoms and his mother a retired Royal Ballet Principal, are anxious that Terrence (Terry) have an intimate and positive experience with a sexually knowledgeable women before he goes to oxford since he has been in all-male schools since early childhood only meeting girls in private off-campus ballet classes he has taken since he was five. I was amazed that an all-male school could stop an inquisitive young male whose hormones are peaking from discovering the delights of women especially as he has grown up with female ballet students, but it seems his parents think that it has. I was supposedly getting a virgin to tutor on the pleasures of heterosexual sex, assuming of course that he is straight, which I think is a concern of his father as he needs a grandson as an heir.

Alice thinks there are other reasons – in addition to deepening his experience and perhaps understanding of women - his parents want Terry vacationing at lost cove this summer. They know Willow is with me here and Terry met her briefly when she taught a master class at his school. Alice thinks they want Terry at 17 and willow at 19 to become to develop a romantic relationship since terry is handsome and rich and will inherit the title and estates on his father’s death. With him marrying into Jacks family it would establish stronger interfamily ties a common practice among the aristocracy.

That seems unlikely to me since there is a two year difference in their ages and with girls maturing mentally earlier than boys they may have little in common. Not to mention that Willow is performing in my ballet company in Las Vegas while Terry will be at Oxford for the next several years. Of course that could all change. Since Terry is supposed to be very strong and have significant ballet training including pas de deux classes I’m sure he will be partnering Willow in our ballet classes and I’m anxious to see how they get along.

Tea and Sympathy: Her Grace said she immediately thought of the 1956 film Tea and Sympathy ((Deborah Kerr and John Kerr) with me in the role of Laura Reynolds, played by Deborah Kerr. The circumstances are not as straight forward with Terry as with Tom Lee in the film, but she thinks his parents are trying to avoid a similar situation once he gets to Oxford.

Alice said she thinks I would be an ideal tutor for Terry and he would learn a lot being with me for a few days. And well she might since I’ve been fucking her son’s brains out every chance I get for the past several years and my effort has not gone unnoticed as Jack wants to marry me over his father, the Duke’s, objections.  I was relieved that her request was one that I can handle easily and I’m going to enjoy teaching Terry about women while we enjoy each other’s bodies.  Jack has gone back to the UK to prepare Location Z for the Summer Solstice on the 21st of this month so Terry rode back on Limnaea II and Alice and I took the Wanton Lass around to St Thomas today to pick him up. And what a stud-muffin he is!

Terry’s arrival: On the sail back from Charlotte Amelie to lost cove Terry and I got acquainted while Alice sunned herself and napped. I said he would be staying with Bea, Willow and me at my villa on the cove and that there would be ballet class each morning, which he knew since he brought his practice clothes and slippers. I also mentioned that none of the women including me were in monogamous relationships so hookups were fine, but that I would be his primary trainer and I have final say on what is safe for him to do. The girls know the dive limits past which an activity requires my approval and none of us want to be responsible for injuring such a gorgeous male body, not to mention a sweet personality, for a man.

Bea, Willow and Anya were on the pier in bikinis to welcome him and I could see Terry was very impressed with their beauty and the drape of his shorts showed it until he got his emotions under control. We all saw the rise in his interest and later we giggled and wondered how his parents could have been thinking he might be gay. Obviously he doesn’t confide in his father, which is quite common when sons are shipped off to boarding school and only see their fathers as authority figures and at Christmas.

Terry and the Summer Solstice: The Summer Solstice is on Saturday June 21st, exactly one week from today. We will be leaving for Inverness this coming Monday so we can have a few days to recover from jet lag and prepare for our Location Z altar performances as Priestess of Aphrodite welcoming new males into the Old Ways. I’ve decided to save Terry’s virginity until the Solstice and take it from him on the main altar at sunrise.

Terry intends to major in sociology and specialize in ancient religions while at Oxford and when he found I am a Priestess of Aphrodite/Venus and will be celebrating the Solstice on the primary altar of an ancient holy site he was beyond fascinated and asked to participate. When I explained that participation by males required that they be virgin (defined here as not having had penile vaginal intercourse (PVI) with a human female – sheep don’t count) his virginity immediately turned from a liability into an amazing asset and he agreed to avoid having PVI with any women until I relieved him of his virginity at sunrise on the 21st. Just to make sure he asked to wear a chastity belt when not in ballet classes to show his resolve. He said another few days of cold showers will just increase his anticipation. So Chris fit him into an old Access Denied male chastity belt and gave me the key. Terry is such a marvelously strong and hunky submissive and in ballet class has amazing stamina.

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  1. Oh, my lord, that Terry is a lucky fellow, especially at just 17! I look forward to your description of the Summer Solstice events, Jill.


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