Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bi-ing with Bea, Brad the Impaler

A rerolled used and unlubricated condom

The photo: An unlubricated rerolled used condom like this can be worn for several days to marinate and ‘ripen’ providing scent and flavor to unprotected fertile coitial discharge for tasting during girl-girl sex. However, If I’m wearing a condom for ‘flavor’ I wear it unrolled and shoved into my posterior fornix. Unrolled there is more rubber surface to develop the scent and taste my partner wants. A condom left to marinate in coital secretions for 24 hours or more ripens into an eye watering, sinus clearing aroma that has been compared unfavorably to the stench of Kimchi. It’s an acquired taste not appreciated by many bi-sexual couples.  

An intimate relationship: Bea, my 18 y/o ward and student at Trinity College Cambridge has become such an accomplished sex partner for both heterosexual and lesbian encounters. To add a bit of zest to the scent of coital secretions I have taught her to wear a condom pushed deep into her posterior fornix with her fingers and allowed to ripen for several days, especially when she is fertile and producing thick stretchy fertile cervical mucus (FCM), to flavor her coitial discharge. When she comes to me immediately after being filled with seed by an unprotected man, while his semen is still thick and creamy, I insert latex gloved fingers (to prevent my nails from accidently scratching her rugae) in her vagina to enjoy the scent and taste of the lovely mix of latex scented FCM and semen while she milks me sucking at one nipple and then the other as she hungrily breastfeeds. I love having this sort of an encounter with her while we are both dressed in front zip latex catsuits and are sweaty from penetrative encounters with unprotected men.  

Brad the Impaler: No good deed goes unpunished! One of the daughters (Désiré) from an adjoining estate asked if she could take barre and pointe class with my circle while we are at the castle. She is an 18 y/o student home for Christmas vacation from a prestigious vocational ballet school in London and her mom called me to make sure it was fine to have her in my morning classes. Désiré and her mom are well aware of the lifestyle dancers lead and so her mom told me, before I asked, that Désiré has had her Gardasil shots, is using NuvaRing for contraception and Chris tested her (she was negative) for hCG so I was glad to have her in class. She has been staying with my circle at the castle as I have plenty of room and the drive from her parents place to the castle would require the better part of an hour one way and longer in the bad weather we have been having.  

I was fortunate to get a spare man (Siegfried) who also lives in the area and who is a ballet dancer at the same school to partner her. He is a lovely 21 y/o with a magnificent body and is such a lovely dancer So I paired him with Désiré and they make a lovely couple and are excellent partners. However, Siegfried sprained an ankle and one of the POB men, Brad, an American, offered to partner her as his partner was suffering from unusually severe menstrual cramps. As dancers Brad and Désiré make a lovely couple, but pelvically they are dangerously mismatched as Désiré has a vagina that will accommodate a 7 inch penis when she is fully aroused and Brad is at least 8 ½ inches at orgasm. They recognized this and Brad was being gentle and using restraint not trying to bury his entire length in her as men seemed to want to do and things were going well when during a ballet-sex encounter she broke a shank in the Freed pointes she was wearing and fell off pointe just as he was thrusting.

Returning readers will recall that ballet-sex is where the woman is entered from behind while en pointe a la seconde holding on to the barre with both hands. Siegfried reacted quickly, but she took his entire length for a few moments and you could hear the scream outside the studio as the ligaments were stretched and muscles sprained. The good news is she wasn’t left suspended impaled on his shaft as he withdrew immediately and she collapsed in a ball on the floor. Chris, My male Gyn who always spends the holidays with us, gave her Entonox (a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen) to eliminate the pain and had her take 800 mg of ibuprofen and we helped her to bed where we put ice packs on her lower abdomen to reduce the swelling.  Chris thinks she should be much better and able to take class in several days. Her regular partner, Siegfried, should be better and back in class then as well.   

Dangerous shoes: Désiré was wearing her regular Freed Classic pointes the ones she trains and performs in with the Forteflex shanks. Freeds are excellent performance shoes; I wear them myself for class, rehearsals and performances.  But Freed pointes weren’t designed to take the wearer’s weight on her heels and the shanks break which often happens during ballet-sex in pointes made with traditional materials like Hessian, cardboard, satin, leather and paste. When the wearer is approaching orgasm and is unable to keep her weight over the blocks of her pointes made of traditional materials it is almost a certainty that she will crush one or both shanks. I had asked if she had and Gaynor Minden pointes she could switch to for ballet-sex and of course she didn’t as she wasn’t expecting to be taking class and enjoying the benefits of having a live-in hunky male partner over the holidays. Gaynor Minden pointes weren’t designed with the rigors of ballet-sex in mind, but hard polymer shanked GM shoes are very forgiving of a dancer “sitting in her shoes” meaning putting weight on her heels which is very poor classical technique, but very common when the wearer is rubber-legged in the midst of orgasm while balanced on her toes.  


  1. Happy New Year Dear Jill !!! best wishes from Lithuania, corner in the middle of nowhere. Let all your wishes come true, all the stress accumulated during the year, let the the rising sun on the first morning of the new year to burn it, as well long life for your blog!!!!
    For me it is going to be night of last work, last challenge and time when my whole life going to take drastic turn all damn 180 degree around. My last thing to do is dive under ice, to navigate to my late Christmas gift and test gear we made in our jack of all trades office at the same time.
    Be safe with your friends and give the last big bang for this year and welcome new ones

    1. Wishing you the happiest of New Years!

      Be safe!

  2. Happy New Year, Jill. Reading how Brad overtook Desire's anatomy, it seems that no matter how well intentioned a guy may be, he'll always try to take it to the hilt. Hopefully, Desire will be better soon, and have further precautions.

    1. Hi Eric, Happy New Year!

      Thank you for your kind words about Désiré. It almost certainly wouldn't have happened if she had been wearing Gaynor pointes since their shanks don't break! Sigh!

      She is already feeling much better and should be able to get around comfortably before its time to leave.


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