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Rhiannon/Rigantona, Fetish sex new dive facility

Grishko 2007 pointes and a Caya contoured diaphragm

The Photo: A pair of turquoise Grishko 2007 pointe-shoes and a Caya contoured diaphragm showing the 55mm cervical cup and the removal dome (the convex oval at the top) of the pink device.

Rhiannon’s equine ceremony: The name Rhiannon is derived from the Celtic Goddess Rigantona (the Great or Devine Queen). My Celtic mythology expert says I should understand that Rhiannon was the embodiment (in Welsh legend as set down in the Mabinogion and other medieval texts) of the Celtic Goddess Rigantona, which explains why my Goddess, Aphrodite, is as comfortable as she is with me actually channeling Rigantona, which occurs primarily when I’m in Wales. For my readers who want to know more about Celtic mythology and the medieval legends that have come down to us the eleven medieval Welsh tales collected in The Mabinogion is a good place to start. The term Mabinogion was popularized in the 19th centaury when the tales were first translated into English by Lady Charlotte Guest. A new (2007) annotated translation of The Mabinogion by Sioned Davies is available in the Oxford World Classics series.

The ritual offering of apples and the planting of seed with Marvin (Morning Wood) as my partner in Rigantona’s temple grotto below the east tower of Blackthorn castle on December 18th went well. The spiral staircase down to the temple area in the foundation is hazardous to navigate especial while wearing pointe-shoes, but hand rails have been installed and sawdust has been scattered on the treads to improve traction as moisture is still a problem. The steps are swept periodically. The old sawdust is burnt in the three ancient temple braziers found under layers of trash dumped in the area when it was being used as a garbage pit for several hundred years. Then fresh sawdust is applied to the treads.

The peat fires scented with sawdust and evergreen resin burning in the braziers kept the place warm even though the fires were drawing well so that the grotto was smoke free. I was CD7 and almost fertile so I wore an Oves cap screwed down tight on my cervix. At first Marvin took me doggie style on a thick soft bed of fresh hay. He was magnificently erect and after he skillfully fingered the shaft of my clit I was quivering and gasping with desire as he spread my labia and inserted himself. With a single swift thrust his glans bottomed out in my posterior fornix causing me to gasp and moan with delight. Then with a few quick thrusts he came spewing semen all over my Oves cap. The second time he took me in missionary on my back with a robe under my buns to raise my hips. The third time I mounted him astride taking my pleasure before I gave him Pompoir milking him of his seed while he remained still as I rode him to orgasm.

In residence at Blackthorn Castle: While, Bea, the Dryads, Bryony and Claire, and Willow (for only a few days) are in residence with me and away from the distractions that are available in London not to mention London over Christmas and New Year and since we have virile men available I’m teaching my wards more of the tricks of fetish seduction. None of my wards have romantic attachments to the men so there is no problem having them rotate between women. Marvin also participates in this male circulation between our beds so I get to enjoy the scents, sounds and attention of a series of young lovers with marvelous sexual stamina.  

FCM in the dome for fetish sex: Some men like to lick the fertile cervical mucus out of the dome of a partner’s diaphragm. For this fetish the latex FS diaphragm is ideal since it is very difficult to under-thrust a properly fitted and correctly inserted a flat spring rim thus providing excellent contraceptive protection. In addition, the wearer’s reproductive tract secretions: FCM, natural arousal lubricant as well as an unprotected lover’s semen act as a marinade for the latex to develop a strong rubbery odor within a few hours of continuous wearing.

The newer Caya silicone diaphragm with its smaller 55mm diameter cervix cup can be easier to insert and remove than a traditional diaphragm and the matte finish on the convex side of the dome stimulates a partner’s glans amazingly well. However, even after continuous wearing for more than 48 hours it doesn’t develop nearly as strong a fishy odor as a latex device does which can be a down-side for a rubber fetishist who is fond of the strong bouquet of what one of my friends who hates the smell calls rotting rubber. 

Dryad Lust Training: I’ve been working with the Bryony and Claire as they learn how The Costume Club (AKA Clever Cunts) Hostesses tease members into a sexual encounter of one sort or another. The member’s fantasy can be to have sex with a classical ballerina in pointe shoes, tutu and tights or a bondage ballerina in high quality leather ballet-boots. Or it might be just to watch a Hostess dress or undress while she talks to the member and there is no physical contact. In both cases the Hostess changes out of street clothes into what ever costume and pointe footwear the member she is with desires while he watches. Then she does a barre warm-up which as you can imagine is quite limited if the Hostess is in ballet-boots rather than pointes because of their weight and the boots forcing the feet to remain pointed. During her ballet barre the Hostess sweats in her pointes or boots and the smell of estrogenic sweat dampened leather or melted paste from the blocks of Freed pointes which can be a major turn-on for the member.

An additional aspect is an impregnation fantasy where the Hostess inserts a cervical barrier as contraception for the scene. Of course she has a frameless, stringless GyneFix copper bead IUD implanted for contraception so when the member pulls out her diaphragm or FemCap and fills her with jets of hot, thick, creamy semen containing hundreds of millions of sperm some of which swim in to her uterus they are quickly immobilized by the copper ions of the IUD beads which are slowly dissolving providing very effective contraception. The nice thing about a copper IUD is that it can’t be made less effective by accidental or intentional manipulation of her progestin level by meds, diet pills or counterfeit pills. Too, periods with heavier flow for some women with copper IUDs allows those Hostesses to provide members with heavy flow menstrual sex which not surprisingly is in considerable demand as their wives and/or girlfriends often will refuse them menstrual sex.

Then too there is the worship scene where the member/client kneels before the hostess and masturbates into the laces of her boots or the ribbons of her points. Cleaning the dried semen out of the laces of ballet-boots requires drying them with a hair dryer then scrubbing the laces with a stiff bristle brush which gets most of the dried flakes out however, if the hostess is one who gets a lot of members spewing semen in her laces then every day or two the laces need to be totally removed the boots cleaned and oiled and laces washed dried and replaced.

My new dive facility: While at Blackthorn Castle over the Winter Solstice, Christmas and New Years holidays I am going to begin training my wards in deep diving SCUBA sex using the new dive facility constructed over the past year. Bea and Willow are familiar with the skills required but sex while deep diving will be new to the Dryads. Returning readers will recall that I had a dive facility built that is far better than the 64 ft deep one at my former home in Nevada. This one has two depths; one 64 ft. and the other 136 ft both 25 feet in diameter and within the same concrete silo.

At a depth of 34 ft. (10.4 m) of freshwater, the sum of atmospheric (14.7 psi) at sea level and hydrostatic pressures equal 29.4 lbs. at 68 feet the pressure will be 44.1 psi, at 102 feet the pressure will be 58.8 psi and at 136 ft. the pressure will be 73.5 psi or a hydrostatic pressure of five atmospheres. It has the capability of surface supplying four divers simultaneously at the bottom of the 136 ft. portion and have Nitrox and Trimix capability as well as refilling standard gas cylinders.

The dive facility is buried beneath the ground on the opposite side of the castle from the stream, a tributary of the Severn, and will be reached by a passageway and dressing rooms off the castle cellars. Water comes from the stream and be heated by an extension off the hot water radiator system - on a different heating zone - from the biomass boiler. The dive facility was supposed to be completed by summer, but was finished in September and it took a month to fill and another week to warm the water to a temp in the mid seventies Fahrenheit.


  1. Good evening, well as I mentioned before that I had a lot of issues about this certain part - "Be sure they aren't taking meds or diet pills that could reduce the effectiveness of the progesterone being released by their implants. You don't want one becoming pregnant from an encounter during your initiation... Or do you? I find getting me pregnant is a fantasy of many of my male partners..."
    I am bad with most pills and hormones related stuff... so that is why asked your help, I check at least a few times before I go on, so girls last time they had any antibiotics, caffeine and even citrus fruits... when talk is about pills, as far I know 8 cases of pregnancy in close friends circle that was related to grapefruits, lemons, lime at this summer.
    so girls passed all questions and health card shows no visits to any doctor till last month to get full STD and to get get implant, last time it was like near year ago with common cold or influenza. so everything all right, as well my hands even with constant touch with chemicals and heat so hardened well enough to put into despair any spa center, after evening with cosmetology students as an experimental rabbit I get so good hand care and manicure that not sure if I can get that in my hometown cabinets or clinics, all students just finishing and moving out from here to any where in the world and for me my after visit in dorms my hands warm and sensitive again,
    so finding implants and any abnormal tissues around implant should be easy task, so if anything that alerts me, then without questions I will use Caya. as well there is official document prepared by lawyer and certified by a notary that I am not responsible for pregnancies here after encounter.
    So I just care about girls to much here, instead "busting a nut" and I am happy and done.
    As well my backpack ready: white clothes and robe for ceremony, two Caya boxes, water based lube, massage oils and natural essential oils in case if girls not ready or to scared or to nervous for intercourse, few bottles of sports drink, first aid kit, lot of candles, some bread and salt for offering, spare clothes and my stealth wire saw(since ruined music festival in the woods few years ago when drugged retard got in camping area and injured few people, I always have it when I am outside of city) oh and pack of ibumetin 600mg. so I am ready I think. now last thing left I barely had any sleep thinking about virgin girl, I am afraid to ruin her sexual life if I get to
    rough or cause to much pain.
    and this comes from very my first time when I was 16 and lady who took my cherry was near 30's I had nice lesson about virginity, I had the same fun as not circumcised guys with condom had in one post u mentioned, that accident and request for only after circumcision is accepted for en pointe test, for me that was intentional act and lesson what girls can feel at first time, to remember it for rest of my life

    1. It sounds as though you have covered all the bases. I hope the virgin you will be with does not have a hymen that will be torn during penetration as that can be extremely painful and tearing it can put the woman off sex perhaps forever!

    2. good morning, yes I think she still have, that one of reasons why I am so cautious about virgins, for me that was not so bad, well in the morning I saw quite show when I woke up, my first got scolded for doing that that again with not circumcised virgin boy, by her personal doctor, the he spent nearly 20 minutes to inspect my penis and glands for any possible damage and I was alright, just tired and sleepy


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