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Celtic Goddess Rhiannon, Lust Training

The Celtic Goddess Rhiannon

The Photo: A depiction of Rhiannon as redhead like me - though my hair is longer, finer and softer – which, since I seem to be channeling her to some considerable extent while I’m at Blackthorn Castle, is appropriate.

Channeling Rhiannon: The Oxford scholar of Celtic mythology, who is overseeing the dig in the lowest levels of the east tower of Blackthorn Castle, has determined the site is a temple to the Celtic Goddess Rhiannon (pronounced Ree-an-non). She is a Goddess of the earth and fertility, of horses and birds as well as inspiration and the moon. The temple is in the foundation of the east tower one of the earliest parts of the castle which was built in the early 1300s or before almost certainly because of the spring which was probably in a grove of oak trees as that was a favorite location for the worship of Celtic deities. My Goddess, Aphrodite, for whom I am a priestess, is fine with that since she sees Rhiannon as a Celtic version of herself as Venus was for the Romans, which for me is a good thing since I would not want to be caught between two competing goddesses. So my celebration of the moon and the Winter Solstice will have a decided Celtic tilt this year, not that it wasn’t at Location Z.  Too, I think celebrating on the feast day of Rhiannon will consist of a smaller ceremony, because of the lack of space in the immediate temple area, though no less intimate consisting primarily of my being inseminated with the standard ritual planting of seed.

A Holy Spring: The fresh water spring found behind a wall of loose stones in a small grotto in the rock on which the castle foundations for the east tower were built accounts for the dampness at the lowest levels. Internal vents channeling fresh air from the winds across the top of the tower have been unclogged so that air can circulate and ritual fires can again be safely built in worship of Rhiannon/Aphrodite. There is nothing we have found in the texts about holy fruit specifically for the Celtic Goddess Rhiannon, though the apple and hazel nuts were thought to be magical. So, I’m going to offer apples and pomegranates since pomegranates are the preferred fruit for offerings to Aphrodite unless we discover more facts before the holy days.   Rhiannon’s birthday is celebrated on July 4th but also at Beltane (May 1st) and tangentially December 18th as the Roman Goddess of horses. Therefore, later this month I will have the first celebration of Rhiannon at the location on which Blackthorn Castle was built in perhaps a thousand years.  

The Landsker Line: From Wikipedia. “The Landsker Line is a term used for the language boundary between the largely Welsh-speaking and largely English-speaking areas in southwest Wales. The English-speaking areas, south of the Landsker line and known as ‘Little England beyond Wales’, are notable for having been English linguistically and culturally for many centuries despite being far from the border with England. The line is noted for being sharp, and for having moved only slightly over the past several centuries.” The closest market town to Blackthorn Castle is Llanidloes well north of the Landsker Line15% of whose population of about 3,000 can speak Welsh.

Lust training for seminarians, continued: I’m finding the students eager to learn and amazed at the immense pleasure a woman with vaginal skills is capable of giving. They are finding the vagina is not just a hot, wet, tight, deep vessel into which a male can insert himself to achieve sexual relief. Almost all the men who have filled me with their seed have admitted that they are very conflicted about lust training as in some taboo compartment in their minds separated from holy orders that they will be taking they want to have the thrill of impregnating me. Or better yet while thrusting into me pretend I’m their sister or their best friend’s wife or mom. I love it when they confide those longings as then I know who to concentrate more of my pelvic skills on. However, I try not to get too involved with any of them. It would be amazingly easy and cruel to addict one or more of them to fetish sex and inadvertently tie them to me on a psychological penis leash since when they complete lust training they could develop separation anxiety.

Aside from that though I think should any of them who leave the priesthood or convert to the Anglican faith there may be a down side to taking my Lust Training course. I think it’s likely that I will have ruined them for sex with a vanilla woman. That’s because (and I don’t say this to brag) as an Escort trainer I have the body and pelvic skills that very few vanilla women will ever have. So having exposed the men to the delights of Pompoir and the Mare’s Trick among other pelvic skills, which are for a man mind blowing examples of the muscle control a woman can bring to pleasuring a man, it’s quite possible that the seminarians who have taken Lust Training with me will be expecting far more in bed than a typical vanilla woman knows how to give and therefore will never be satisfied unless they fall in love with a talented Escort.

As this in being written I’ve only been training Seminarians for seven days and two of them have already dropped out of the course for medical reasons. One because intense sexual activity triggered an epileptic seizure because no one knew he had a seizure disorder. The second student had a minor heart attack just as he came in me and vomited in my hair while he was still on top of me. Both are in a local hospital until they are stable enough to be released. Their families will be told that they became ill during ‘intense athletic exercise’, which is not too far off the mark since it was educational/recreational sex.  The injuries have caused the Head Master to rethink his desire to have his seminarians participate in Lust training w/o first undergoing a stress test to see if they are healthy enough for sexual activity.

The other seminarian Lust Training candidates have now quickly undergone stress tests so I shouldn’t have any more medical emergencies during training encounters. The young men are so grateful I am spending what one called ‘quality time’ with them and the stamina of 18 y/os is marvelous most being able to get off three times in 30 minutes w/o using a performance enhancing medication. 


  1. So what do u recommend to see in current shows or clubs in Vegas for pointe enthusiasts? Trip coming up soon

    1. I've been out of touch with what's going on in Vegas for almost a year so I really don't know. My group was one of the few that performed en pointe. There may be some lounge acts or perform in some of the smaller clubs that work in pointe shoes. I hope you enjoy your time in LV!

  2. Hello and oh my goddess I just recently found your blog, that was something I was looking for, like for few years. So far I am not done to read most of if but learned something along the way, so not even sure how to thank you and this article got me sky high to perform tantric sex in place like this altar to collect as much sexual energy from past and current time and let it go off at very end of activity. but so far for me is my Winter solstice offering, cause I belong to Romuva (traditional ethnic religion of Baltic pagan in Lithuania before their Christianization in 1387) as old baltic religion revives after centuries and I get chance to become one of followers when I turn 25 :)
    so can I ask more info about experience at such locations as ancient altars ?
    P.S sorry for my bad English grammar, been a while when I last time had something to write
    Yours faithfully, Aras

    1. Welcome Aras! I'm so glad to meet another convert to the Old Ways! Best wishes for your celebration of the Winter Solstice!

    2. I just get purification this time so innocent things with some fire and washing up in cold water in the river that is about to freeze, still 24 here :) even so, but to active and had to much trouble with ladies lately... I have so many questions for you, but not sure if I should bug you (not nice to keep lady locked near computer or phone at evening)

    3. Hi again Aras. Yes cold water seems to be a staple of worshiping Goddesses in the old ways. I'm not sure I can answer your questions, but you are welcome to ask. I know nothing about Lithuanian Gods.

    4. well Hello again, I had dive in river so I am kinda ready(well to be honest little bit nervous), but still have some time for finishing touch, my biggest trouble is safety and pleasures, when mass media and country almost ready to brainwash you that there is no such thing as sex...
      my health test is good and full STD tests all negative and I want them to stay like that, but when stuff comes to action and I ask girl about safety she prefers or some one is using and well..... most of times I decide stay away, at my age I had to many preggers and clean up done, pills almost no use, Mirena, gets pushed out of its place, if I go all out in heat, around in clinics I find offers for copper based but almost all of them is with plastic parts and I had trouble with them to so what is left implants or is there any other ways around ?

    5. You should be nervous as initiation for postulates can be stressful. I hope you do well. I’m glad your STI panel was negative. That’s a requirement for both parties participating in the ritual planting of seed during celebrations. Having your partner on some effective method of contraception is very important too as pregnancy can complicate a woman’s life considerably. A copper bead GyneFix frameless IUD can be very effective and if properly implanted can withstand the wearer having very rough sex. A copper IUD can also make periods heavier if she doesn’t mind and you are in to menstrual sex. The Progestin implant Nexplanon works well for most women and is not affected by rough vaginal sex so that might be an option. I assume you don’t want to use condoms, but they can be very effective if correctly used.

      Of course as you know I prefer cervical barriers, either a diaphragm or a cervical cap. With a cervical barrier one has to be very obsessive about proper use as they are unforgiving of oopses and just-this-once events. You can get a single size silicone Caya diaphragm (it is a one-size-fits-most fits device) on the internet. It would make a great gift for a partner and if she is on hormones a great toy for acting out rape fantasies by pulling her Caya out, stuffing it in her mouth as a gag and then filling her with your seed.

      However, if your female partner has an IUD inserted with strings coming out of her cervix a diaphragm or cap should not be worn because the IUD strings might stick to the cervical barrier and the IUD could be pulled out when the diaphragm or cap is removed.


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