Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Wishing all my readers the blessings of this holiday season!


  1. Merry Naughty Christmas! and wild New Year, leaving old ones with a blast and greeting new with afterglow :)
    Thank You for all your help and support, ritual is done, virgin is new my headache now, few things changed on the way to ritual, but everything went well, only bad thing was to get rid of blood and not so bad feeling dry empty and tired, I will write more details later on when I get some rest and a good nap, 70+ hours without sleep not going to well with me

    1. Hi Aras! Merry Christmas! I'm so glad your initiation/induction into the old ways went well. It's something you will remember all your life!

    2. Good evening, as I promised I give some more details, on initiation, everything went according plan I noted before, but few things changed on the way, instead of river as planned, that was in lake near by because of strong winds sky cleared up and there was moon path in the lake, so that is good sign and as well perfect purification, full moon and path on the lake is considered as best way to purify body and mind as well same goes for soul, I was going in lake with all my white clothes and white robe, lake was clear and deep, sandy shore with water below my knees went to cliff and one step 10 meters depth dive, that was fun, after nice dive I got back on shore and got naked, and I had offer to use robe made from wolf skin, that was nice and fluffy and way to hot to wear, then with all my escort I went back to forest for second part and blood offering ceremony, I had to sit inside salt and ash circle, till prayer was done then I had to put on my mask and offer my blood for holy fire,
      after that nice meal and "quite few" traditional drinks after that I was accepted to manhood, then was final part, I got splashed with blood and last consecration and greetings as well new path to move on to last part.
      Nearly midnight, I was near tent at bottom of devil's pit and priestess was waiting for me.
      As I expected they both nervous, so all started with massages from me that almost ended everything (rubber like, relaxed and almost sleepy) well any way both of them was feeling better and comfortable after massages was done.
      First seed offer was for Aušrinė priestess that was done quite fast in few hours, next was virgin Milda priestess, so I had perfect timing with getting softer a bit for her first time with some lube and her on top I went in without her even noticing that is all inside then after lithe moving I got hard again and she only noticed that is not enough space to get my "mini me" all way inside, that was fun and wet ride till the sunrise with me dry empty, lots of sperm inside her and and orgasms.
      And that was new trouble for me, now I am at my home, and she with my gf having fun in the kitchen and talking how to abuse me again in my first rubber that I got for Christmas from my gf and bad part that rubber is from extreme restraints to tie me up :)

    3. I'm so glad that things went well for you and the priestesses. Occasionally a virgin can be a problem if the man is too large and she is taken in missionary or entered from behind. Woman astride is far better with a new or large man as she can control the angle and depth of penetration which makes it ideal for both. Welcome to the Old Ways!


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