Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Winter Solstice celebration, The Wells

Winter Solstice sunrise in the woods

The Photo: Pristine snow in a forest on a cold December morning heralding the arrival of winter.

The Winter Solstice: At sunrise 8:23 GMT today, the Winter Solstice, it was clear and very windy. So windy in fact (my portable anemometer was reading gusts to 66 mph) that I forbade my wards from participating with Marvin and I exposed on the fighting top of the east tower. I have to admit they were not disappointed to have been allowed to stay indoors.  In lieu of shearling robes like those previously used at Location Z Marvin and I were in a massive shearling sleeping bag of sorts that had toggle closures. With the wind as strong as it was the temperature in the 50s seemed very cold. The gusts were too strong to have us mate on the stone altar table w/o the danger of being blown off. We tried putting the shearling bag on the altar and caught it just before it was blown off the tower.  So we mated in the bag on the east side of the altar which actually blocked a lot of the wind that was blowing from the south west. Instead of the wind at Location Z moaning through the standing stone tone-holes here it was moaning through the crenels and around the merlons of the crenellations. Being CD11 and fertile I used an Oves cap screwed down tight on my ripe cervix for protection.  

The shearling bag was toasty warm and he took me three times and then we had a lovely afterglow nap. We were up there so long that Charles, my Chamberlin, feared for our safety, and was relieved when we appeared grinning and quite relaxed. Even with gale force winds my first Winter Equinox ritual breeding encounter at Blackthorn castle celebrating the Goddess Aphrodite went wonderfully well.  I am very pleased!

RFID chips for tracking and identification: Returning readers may recall when I was training ballet, gymnastics and swim teams in Las Vegas it was common practice to add a tiny passive electronic chip to an athlete’s diaphragm to ensure she was wearing her diaphragm and to track her attendance. I have instituted the same policy here in the UK. For my wards and the swim teams I train. The diaphragms come with tiny RFID chips glued into the concave side of the dome next to the rim. That way a swimmer can locate her diaphragm with an app on her cell if it is misplaced in a gym bag and I or their team coach can tell which girls are wearing their diaphragms for practices and competitive meets. Of course with my wards I train them to always insert their latex flat spring diaphragm as flood insurance before getting in the water as a girl can never be entirely certain when an opportunity for sex with Dudley Studly might occur.

The Wells: While at the castle for the holidays I’ve had my first opportunity to try out my new dive facility which I’m going to call “The Wells”. Returning readers will recall that the dive facility I had built here is far better than the 64 ft. deep one at my former home in Nevada. This one has two depths; one 64 ft. and the other 136 ft. both 25 feet in diameter and within the same concrete silo next to which are the pumps and heaters, a breathing gas filling station in a separate room, a dive gear room and male and female dressing rooms. The facility has the capability of surface supplying four divers simultaneously at the bottom of the 136 ft. portion and has Nitrox and Trimix capability as well as refilling standard gas cylinders. There are two separate rolling winches that can lift three tons each on tracks above the pools so large bits of hardware can be easily lifted in and out and on to the loading dock.

The whole facility is being overseen by a female Divemaster who had been working out of Aberdeen on North Sea oil rigs. I had been employing her on a job-by-job basis, but I hired her full time as I can hire out the facility for commercial diver training when I won’t be using it and she can hold SCUBA school for my friends and escorts who will need dive-sex training. I might even be able to score some sex with the commercial diver students if I come up while they are in training. It would have to be after class of course, but I could use the sex as a selling point for the school if interest is slight at first.

The students will all need diver qualifying physicals and the women negative pregnancy tests to enter the training because using this facility is serious business even during sex-play. That’s because the depths and pressures are far greater than commercial pools which can be dangerous enough for newbies. At a depth of 34 ft. (10.4 m) of freshwater, the sum of atmospheric (14.7 psi) at sea level and hydrostatic pressures equal 29.4 lbs. at 68 feet the pressure will be 44.1 psi, at 102 feet the pressure will be 58.8 psi and at 136 ft. the pressure will be 73.5 psi or a hydrostatic pressure of five atmospheres. As with Adolph’s dive facility outside Vegas I’m having a safety net hung across the 136 ft. deep well at a depth of 50 feet in case a serious accident occurs and the diver has an uncontrolled descent.

While we are here over the holidays I’ve begun training The Dryads, Bryony and Claire, in deep diving SCUBA sex using the new dive facility. Bea and Willow are familiar with the skills required but sex while deep diving will be new to the Dryads. I made sure everyone brought their OTS Guardian FFMs with them so we can train together diving at depth and with mixed gasses under the supervision of my Divemaster.

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