Thursday, December 17, 2015

Clubbing supplies, Odalisques, first Rhiannon equine celebration

One of my Minaudières by Monique Lhuillier

The Photo: A Minaudière, a Monique Lhuillier evening handbag. “A rose gold-tone tassel and mirrored hardware add glittering appeal to this luxe mink Monique Lhuillier clutch. Zip closure. Leather interior. Fur: Natural Mink, from the United States. Weight: 11oz / 0.31kg. Made in Italy. Measurements Height: 3.25in / 8cm Length: 8.75in / 22.5cm Handle drop: 7in / 18cm.” Actually, this one is more practical for the theater than clubbing since the real mink can be stained by a spilled drink or splattered semen. Just saying…  I bought it at the Monique Lhuillier shop on East 71st Street in NYC. Since the seller wasn’t supposed to ship it out of the U.S. because it was made with mink fur I had one of the flight attendants on Limnaea pick it up for me when they landed there a few weeks ago. Minaudière is pronounced mēnōdˈyer.

Clubbing supplies and equipment: When Clubbing I use the Minaudière I’m carrying (I have several of them) as a miniature slit-kit. I like to keep several disposable applicators of DiveGel+ (a lubricant spermicide/biocide), several latex condoms of various sizes, a spare Oves cap, two 25mg Viagra tablets, a tiny sewing kit to repair torn ribbons as I’m often in pointes, a credit card and £100 in cash in £5 and £10 notes for tipping and cabs. The Pfizer risers are for a partner who needs help focusing after the third time.

Odalisques; the pregnancies continue: Another, the third, of Nikolai’s small harem of dancers I have servicing him to keep him from becoming interested in some of the younger girls in the Corps while he is not at my side has tested positive for hCG. This one thinks she has a weight problem and w/o telling anyone began taking diet pills that sped up her metabolism. The progestin in her IUD that was supposed to suppress ovulation was being eliminated more quickly from her body leaving her IUD far less effective resulting in her pregnancy.  It’s not like she didn’t know. I warned her about the possible effect of diet pills on the efficacy of hormonal contraceptives before I introduced her to Nikolai. It is an inconvenient time for a dancer to be out as the holiday performance schedule is very heavy (not that it was in the least convenient for her either) but she will probably be out more than the standard ten days for recovery from a vacuum aspiration as she is having psychological issues with the termination. Fortunately I had another lovely young dancer as an Odalisque-in-waiting (who has a GyneFix copper IUD inserted) and introduced her to Nikolai while pregnancy #3 was being sucked out of Miss diet-pills.  

The initial Rhiannon equine celebration: Friday, December 18th will be my initial celebration of Rhiannon’s Feastday as the Roman Goddess of horses. As I mentioned in a previous post Cambridge Christmas vacation extends from Monday December 14 (Last day of undergraduate and graduate classes) to Monday January 25, 2016 (when Undergraduate and graduate classes begin.) so Marvin, Morning Wood, will be available and is thrilled to be my partner for the ritual planting of seed. The celebration of her Feastday on the 18th will be far more intimate than the equinox and solstice celebrations that occurred at Location Z.

It should be more like my offering of pomegranates to Aphrodite/Venus in her Roman era temple in the undercroft of Crag Abbey in the mountains overlooking Loch Ness with only myself and my partner as the celebrants. My Celtic expert, the Oxford Don, says this Celtic grotto temple of Rhiannon predates the Roman Aphrodite/Venus temple at Crag Abbey by hundreds of years.  This will be the first time Marvin has been involved in a Goddess celebration and in the foundation grotto under the east tower of Blackthorn castle we will be out of the elements with the torches providing enough heat to make things relatively comfortable when compared to the rain and icy winds of Location Z or on the fighting top of the East tower for the this years Winter Solstice.

Mellten: Mellten is a Welsh word for Lightning. In one of the legends surrounding Rhiannon she is being pursued while riding a horse which can’t be overtaken when she is riding it. So far I’ve found no source that names that horse. So, I’ve decided to rename a lovely young mare in the Blackthorn stables’ Mellten’ in honor of Rhiannon’s horse, until I can find the correct name if was ever set down. Mellten is extremely fast, sure footed, has been trained for fox hunting (actually drag hunting now) and seems very fond of me. When I’m astride her we are like a single entity jumping hedges, ditches and galloping flat out. It feels marvelous to have that much power between my legs and I always end our rides on an amazing high that is almost sexual in its intensity! Umm… well, it is sexual when I have a pair of Ben Wa balls inserted during my ride!

Fortunately I learned to ride when I lived in Southwest Virginia, rode some while in ballet school in upstate NY and rode a bit while in Vegas so it’s just getting used to it again. Being a dancer the balancing and use of my strong legs makes getting back in shape for riding relatively easy.

Riding the Dragon: Marvin and Bea – with a boyfriend - came down to London and on the 16th rode up to Caersws with me, the Dryads, Bryony and Claire, and their current boyfriends for Rhiannon’s first celebration at Blackthorn Castle (on 18 December) in probably 800 years or more. A convoy of Land Rovers met us at the station for the ride to the castle. It’s always fun to have new riders aboard the Dragon as they think traveling in a private railroad car is the height of luxury. Of course it is, but once you get use to it you begin to take it for granted. The weather forecast for Llanidloes (the closest weather forecast to the castle) is for light rain and temps in the low 50s.  Fortunately on the 18th Marvin and I will be inside.

Timing: We will be staying at the Castle until after the first of the year. I’m not yet sure if we will be staying for 12th Night since I want to spend several weeks at my place on Lost Cove on Virgin Gorda. It will be my first major Holiday season as Baroness and I want to do things properly so my villagers won’t say that Edith, my predecessor, could have done it better. Of course Charles, my Chamberlain of the Household, is taking care of the details. All I need to do is pay for it and circulate among the guests. It is for the entire village and all the vendors who have the Barony’s warrant so it is a splendid opportunity to get to know everyone who has anything to do with the running and provisioning of the Barony. I am going to try to be on my best behavior as I will be fertile for the Solstice and ovulate on Christmas day. Isn’t that awesome! The Goddess is looking out for me! I’ll be CD21 and Luteal on New Years so I can take lovers on New Years with no contraceptive protection whatever so I can have live sperm in my tubes and be safe until after my period which should start on January 8th.  

Planning for the Winter solstice: We will be celebrating at sunrise on Tuesday December 22nd and I will have the Dryads; Bryony the daughter of Lord A**** and Claire her cousin, who are working on their PhD theses for doctorates in Clinical Psychology at University College London. As well as Bea, my ward who is a student at Cambridge and Willow, a ballerina who is the granddaughter of the Duke of M****, and is scheduled to dance Nutcracker performances at the ROH on the 18th and 24th so I’m sending The Dragon to pick her up at St Pancras so she can participate in the Winter Solstice celebration. Morning Wood will be my partner, though I’m not sure how he will do with sex on the top of the east tower in a cold rain at dawn. It’s not certain that it will rain then, but there is a very high probability. The other four men I need, one for each of the ladies at the cardinal points of the compass, have yet to be named. Tanaquil will probably send men from the POB which is in the middle of a six week run of La Bayadère at the Ballet Opéra Bastille. It is a ballet requiring a huge corps and few men so we should be able borrow four glorious young males for several days. They can take class daily with the women and all of us can have sexual workouts afterward. Tanaquil will ensure that the men all have had pneumonia vaccine (the women have already) so no one gets seriously ill from sex in an icy rain.


  1. Hello again, so now I know about my ritual: since 22th evening, I will be forbidden to eat till I get my cleaning ritual in the river on 23th, later on manhood party as well blood bath as offering for Perkūnas(atmospheric, strength, power, health, customs, laws and morals watchdog, the creative powers of action, the state god father),
    as well for Velnias(wisdom, darkness, death, attributable to asset values and guardian, primordial, elemental nature cultivated god, creator of the world. Public morality, culture checker rewarding the ones who work honestly, disadvantaged and punishing fools)since this point I will be wearing mask to keep unwanted spirits and guests away, after this done there will be food fest with men and elderly will be masked to, then I get blessing to move on and meet four Priestess of Laima(birth and fortune goddess who accompanied the man all his life. At birth, happiness or publish a man of his possible fate, the way of life and one has to choose a suitable - he is responsible for his choice)
    Žemyna(Goddess who is taking care human vital resources, closely associated with the mother)
    and last one rite is Aušrinė(Lithuanian mythology - the morning star (Venus), the goddess of beauty, which was considered a great beauty maiden) and Milda (love, beauty, youth, goddess of virgins ideal)they must get specific offering with seed and blood, for that there will be tent made from spruce and pine branches covered in animal furr and skins, inside will be "bed" made from dry hay, dry leaves and the magic infused herbs and topped with wolf and fox furr,deep in the forest that no one can disturb in specific place called Vlenio duobė(Devil's pit (or Devil's Hole) - Geological natural monument (since 1964.), Located 4 km north-west of Aukštadvaris (Trakai district), towards Beižionių, Aukštadvaris district (10.16 sqm.) The hills in the woods, Aukštadvaris Regional Park Mergiskiu landscape Reserve. The width of 60-65 m - 200 m. The area of 0.04 to 4.5 ha. Depth - 30-40 m. The thickness of the peat layer at the bottom of about 9.5 meters. Introduced in Europe's most protected natural monument 100 list. Mythological-sacral cultural heritage), all ritual is done when sun is starting to rise, then maidens decides if I was worth or not to be reborn if yes yes then food and drinking fest to celebrate new family member, later on when I turn 25 I have to pick god to serve and I'm hoping no more sex covered in drying blood deep in the sacred forest......... sex ok with me, but not that kind of kink like bloodbath

    1. The old ways often use blood, often menstrual blood, in cleansing rituals as menstrual blood is a potent sign of female preparation of the womb to accept a fertilized egg. Wishing you good luck in your initiation!

    2. GyneFix would be nice but I can see it is not around here. well for me something new is fun, so my gf going to suffer my naughty fun with Caya diaphragm tomorrow and no biggie for me to see touch or smell some blood and even I'm kinda to sensitive for this, at very first time that as seriously WTF!!!!! same girl passing by and my mind going blank and starting to get horny, later on I realized what in the world is going on, ohh and happy Rhiannon equine celebration for you it is tomorrow or today at my time !!!!! kinda jealous here...... till morning, home alone and having wild boar bbq ribs :)just not sure if I finish it the old way like me grandpa did, with boar blood as fast Iron and minerals source

    3. How are you getting a Caya so Quickly? She needs to use spermicide in the dome and use only a water base intimate lube not something with vegetable oil or petroleum in it as that will destroy a Caya.

      The BBO ribs sound wonderful!

      My celebration of Rhiannon's equine feastday went well. I'm still draining my partner's liquefied semen. Regardless of how much I Kegel out there is still some that was up in the fornices that eventually wets the gusset of my tights.

    4. well I still have some old connections when I was working as part timer in adult toy store, so after asking they said come to old office and pick some and well that was nice celebration, how is your partner today? half dead or still alive and kicking? or just like me cums a lot and keeps going ? :) yes picked up water based lube and silicone based but not sure if I use it I had bad experience with silicone based lubes before and well yes I hate condoms they make my "quickie" ~30-40 minutes so kinda awful when I do that with gf in public place. quickie should be 15 max or so... and for my incarnation I have more details in, one is well experienced and on ferility time and other is virgin to get her new incarnation... that will be allowed reincarnation from Milda to Aušrinė, because Milda is virgin's ideal and next step is Aušrinė that is related to Venus and as well to Aphrodite I think(if I'm wrong please correct me here).
      well my gf liked that play with Caya and had nice cramp and orgasm, still kinda not feeling my fingers even now.
      so I have three Caya packs in case, one used for fun and rest of them safe in my pocket (and well one wtf again Caya is half illegal here!!! not approved by some kind medical organization or whatever) so after naughty morning some butt play with my gf to test again my erection control now thinking to take virgin half squishy and get all 100% hard only inside when my toy is wet and slick enough, so how about this idea to use or I should make to take it all hard ? and well both Priestess have implants for five years inserted like last month so I know where they are and I can check :)
      so as well I am ready for purification had another dip in the river today after meditation in my corner and 39.2F here at this moment + heavy rain had good time there, strong mist with almost no visibility and ideal silence that was little hard to adjust again to sounds in the city, so for me... well I am getting calm and ready.
      But then again I want get out out form this country at any cost even with my soul and life I am ready to pay.
      intense meditation got my horny urges sky high and even now I have hard on for no reason.........

    5. I'm glad you got several Caya barriers. They are such fun to use! About your Priestess's implants... Be sure they aren't taking meds or diet pills that could reduce the effectiveness of the progesterone being released by their implants. You don't want one becoming pregnant from an encounter during your initiation... Or do you? I find getting me pregnant is a fantasy of many of my male partners.


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