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Boxing Day, diving the well

This year Monday 28 December is Boxing Day

The Photo: A caution to frenzied UK after Christmas sales shoppers

Blackthorn Barony and Boxing Day: The Oxford English Dictionary gives the earliest attestations of the term as being from England in the 1830s, defining it as 'the first week-day after Christmas-day, observed as a holiday on which post-men, errand-boys, and servants of various kinds expect to receive a Christmas-box'. However there are indications that gift giving to tradesmen and servants on the day after Christmas began long before that name was attached to the custom.

Presently in UK Boxing Day is the day after Christmas. However, because Christmas is on Friday this year Boxing Day is celebrated on the following Monday, December 28th. These days in the UK, Boxing Day is a bank holiday when the after Christmas sales begin. Traditionally ‘Christmas boxes’ contained money or presents and the Barony’s ‘boxes’ for employees who have performed satisfactorily throughout the year contain a sum of money equal to at least 10% of the servants annual wage. The Barony’s boxes are distributed to employees by the Baroness on the afternoon before Boxing Day and to tradesmen and others on Boxing Day itself.

 For her female employees my predecessor Edith, as 22nd Baroness Blackthorn, began a tradition in the late 90s of allowing most of the Barony’s women servants to travel to London aboard The Dragon the night before to attend the sales on Boxing Day. The minimum staff that stayed behind on Boxing Day to provide hospitality services to the castle are taken to London for the sales aboard The Dragon the following Monday. Anyone who has been in domestic service in a major household knows how tightly they are run so having time off with meals, transportation and lodging (sleeping aboard the Dragon in very comfy reclining seats) on their employer’s dime is very rare. Although the excursion is not entirely w/o oversight since very junior staff are in the care of senior staff members on the trip to ensure no harm comes to them. Male staff gets an equal amount of time off to hunt or fish on Barony land. So that has proved an extremely popular tradition.

Multi-bed hyperbaric chamber: The four bed industrial multiplace hyperbaric chamber (MHC) was the last piece of major equipment installed in my dive facility. It was installed in a space reserved for it after I decided that I could rent out the facility as a diver school when I wasn’t using it and needed an MHC to ensure I had the equipment needed to get the necessary approvals and licence. It’s an upgrade from the one that is about six years old that Adolph, my friend in Vegas, has installed for his dive facility that was used also by women in residence at his Spa, The Lorelei, near by.  

Diving the Well: I try not to vary my exercise routine very much regardless of what is going on around me because at my age I can’t afford not to keep my body in top dancing condition. That’s especially true over the holidays when fattening foods and sweets are so plentiful so that it is harder to keep the pounds off. So after my daily ballet barre and pointe classes I’ve been diving the shallower, 64 ft., well for dive-sex with one of the ballet-boys who are here to provide erotic companionship over the holidays. Carla fitted him with one of the Guardian FFMs reserved for guests. I chose him because he is very well endowed, is an avid SCUBA diver and has a reputation as a considerate partner and an awesome underwater fuck.

I find it amazingly exciting to hang restrained by an ankle leash weightless tethered to the floor 64 feet below the surface sucking gas while having my brains fucked out by a marvelous hunky and very experienced lover.  At that depth using regular gas rather than a Nitrox mix I sometimes get just a touch of nitrogen narcosis which heightens my danger if I’m not careful. To avoid that we breathe Enriched Air Nitrox with 32% oxygen (EAN32) to minimize the chance of nitrogen narcosis and extend dive time w/o decompression. Even so I have deco lines and spare air hung in both wells for periodic decompression stops the last being at 15 feet if needed. After sex I love having an afterglow nap while still tethered to the bottom. I have my computer set to alarm when I’ve reached table limits and I need to deco during ascent. Dive-sex uses a lot of air as air consumption techniques are pretty much ignored as you are racing toward and at orgasm so we use 130 cu ft HP steel tanks. That way we can usually have at least three encounters and a nap before we ascend.   

Since it’s after Christmas I’m luteal, I ovulated on Christmas day, so right now I don’t need a cervical barrier for contraception. I just need reproductive tract protection for ‘flood insurance’ to prevent having water forced into my uterus from the hydraulics of a lover’s thrusts if or when my vagina floods which is a common occurrence for women during dive-sex.  Ideal for dive-sex flood insurance is a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm because silicone lube so necessary for extended intercourse underwater can be safely used with a latex diaphragm and unlike arcing and coil spring rim diaphragms the flat spring rim is nearly impossible to under-thrust even when the man is intentionally trying.

After inserting my Reflexions I always squat push, down to force my cervix closer to the entrance to my vagina and use my fingers to express the air out of the dome forcing the stretchy rubber deep into my anterior fornix to be held there by the suction which appreciably increases the strength of the suction in the dome and therefore the strength of the seal and the safety of the device.

Female staff off: Three thirteen passenger vans took the ladies of the castle staff down to Caersws to board The Dragon for the overnight trip to London for the sales. They will sleep and eat aboard the train and the Dragon will be parked at an unused platform at St Pancras so they can breakfast and leave for the sales when the stores open. They were so excited! I’m glad to be able to do something to please them as they work very hard to please me during the year.

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