Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tim in Grishko boots, he returns to duty

Lovely men’s black leather ballet-boots

The Photo: Grishko 03223 Ballet Boots with Foldover. This style, with a 38 cm length, has a thin split leather sole with pleats, and no heel.  It could be made with a full sole. (03224). The elastic inset is on the inside of the boot at the top. Ballet boots need to fit very closely and be snug on the feet, so they should be made to individual measurements. Material and Color: Black Velour, Black, White, Gold or Silver Leather. Size 36-47

A Grishko fitter from the Covent Garden Dancia London shop came up to the castle to fit both Marvin and Tim for the Grishko 03223 boots in black, the ones with the split soles and pleated toes so the wearer can feel the floor. The pleated toes also allow a partner if properly positioned to see the wearer’s toes to curl w/o cramping during orgasm. Nikolai already has several pairs he wears for roles. Even with a rush order and breathtaking expediting charges the boots didn’t arrive while Marvin was with me and I have no intention of sending them on to him in Cambridge where he can strut around in them impressing Miss GyneFix née Implanon. Speaking of whom she is doing well after her successful vacuum aspiration though not being able to have vaginal sex with her for ten days is giving Marvin a fit though he is allowed to finger her clit to take her to orgasm and splatter her breasts and belly with his seed. But I digress…

Tim in Grishko ballet boots: The boots for both Tim and Marvin came air express and courier (you have no idea of the cost!) this past Friday so I had three days to have sex with him while he was wearing them. Having him strut around on the wooden floor on demi-pointe in them with the leather creaking, the strong new leather scent mixed with testosterone laced sweat, the whisper of the pleated toes brushing the floor during tendus and dégagés and how virile he looked in his boots, rolled tights and the lovely genital bulge of his dance belt made me wet just looking at him. I had no idea that having a partner take me while wearing masculine soft leather boots would be such a massive turn-on. The scent and creak of the leather and looking at his booted legs and feet in the mirror as I bent over holding on to the barre as he thrust into me from behind was marvelous. And the pressure on my toes while en pointe in Freeds for ballet-sex with him gave me the touch of masochism I needed to thoroughly enjoy the encounter! On Sunday, the 17th I was CD9 and fertile so I needed to cervical protection. I wore a Caya as he likes to rub his glans against the slightly textured dome of the cervix cup. We had marvelous sex made more special because we knew we would be apart for some time and there is a chance that we may never see each other again.

Tim returns to duty: All went well in our trip to Cardiff with a bit of sightseeing before dinner at Gateway of India where I had Rogan gosh, a spicy lamb curry; Curry Samosas, Papadum, Naan and spiced tea which I love. It was delicious! I went with him to the airport and while we said good bye he finger-fucked me against an alcove wall while I tried to suck his tongue out. It was a very emotional but sweet parting and he was licking his fingers as he walked out to the plane.

Souvenir exchange: As I write this I’m wearing one of Tim’s military olive tees that on me makes a lovely and rather modest tunic coming to just above the knee. It is infused with the wonderful scent of his testosterone laced sweat from our ballet classes and ballet-sex encounters and even has semen stains where I dribbled a bit when he slipped out while I was giving him fellatio. I’m not going to wash it until he either sends me another sweaty one (without the semen stains unless he masturbates on it for me) or he comes back so I can help him sweat into one that I can peel off him and be covered in his marvelously heady male aroma.

I gave him a pair of my sweat soaked bespoke Freed pointes with ¾ leather shanks along with a pair of silicone toe pads that have my toe cheese in them both of which I wore the last time we had ballet-sex. They were a souvenir of our time together and he seemed very pleased with the gift as it has significance for us both. I put them in a Ziploc bag to keep the scent in and not have the studio grime on the soles soil the clothes in his bag.       

I’m taking care to avoid contaminating Tim’s tee with my breast milk as I don’t want to wash the tee and the stench of rancid breast milk will mask the toe curling male musk of his scent. That means I wear LilyPadz or a sports bra or both under the tee when I’m wearing it because when I’m aroused my nipples sometimes leak. Actually not wanting to get breast milk on his tee is a good reason to wear a bra during class since with lactating breasts, even though they are high, firm and relatively small (B cups) when I jump and turn it’s best to support them as they haven’t yet begun to sag and I’d like to prevent that for as long as possible. I love taking class in his shirt as my estrogenic sweat mixes with his and with the aroma coming off that shirt and then me masturbating on a pleasure bracket in the castle’s old studio I can fantasize about Tim fingering me to climax. 

Return to Blackthorn castle: The return trip from Cardiff aboard The Dragon was uneventful. I occupied myself by reading some briefing papers on the Barony’s mining interests as on Wednesday I’ll be going south just over the border into Carmarthenshire to inspect a mine that has been a source of a good bit of the Barony’s wealth for a very long time. The forecast is for sunny weather, but below freezing temperatures so at least it should be dry for the mine tour.  Eventually I did sleep fitfully on the train dreaming of Tim. A Land Rover and driver were waiting for me at Caersws and took me home.

On a lighter note: The British Parliament set out this past Monday afternoon (January 18th) to debate a question that is often argued in the U.S. but has never before been taken up in the halls of Westminster: Is Donald Trump dangerous? Or is he merely a buffoon? For a U.S. view of that see the article in the Washington Post which can be read: HERE   

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