Sunday, January 24, 2016

Mine inspection, girl-girl with Anya, Zika virus

A nugget of gold from northern Wales photo National Museum of Wales

The Photo: Welsh Gold. “Waterworn gold nugget 20 mm in length and 6.5 g. Found in 2001 following severe flash-floods on the Afon Wen, Gwynedd. Nuggets of this size are now exceptionally rare in North Wales rivers following centuries of prospecting. © J.S. Mason.” National Museum of Wales. Records indicate nothing approaching the size of this nugget has been found in the stream near the Barony’s mine.

Blackthorn Barony minerals: In the north east part of Carmarthenshire, near village of Pumsaint is the oldest known gold mine in Wales, the Dolaucothi, which was worked by the Romans around 74 AD, but may have been worked by Bronze age settlers long before that. The Dolaucothi mine on the River Cothi is now owned by the National Trust. However, further north and east into the Cambrian Mountains is a small gold mine on Barony property which is still operating working a rich vein of very rare Welsh gold.

Charles, my Chamberlain of the Household and Estate Manager, had set up the tour and accompanied me. I got to talk to the miners their foreman and the works manager over lunch. They had come up to the castle, on a Barony provided shuttle, on Boxing Day to receive their boxes and my thanks, but I had been looking forward to meeting them again this time in situ. I had never been in an underground mine before even though I was born in a coal mining town in Southwest Virginia. When I was growing up they didn’t have take your daughter to work day in the mines, not that they do now either. So this was my first time in a working mine of any kind much less a gold mine that I own. Well, the barony owns it but it’s under my stewardship while I’m Baroness. 

My wards return:  Their vacation at Lost Cove on Virgin Gorda is over. Undergraduate and graduate classes begin at Trinity College Cambridge this Monday January 25 so Bea is now back at Cambridge. The Dryads (Bryony and Claire) will be back researching male fetishes for their doctorates in Psychology at the Costume Club AKA Clever Cunts in London. I didn’t get to enjoy the warm sun and clear water in the BVIs over the year end holidays, but my responsibilities as Baroness and Tim being here made it essential as well as a pleasure to remain in residence at Blackthorn Castle. I should be able to get some beach time before hurricane season begins in June.  Anya is staying with me at the castle for several weeks as her scheduler doesn’t have another assignment for her at the moment and here she can continue her workouts to remain in shape.

The Zika virus: Fortunately the Zika virus is not yet in the BVIs so my wards and Anya were safe. Zika, which resembles a light case of the flu, is spread by mosquitoes and is often so mild that people don't realize they have it. But health officials in Latin America say the tropical fever is linked to neurological problems and a surge in microcephaly, a condition in which babies are born with abnormally small heads. The defect can cause brain damage and death. While there is no vaccination using effective contraception or termination can avoid the tragedy of a baby with microcephaly. However, there is another possible problem as Zika seems to have a connection with Guillain-Barre syndrome which in severe cases can leave a sufferer partially paralyzed and that is a terror for athletic women like dancers!  For more about the Zika virus see the U.S. CDC site HERE.

Anya as a sex partner: Anya and I get along amazingly well as a couple since she can be very submissive when she wants to be and with me she wants to be almost always. As this is written I’m CD15 and ovulated yesterday, not that it matters at the moment as I have no male partner with me now, even so I wear an FemCap cervical cap to protect my cervix (reserving wearing an Oves or a latex Reflexions diaphragm for when I’m playing with a man or sperm-bank semen) should Anya blow or force compressed gas into my vagina during play. Anya also wears a FemCap to protect herself for the same reason when we play. Too, a FemCap can be worn down to a depth of 25 to 30 feet w/o discomfort (due to squeeze) to prevent water being forced into the vagina if we are using dildos during dive-sex. Also FemCap can be used as a thrust-buffer as the removal strap acts to prevent a dildo from ramming the cervix by distributing the force of the blow to the vaginal walls and fornices leaving the cervix under a correctly sized FemCap untouched.

For contraceptive protection Anya has switched to Nexplanon (the single rod upper arm implant which releases etonogestrel) which given her job is a better option than an IUD and she is getting along well on that progestin as it has caused amenorrhea (her periods have stopped) and she hasn’t any other side effects like affecting her libido which is wonderful.  She likes to breast feed and is a very gentle when she milks me, but can be delightfully rough if I want her to gently bite my nipples. She loves having me manipulate her G-spot and the shaft of her clitoris with my rubber gloved fingers. She has a wonderfully strong pelvic grip so during her vaginal contractions her grip on my gloved fingers can be uncomfortable.

We both wear latex exam gloves for vaginal play since neither of us are allergic to latex and the heat transfer properties are superior to nitrile gloves. We wear gloves because even though our nails are short and we wash our hands wearing latex gloves minimizes the possibility of small vaginal tears from our nails while fingering the G-spot and cervix by allowing gentle use the hard fore-edge of the nail for stimulation.

Playing with sperm-bank semen: For times when no suitable men are available I like to keep a few vials of high quality semen in cryo-storage - in a liquid nitrogen cryo-vault - to play with when I’m follicular and fertile as I feel adding a bit of pregnancy risk to a girl-girl encounter always gets me quickly aroused by heightening the chance of unintended consequences from the encounter.  Now that my clinic has a sperm bank I can get sperm to play with at wholesale prices rather than the retail rate I paid when I was in Nevada. So a few days ago – when I was fertile - Anya filled me with a vial of sperm-bank semen delivered from a dildo with a spring loaded syringe that was triggered by my contractions when I orgasmed. For that I wore an Oves as I love the fantasy of an unintended pregnancy, but I try my best to avoid it.



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