Wednesday, January 13, 2016

After the holidays, Tim as a partner

Roast pork tenderloin just as Mrs. Bridges makes

The Photo: Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this loin of pork. (With Apologies to William Shakespeare.)

Yule log quenched: Since 12th night as celebrated by the Barony was on the evening of January 5th  on the 6th the footmen quenched the butt of the Yule Log and moved it back to storage for use in igniting a new Yule Log next Christmas.

My circle leaves for Virgin Gorda: Bea, the Dryads (Bryony and Claire) Anya and Willow who got time off from the ballet and their boyfriends left for London aboard The Dragon. They boarded Limnaea II at Stansted for the flight down. Chris went along returning to work in London leaving me alone with Tim and the staff to care for us.
Tim goes boar hunting: While I was attending to estate business my head gamekeeper took Tim out wild boar hunting. It was a miserable wet day and the animals were deep in the brush for the most part, but the gamekeeper got him two good shots at large sows (225+ lbs) and he killed them both with headshots. He has a current firearms certificate and used one of the Barony’s .375 Holland & Holland rifles. The Trichinella test came back negative and the village butchery skinned, cleaned and cut them up for me. Tim took the tenderloins for us and the rest he gave to the gamekeeper and the castle staff which made him very popular!

Riding with Tim: Returning readers will recall that I renamed a lovely young mare in the Blackthorn stables ‘Mellten’ (Lightning in Welsh) in honor of Rhiannon’s horse which in The Mabinogion can’t be overtaken when she is riding it. Mellten is extremely fast, sure footed, has been trained for fox hunting (actually drag hunting now) and seems very fond of me. When I’m astride her we are like a single entity jumping hedges, ditches and galloping flat out. It feels marvelous to have that much power between my legs and I always end our rides on an amazing high that is almost sexual in its intensity! when astride her I like to have a pair of Ben Wa balls inserted which makes things very interesting indeed!

I rode Mellten and Tim was astride a young stallion from the stables. He took me on a tour of some of the fox hunting terrain on my land as he and his father have ridden to hounds on the Barony land with the local hunt for years. We were fortunate that the morning was dry and sunny and the temperature was in the low 40s (F). It was wonderful to get out in the fresh air with Tim and see how well he rides. Cook has fixed us some sandwiches for lunch and we ate by a stream that had settled within its banks again after Storm Frank. I had a lovely time.

Kitting out Tim as a ballet partner: We were fortunate that Nikolai and Tim are almost identical in size so the tights, dancebelts and slippers stocked for him in the men’s dressing room fit Tim perfectly! The first evening we were together I knew I wanted to teach him to be my dance partner so we went into the ballet studio men’s dressing room and got him into a dancebelt and tights pulled and rolled down over a military webbing belt to show of his genital bulge and cheek cleavage and fit him in slippers which, knowing I was going to dress him for class, I had already sewed the instep elastic on.

I’m very pleased with how well Tim is adapting to ballet class the exercises, terminology and he is amazingly strong and good with lifts so that he is becoming quite a good partner given that he has only been taking instruction and class for a few days.  Of course he came to me in superb physical condition, very strong, extremely flexible and is a fast learner.

Barre pleasuring: After the new larger ballet studio (which I’m going to use for large classes during Summer Intensives) was finished I had the wooden floor, mirrors and barre in the old studio refurbished being careful not to remove the patina from the pleasure brackets gotten from decades of women using them to masturbate by rubbing their pelvises against the rounded protrusions designed for that purpose. When my predecessor, Edith the 22nd Baroness, had the castle’s old ballet studio updated in the 60s she had the 19th century bronze ‘pleasure brackets’ installed. They had been salvaged from a Paris ballet school which also trained courtesans and they are marvelous to masturbate with while fully attired in practice clothes. It is in this studio that Tim and I take class as I like the view to the east from the windows and the feel and scent of the water sprinkled sprung wooden floor.

Tim noticed the shiny bronze knob on the brackets and asked if they didn’t get in the way. So I told him what they were for. When a man isn’t handy after class and I’m fertile and needy in a modern studio I like to give myself an orgasm by tying a towel over the barre and around a smooth modern barre bracket so I can rub the shaft of my clit against it while watching myself in the mirror or looking out a window if there is one above the barre. He was fascinated to learn what the protrusions were for and that generations of women had used them to pleasure themselves over the years. I find the sense of history comforting when I masturbate on a bracket and wonder who the women were that had used it before me and what became of them. That type bracket is a bit more in the way during class, but makes up for that by the intense pleasure received by rubbing against it.

Edith was still in her 50s when the French pleasure brackets were installed and was (according to her diaries) still very sexually active. But living alone a good bit of the time masturbation of the French sort, on her toes in pointes caressing her clit against a barre bracket, could often satisfy her need. Of course that shows up as ‘bracket burn’ worn spots in the fabric on the crotches of tights or leos, but that was (and still is) to be expected when few men were available as is still the case in ballet schools today.


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