Saturday, January 2, 2016

My London Derrière, baby making, mind-fucked

Another view of my stretch black tulle playsuit

The Photo: One of my lovers called this a view my ‘London Derrière’. The stretch tulle thong is wonderful to show off the unblemished skin of my cheeks and makes it easy to slip it over a cheek for convenient rear entry something needed for ballet-sex. Here at the castle I bend over a portable barre, table or a chair back for support placed near a fireplace with a lovely fire going to keep warm when wearing this playsuit.   

Tim as a bedmate, the saga continues: Returning readers will recall that my New Years eve bedmate Tim (the SAS officer in the gorgeous uniform that I tried not to tear as I almost ripped it off him) and I had a marvelous time, but very little sleep on New Years eve. He told me that he hadn’t been with a woman (or masturbated either from the quantity of ejaculate) in months which contributed to his amazing sexual stamina. So I was interested in whether he could continue that pace with me two nights in a row.

BREAKING NEWS: he could! He did! And it was the most fun I’ve had with a new partner in years! My wards say I glowed with energy when I showed up at 6:30 AM in the studio for technique class. I was a bit sore but 400mg of ibuprofen took care of that. I was loose, flexible and absolutely bursting with as much energy as a 19 y/o! I was still draining semen after Kegeling as much out as I could so I inserted a Diva Cup to collect the remainder to prevent staining my tights during class.  The other girls he has been with when he comes home call him ‘Tiny Tim’ because his equipment is so impressive and is supposedly the terror of many local girls with regular size vaginas, but the two I’ve talked with say he didn’t try to bury his full length in them and let them take him astride where they could control the depth and direction of his thrusts so they felt very safe with him.

I know it’s just the first few days into the relationship that is pure lust and won’t last as he has to report back to his regiment in some location that he can’t talk about. However, he is due for transfer soon and has asked for a transfer to a unit of his regiment that provides security here at home. So if he gets the posting he wants I may get to see him again. If I wasn’t too old I would like to have his children. I had eggs harvested and frozen when I was in my mid 20s so there is always going the IVF route, but it would be awesome to get preggers the old fashion way with his sperm swimming up my tubes and fertilizing an egg shortly after release, but at my age the chances are only 3% or 4%.

Not impossible, but very unlikely except if I were trying my best to avoid conceiving and had an oops. Someone having that happen to her is known as being had by the perversity of inanimate objects. The bad thing about being preggers would be that I’d be away from dancing for almost a year and at my age it would be very hard to get back in peak shape. Having a pregnancy distort the ballet body that I’ve worked to perfect for more than 35 years and leave stretch marks on my abdomen is what has put me off having children until now and even with the pull that Tim exerts I’m still not sure I want to conceive if I had the chance with him.

I know that is something I haven’t said before and I know the mood will pass, but right now I have these thoughts about forgetting to use a diaphragm and spermicide with him when I’m fertile. I’m CD22 as this is being written and I shouldn’t be fertile for another 14 days or so so he will be long gone before I’d have my willpower tested to see if I’d actually take him unprotected to try to get preggers with him.  He took me in all the positions we used the night before and he was so gentle and considerate and an absolutely amazing lover filling me over and over with his thick creamy seed. And he loves to breastfeed as well! What an amazing man! Oh my god, I just realized… he’s mind-fucked me!



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