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Teaching pelvic skills

The City of London skyline summer 2014

The Photo: The London financial district “The City” skyline in August 2014, including Tower 42 (left), the Leadenhall Building (centre) and 20 Fenchurch Street, the “walkie-talkie”, (right) with the Thames in the foreground.

Pelvic training for elite Personal Assistant candidates: Returning readers may recall Taryn, one my former wards, who lives on an estate (that her partying friends call Cunt Castle) north east of Cambridge who has just received her MD and PhD in psychiatry. She is currently interning in a Cambridge hospital before starting her practice as a psychiatrist. In addition to her porn empire which she inherited from her parents she has recently started another business to care for a currently underserved niche market. She has identified a need - especially in the financial industry where money is no object and beautiful and talented women are rare - for an elite class of Personal Assistants for executives in the UK and U.S. business world; PAs who can provide intimate services to relieve their bosses’ stress as well as keeping an executive’s business day flowing smoothly.

The seven initial candidates all of whom are Cambridge graduates were first chosen for being sexually adventuresome. Additionally, they have been extensively screened for intelligence, beauty, personality, ballet training, and have degrees in accounting or business administration. The women who passed this initial winnowing were given extensive training in how to please even the most obsessive-compulsive and obstinate of men, which is where my skills as a ballet mistress and pelvic trainer come in.  While with me the women are still PA candidates and won’t be fully qualified until satisfactorily completing my pelvic training course.     

Pompoir training at Blackthorn Castle: I was pleased to receive Taryn’s call asking me to be ballet and pelvic training mistress for the few women who have successfully passed the screening process as I was wondering how to constructively occupy my time at the castle since with no men present I was missing the myriad of activity choices available in London and considering returning to Eaton Square. Since I was assured that all the girls who would come to me have at least six years of pointework, which I think is the minimum needed for an Elite escort, I settled on an accelerated eight week course in Pompoir and ancillary training (ballet-sex and dive-sex) and the ability to easily switch between Domme and submissive depending on what the man they work for needs at any given time.

Taryn thought the course should take only six weeks, but she was never fully trained in Pompoir and even at an accelerated pace six weeks is rarely enough time for even someone with superior pelvic muscle control because the first several weeks are consumed in identifying and slowly strengthening the proper groups w/o causing severe cramps from over working muscles. I intend to fully train the women under my tutelage and think eight weeks of intensive training should be enough for the trainees to be able to confidently and successfully perform Pompoir on even the most difficult man if they apply themselves. Of course these women will be far more than arm candy as they will be in charge of their executives’ day. Still they need the skills and wiles of an elite escort in order to keep their executive relaxed as only exquisite penile-vaginal intercourse can do so that he can be as effective in the board room as she is in the bedroom.

I had Taryn send along an experienced, uncut and very well endowed cocksman (a male escort not a porn actor) for each trainee and an additional one for Anya and another for me as I will need a partner to help demonstrate pelvic techniques and skills, and to sleep with at night since none of my current boyfriends are here. The uncut and well endowed men are better to work with since some women have never seen an uncut penis and a large penis is better for training purposes as the trainee needs to learn how to avoid injury if her partner isn’t gentle while thrusting.

The women all have current and negative full STI panels and have standard (six bead) GyneFix frameless copper IUDs implanted (with the strings trimmed off so cervical barriers can be used for ‘flood insurance’) four months ago so they are over any adjustment side effects. None have discomfort from menses that can’t be handled with 800 mg of ibuprofen while cycling naturally so they can comfortably provide menstrual sex if asked. All have been vaccinated against the full range of diseases as well as having the three shot regimen of Gardasil the HPV virus vaccine. All the men have negative STI panels and had their Gardasil shots as well.

I sent The Dragon down to London to pick up the six trainees and their partners and the other men for Anya and me. They arrived yesterday and a convoy of Land Rovers picked them up at Caersws and brought them up to the castle. The weather is forecast to be very wet with heavy rains and gusty winds for the next week with temperatures from the mid 30s to the mid 40s (F) so there should be little interest in anything but training, the care of sore muscles and sleep.

Since the training will be heavily centered on pelvic activity Chris, my male Gyn from the Barony’s London clinic, as well as his current girlfriend, a Physician’s Assistant and cervical barrier fitter, will be here as well for the entire eight week course.  So we now have seven women trainees and nine well endowed men in residence in addition to Chris and his girlfriend and Anya and me. Having seven trainees and an eight week course means that after the first week the men can swap partners each week so the candidates can train with seven different men.  I love having sexually active guests and being able to train young women in very impressive but relatively unknown pelvic skills.


  1. It seems to me from the description, these personal assistants are basically girlfriends for hire. It might be somewhere between an escort and a wife for those execs that will hire these girls.

    1. Hi Eric! No, it is a great deal more than that. These women will organize a busy executive’s work day and social calendar as well if requested. Too, the ability to provide intimate services as well can’t be over estimated as they travel together so she eliminates the need for him to use an Escort service to relieve his tension while traveling as she is a healthy and secure source of pleasure.

    2. So, I guess these women could be equated with Pepper Potts. She was Tony Stark's PA in the Iron Man films, played by Gwyneth Paltrow. At first, Pepper was Tony's secretary, but then she became so much more to him, and she eventually ended up running Stark Industries in Iron Man 3.

    3. The candidates thought it was cute being compared to Pepper Potts. I’m not sure how much Pepper’s pelvic skills entered in to her promotion

      Honestly, no serious executive wants to promote someone beyond their level of competence. These PAs will be very well trained in ancient Asian relaxing techniques, but those skills will only give them superior access. Once their potential is recognized they will have to make themselves indispensable and prove their business shrewdness in each individual case.


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