Saturday, January 16, 2016

Morning Wood’s problem, and a shoe room tryst

The single rod contraceptive implant good for 3 years

The Photo: The Nexplanon 4 cm long single rod progestin only subdermal implant that slowly releases etonogestrel.

Morning Wood and morning sickness: The 19 y/o student, ‘Miss Nexplanon’, who is fucking her way into one of Marvin’s Cambridge Psychology classes and as a consequence is draining his seed from her tight, deep pussy tested positive for hCG. She hadn’t been able to keep breakfast down for the past several days so she peed on a stick and found she is pregnant. That’s not supposed to happen for women on Nexplanon which is statistically about 99% effective and she is freaking out and wants to get rid of it as does Marvin. She was on diet pills and St John’s Wort for depression which probably reduced the progestin’s effectiveness.

Chris, my male Gyn who works at the Barony’s London women’s clinic, is giving her a vacuum aspiration this evening (Saturday, after office hours) and Marvin accompanied her. They plan to spend the night at Blackthorn House in Belgravia before returning to Cambridge Sunday as though they had gone to London for the shows. I suppose she is lucky since there is a good possibility that a pregnancy while on a progestin only contraceptive could end up as ectopic and result in the possible loss of one of her tubes. She is having a frameless copper bead GyneFix IUD inserted at the same time so she and Marvin can continue their affair. That’s fine with me as it will keep him pumping seed into a known vagina for the academic year while he is teaching at Cambridge.

Snow: On Thursday 1/14 we had our first snow. It was forecast for Llanidloes which is about 550 feet above sea level with temps in the mid 20s (F).   Blackthorn castle is at 1,600 feet and our temp was in the high teens (F) and we had about 4 inches of snow. It was my first time here in the snow and the castle looks marvelous all trimmed in white.

A shoe room tryst: As I mentioned in my entry for January 1st, Tim has an erotic fascination about pointe shoes and the women who wear them. When I showed him my shoe room with its bins of new Freed and Gaynor Minden pointes he was very interested, but he fell in love with the racks of damp smelly ones drying after being worn. They are infused with the unique bouquet of stimulating scents immediately recognized by all women ballet dancers; estrogenic sweat soaked leather and paste and anti-bacteria spray from drying Freed and Gaynor pointes, lineament, antiperspirant and perfume that I wear on a daily basis. And from the soiled costume hamper occasionally the malodorous aroma of a pantie and plug set that was worn while fertile. The shoe room has a barre and mirror so I can try on a pair and see how they feel to see if they are right for what I will be doing a technique class, rehearsal or a performance and what role I’ll be dancing. Every woman who was ever fitted for pointe shoes knows there can be a different look and feel between pairs of seemingly identical pointes. 

Tim loves the intimacy of watching me prepare my toes, taping them and pulling on toe pads then forcing my padded and taped toes intro the toe-boxes of the shoes and pulling the backs up over my heels then walking around en pointe with the ribbons untied to see how they feel and set my toes in the blocks. If everything feels right then I’ll wrap the ribbons around my ankles and tie my feet into the pair of pointes before stretching for a few minutes at the barre. I was CD 7 and follicular and needed the protection of a cervical barrier.

Ordinarily I would insert a cervical barrier before dressing in practice clothes however I wanted him actively involved in the fantasy of helping a ballet dancer protect herself before an unanticipated encounter so after that I let him apply DiveGel+ in the dome of a Caya pull down my tights, slip the thong of my leo to one side and parting my labia expertly inserted it slipping the rim under and behind my cervix before pushing the relief arch up behind my pubic bone. I checked after him to feel my cervix through the silicone membrane of the cup just to be sure. It was positioned perfectly and I was ready to rock and roll!  With my vulva still exposed and my tights at mid thigh I took his hand and guided him over to the barre, stepped up on to pointe a la seconde, grabbed the barre with both hands and bent over inviting him to enter me from behind.

He is tall and marvelously well hung so even en pointe a la seconde he lifted me several inches off my platforms which is why I increased the padding as I wore bespoke Freeds from the Crown maker with 3/8th inch thick three-quartered leather shanks for our ballet-sex encounter rather than Gaynors since I was going to give the shoes to Tim as a souvenir of our time together when he left to return to duty.  The leather shanks flex not break when the wearer is thrust-dropped on the platforms during ballet-sex. Even so there is no internal platform padding so wearing Freeds for ballet-sex is for the masochist not the faint-of-heart.

Taking a man inside me when I’m en pointe is almost always a marvelous experience for me especially if he is well endowed and Tim is near my upper limit in that category.  All my muscles from the tips of my toes to my abdominals are clenched when I’m on my toes so I have to be very well lubricated and then the initial penetration as his glans pushes between my labia and under my pubic bone is absolutely thrilling feeling the warmth and size of him filling me as he pushes deeper thrusting into the depths of my posterior fornix pushing against the nylon spring rim of the Caya.  His strong hands holding my hips as he thrust and withdrew and thrust and withdrew! All that length and girth, his new set of bacteria and when he came he filled me with the hot, thick, creamy strands of bioadhesive semen coating the convex side of my Caya   It is so marvelous having Tim thrusting inside me! He loves the lightly textured matte surface of the Caya dome which acts as a stimulator and gets him off quicker than if I was wearing a Milex that has a glass smooth finish to its dome.

The Dragon to Cardiff: I’m taking Tim to the airport at Cardiff this coming Monday, Jan 18th. The Dragon, my private cars, will be connected to the 7:31 AM from Caersws for the three hour trip to Cardiff arriving at 10:39 AM.  We will be having sex and a late breakfast aboard and then more sex.  He will be boarding a military aircraft bound for some location that he can’t talk about. In Cardiff he is taking me for an early dinner to Gateway of India since we both like Indian food and he says the restaurant is excellent. Then I’ll go with him to the airport to see him aboard his plane then take a taxi back to Cardiff Central to board The Dragon for Caersws and home. The return trip will take 9 ¼ hours! I’ll certainly have time to become reacquainted with my vibi after an amazing two weeks with Tim! Sigh…!


  1. Though this probably doesn't qualify, but Lord Tennyson once wrote: "Tis better to have loved and lost than to have never loved before." Maybe substitute the word "lust" in that phrase. Of course, your other dancer guy, Nicolai, will step right back in, methinks. Of course, you can always send your plane to ALO and pick me up. ;-)

    1. Hi Eric, I’m sure you’re right. Nevertheless I was very sad to see Tim leave and I’m hoping to have him backing the UK in a few months.

      I think the Tennyson quote is: “'Tis better to have loved and lost Than never to have loved at all”. In my case I don’t think it is love so much as lust for a new and gorgeous man!

  2. For you Jill that was pure lust and for Tim that was serious addiction, new experience and all happened instantly after he was away from any kind sexual pleasure for some time, so I can bet he is going to have trouble with girls and withdrawal symptoms for some time and girls around him would be not enough to satisfy him after all he experienced with you.


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