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NuvaRing, Blackthorn Priory girls

NuvaRing the vaginal contraceptive ring
The photo: Showing NuvaRing packaging, its relative size, about 2 inches in diameter and its flexibility.
Lost and found in the sheets: Housekeeping found a NuvaRing in the sheets of one of my New Years house party women guests’ room. She had either expelled it or a lover had hooked it with the corona of his glans and accidently pulled it out. Obviously she was unaware that it was no longer inside and providing protection. When he withdrew she should have immediately checked to see that the ring was still in place and perhaps she did. If she rolled over for a post coital nap and passed gas if she doesn’t have a pronounced post-pubic vault with the back of the pubic bone for the ring to rest against her pelvic contractions could have easily squeezed the ring and it slipped out. I knew who was assigned the room so I called her and mentioned a ring of hers had been found. At first she thought I was talking about a finger ring and assured me she had checked all her jewelry was packed before she left the castle. Then I was a bit more specific that it was a vaginal contraceptive ring.
She gasped and there was a noise as she tried to catch her cell as it slipped from her fingers. Moments later she picked it up and in a shaky voice said her ring was missing. Case solved! NuvaRing has an outer diameter of 54 mm and a cross-sectional diameter of 4 mm. and releases on average 0.12 mg/day of etonogestrel and 0.015 mg/day of ethinyl estradiol.  It had been out for much longer than the three hour removal limit during the first two weeks so she will have to use another method (condoms or a diaphragm) for 7 days while the hormones from the new ring reestablish her hormonal protection. She wasn’t sleeping with her husband. It depends on what night she lost the ring as to how serious her situation is. She should have been protected if she lost the ring on the last night. She is newly married and wants children, but not with possible paternity questions.
Blackthorn Priory girls training an update: Now that the holidays are over I was able to get back to taking care of my other responsibilities around the Barony one of which is tending to the sexual health of the girls school at Blackthorn Priory. I visited briefly at Christmas to distribute small gifts to girl each as none the students has family or home other than the sisters of the order and her schoolmates.
Returning readers may recall what I wrote about Blackthorn Priory in my December 31, 2014 post entitled ‘My Welsh Roots’: “There is nothing to suggest St. Candice (as I tend to think of her) was in any way a disciplinarian. However, she is patron saint of a religious community of women living in a surprisingly large medieval Priory the early parts of which date from the 11th century.  The Priory is on Blackthorn Barony land within a few miles of the Baroness’s relatively small but superbly constructed 13th C. castle…”
“The Priory is part of the Barony of Blackthorn and the office of Prioress of the Order is in the gift of the Baroness Blackthorn. Maintenance of the priory and the Order are paid for from a small percentage of the profit from the minerals mined on the Baronial estates. The Order of St Canna stresses discipline, obedience and service.  Blackthorn Priory’s primary function seems to be to raise female foundlings selectively chosen from the slums of major cities in the UK.  Their schools taught by Sisters who have attended the best universities, prepare the girls for university educations and socialize the young girls through exchange programs with other elite public (read private) schools in the UK.”
Pelvic exams and diaphragms: It is the custom at Blackthorn Priory as with many girls’ schools to give Priory girls reaching menarche their first gynecological exam and fit them with an effective barrier contraceptive so they can become accustomed to wearing it before they move to fifth and sixth forms at Barrow Priory in Middlesex where they will need it during social encounters as guests at dances at a neighboring boys school. Yesterday Chris, the male Gyn who works in my woman’s clinic, and I fitted all the students 14 and older with new FS latex diaphragms.
The primary training barrier (fitted at menarche) in use by Priory girls is the silicone Semina diaphragm which the girls think looks like a pink soap bubble a fact that helps the girls remember to insert their diaphragms for flow control on light days during menses. However, the smallest Semina is 60mm so any student requiring a smaller device had been fitted with a 22mm FemCap and a menstrual cup for flow control. Now that the Barony’s women’s clinic has flat spring rim diaphragms down to 50mm I have changed the regimen for girls 14 y/o and older to use latex flat spring diaphragms if they are not allergic to latex and any younger girls who at menarche need a diaphragm smaller than 60mm. A flat spring rim seals as well and is nearly impossible to under-thrust and the heat transfer properties of latex are far superior to the silicone of a Semina and silicone lube can be used with a latex D something that has become more important recently. And for divers a FS latex diaphragm can be safely worn at any depth. So wearing a latex diaphragm has become another rite-of-passage on the way to becoming a woman with all the responsibilities that entails. However, there is the fact that oily lubes of any sort, petroleum or vegetable, shouldn’t be used with a latex device as oil will destroy the latex, but that is a lesson best learned when young, impressionable and under supervision so it won’t be easily be forgotten or ignored.
Of course because of the age of consent the diaphragms provided to students younger than 16 are so they can become used to correctly wearing a cervical barrier using it exclusively as a menstrual cup for sanitary purposes.
Some readers may wonder why students reaching menarche are not immediately placed on hormonal contraceptives since these days so many girls routinely go on contraceptive hormones with all the negative side effects accompanying them. Some few Blackthorn girls are put on hormones if they have very painful periods or their cycles won’t stabilize. However, the Order feels that it is important for young women to experience the ebb and flow of their hormones while cycling naturally. Diaphragms let them become accustomed to handling their genitals w/o fear or shame (as so many young women these days have not been taught to do) and can experience the marvelous surge in creativity when fertile. Additionally, the discipline of inserting the diaphragm every evening before bed and removing and cleaning it each morning gets each into a routine that will be beneficial when they become sexually active.
New Years dildo presentations: In my annual New Years presentation as Baroness I presented each newly blossomed young woman with two dildos: her first borosilicate (Pyrex) glass dildo, a 1 ¾ inches in diameter and 8.0 inches long glass shaft in the shape of a phallus with a handle to use while on her back – a nice feature about Pyrex is that it can be warmed or cooled for use in hot or chilly weather. And since all the Priory school girls take ballet/pointe a high quality silicone one of the same size with a suction cup base with which to solo train for male penetration in the ballet studio. This second item is especially useful in training for deep penetration of the posterior fornix while en pointe during ballet-sex – suctioned on to the mirrored wall in a studio where the user can hold on to the barre rise en pointe and back on to the dildo. All the girls were eagerly anticipating trying them out.
Fitting the local swim team with latex diaphragms: Today Chris and I fit the local swim team with latex FS diaphragms.  The custom made 55, 60 and 65 mm latex flat spring rim diaphragms, to be used as ‘gas-guards’ since there have been two recent injuries involving women in the UK getting air or water in their uteri while playing or having sex in a pool which have gotten a lot of publicity in the medical press in the last few months. So since most adults in the surrounding villages work for the Barony either directly or indirectly my clinic is fitting the swim team with diaphragms at no cost to the swimmer or her family.
As my readers know latex diaphragms are particular effective for pool-sex since silicone lubricant can be used w/o harm to a latex diaphragm. Returning readers may also recall that a ‘gas-guard’ is a cervical barrier to prevent air being forced through the cervix into the uterus by a lover blowing into his partners vagina or when playing around with SCUBA gear where a mischievous friend holds the mouthpiece of his or her reg against a partner’s vulva and depresses the purge button sending a jet of compressed air into the vagina. All the swim team have mini (4 bead) frameless copper GyneFix IUDs implanted, (also free from the Blackthorn Clinic) with their strings trimmed off so they can wear cervical barriers w/o the possibility of pulling out the IUD while removing the cervical barrier when no longer needed.
FemCap wasn’t a choice since the depth limit of a FemCap is about 25 to 30 feet before squeeze on the dome makes it too uncomfortable to wear. And some of the girls are too small to effectively wear the smallest FemCap which is 22mm.  Caya was not considered because of the small sizes needed, rotation and the need for silicone lube.

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