Monday, January 4, 2016

The Caya diaphragm, Tim and I, fetish diaphragm sex

The Caya single size contoured diaphragm

The Caya market: The Caya contoured diaphragm with a polymer arcing spring rim was designed for use in locations where medical professionals are not available to fit diaphragms. Caya is a one-size-fits-most device designed to fit women using the four most commonly prescribed sizes 65, 70, 75 and 80mm, of conventional diaphragms. Caya has been available in The UK and Europe for about two years and in mid 2015 was approved by the FDA for use in the U.S, but it is available by Rx only.

I’ve discussed the Caya and its uses in previous posts and occasionally use it myself when I’m luteal, but I don’t think it is as effective for me if used for contraception during fetish sex as it can be more easily under-thrust than can a flat spring rim latex diaphragm which my clinic now fits as standard for Escorts unless the patient is allergic to latex. 

Caya the pros:

  • Polymer rim spring compresses into a long oval with the posterior rim arcing down slightly to ease slipping under and behind the cervix. The rims flexing properties are very similar to a conventional coil spring rim.
  • Designed to fit women who wear conventional diaphragms from 65mm to 80mm.
  • The soft 75 mm polymer rim spring flexes to accommodate depth of 65mm conventional diaphragm wearer.
  • Matte texture of the cup increases sensation for the male partner.
  • Grip dimples provide finger placement guidance and firm grip for insertion.
  • Removal dome makes removal easy. And, depending on the length of the fingers it can also allow the wearer’s or her partner’s finger to easily move the removal dome gently back and forth over the wearer’s G-spot (if she has one) to stimulate her to orgasm making it much easier to give many women who can wear a Caya a G-spot orgasm, though the ease will depend on exactly where her G-spot is located.
  • Relief arch makes it less likely for a partner to hit the anterior rim.

And cons:

  • The small 55 mm, inner diameter cervical cup makes wearing it for heavy days flow control during menses less useful than an Omniflex that has a larger dome.
  • To accommodate the upturned relief arch of the anterior rim in front of the removal dome, the wearer needs to have a pronounced post-pubic vault (or retropubic niche as  the makers call it) one to two cm deep which most women have; otherwise a partner can hit the rim.
  • Rim contour (ahead of the grip dimples) increases the likelihood of under-thrusting if the Caya rotates too much.
  • Worn by a woman whose correct size in a conventional diaphragm is smaller than 65mm the contoured rim will bend more ahead of the grip dimples making it much easier to under-thrust the Caya if the wearer is taken while unaroused. Or, cause it not to seal correctly and leak and the rim pressing on her urethra can increase the likelihood of developing a UTI.
  • All cervical barriers rotate, but for those with a circular cross-section (all except Caya) rotation doesn’t matter as far as the seal is concerned. When Caya rotates the contoured rim is more likely to break the seal. Rotation is thought to occur from a thrusting penis rubbing more against one side of the dome than the other. So if both the penis and dome are not well lubricated friction can cause the device to rotate significantly.

Tim and a change in plan: It’s Monday January 4th 2016 and I’m CD24 as this is being written. I’m luteal and don’t really need to wear a barrier for contraception, but I found that Tim likes to help me insert either a Caya or a Reflexions if we are to go diving (I check after him to make certain my cervix is in the cup) and he loves the additional stimulation from rubbing his glans on Caya’s lightly textured dome which saves me from having to intentionally contract my muscles and lets me just enjoy having him thrusting inside me.

The plan changes are significant. After 12th Night (on January 5th) my wards their boyfriends and Anya, who arrived on Sunday as the last of my house party guests were departing will fly down to Virgin Gorda aboard Limnaea II, my. Marvin is not going. He is returning to Cambridge to “work” and ‘Miss Nexplanon’ his current dick-a-chick is going with him! I’m not surprised, but she isn’t a dancer and can’t wear pointe shoes (I’ve already covered that base and she doesn’t have the feet or strength for wearing them) so she won’t be replacing me as Jenna when I’m wearing her Bloch Alpha pointes.  Marvin is just looking for a young, tight, deep, easily controlled vessel in which to plant his seed while he is away from me so I know he will be back.

And, I’m not going to Virgin Gorda immediately after 12th Night either. I found that Tim doesn’t have to report back to his unit for another two weeks, on the 18th, and I’ve asked him to stay here with me which he is delighted to do! Yay! I should be fertile on the 16th so I’ll need to be careful the last several days we will be together, but until then I can safely have his sperm in my tubes and not worry about an unintended pregnancy.

By then Bea and her boyfriend will be back at Cambridge so after I see Tim off Nikolai and I will fly down to Lost Cove to be with Anya and the Dryads (Bryony and Claire) and their boyfriends. Nikolai will have time off from the ballet then so he will be my partner on Virgin Gorda. It will be his first time in the BVIs and we are both looking forward to having dive-sex in the cove.

Tiny Tim and me: For the next two weeks Tim and I will be alone together except of course for the castle staff.  He has had SCUBA combat training so is well qualified as a diver. Though I’m pretty sure he hasn’t been in an operation where he has had penile-vaginal intercourse with a woman underwater before. So, I intend to give him a lot of practice to eliminate that gap in his training. We slipped away from the rest of my guests on Saturday to have Carla, my Divemaster, fit him with an OTS Guardian FFM and we tried it out wearing BCs and 130 cu ft HP steel tanks in the shallow (64 ft deep) well where just to get acclimated to the energy and the amount of air expended (you tend to forget about air conservation techniques during orgasm) during dive-sex we could breathe regular air rather than Enriched Air Nitrox with 32% oxygen (EAN32). I tethered my ankle leash to the net strung across the well at 30 feet to prevent a diver in an uncontrolled descent from sinking to the bottom.

I inflated my BC and hung weightless tethered by the leash while Tim untied the hip bows of my thong and fingered me. For the dive I wore a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm making sure to express the air from the dome with my fingers to strengthen the vacuum in the dome and applied 10ml of the silicone lube DiveGel+ from a disposable vaginal applicator before getting in the water. I wore the latex Reflections for two reasons primarily because a flat spring rim is nearly impossible to under-thrust so it performs extremely well as ‘flood insurance’ to prevent the hydraulics of a lover’s thrusting from forcing water into the wearer’s uterus and because the silicone gel lube needed for underwater sex will not harm a latex barrier.

He was such an able and fast learner! On our first dive he got off twice by thrusting while we were in more or less vertical missionary. Then I gave him Pompoir while he stayed still and hard as deep as he could get while I milked him with my muscles. It was such a wonderful encounter that I hated to have to surface. The good news is that he will be with me for the next two weeks!

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  1. Hello dear Jill, finally got time to rest, public holidays advantage of that time stops for one day and I can read your blog, so here starts fetish training for Tim


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