Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The advantages of thongs

A heavily embroidered fishnet and lace thong

The advantages of thongs: If you must wear something for pelvic protection then a thong can be hidden under a tight skirt or shorts. No panty lines and you can be confident that fertile fluid and a certain amount of coitial discharge will be absorbed by the cotton liner. I like to wear nothing under a skirt or shorts in warm weather that way I’m more readily accessible in case an opportunity with a man arises. Of course in cold weather I’m in tights and leather or latex so then my accessibility becomes part of foreplay. In warm weather I carry a thong along with condoms at parties or private dinners. That way if I have a quickie he can use a condom. The thong is in case the condom bursts I can Kegel out most of his load and slip into the thong so I won’t be draining all evening on my skirt and the hostess’s upholstery. Of course for that application I use a G-string with a microfiber cup and very absorbent liner.

Choose carefully: Care needs to be taken in choosing heavily embroidered thongs because body type and weight will determine what will be comfortable. For starters of course your pubes should be totally waxed as there is nothing more off-putting to a man than to see pubic hair sticking out around a tiny jewel of a thong meant to sheathe the most intimate and beautiful part of an aroused woman, her vulva. Ideally, to wear a deeply embroidered crotch, the wearer should have a wide pelvis and well toned thighs. There is nothing worse than being trapped in a thong the embroidery on which is scratching your thighs when you are trying to be seductive or are in public where you can’t get out of it.

An attention getter: A deeply embroidered front panel is helpful when rubbing yourself against a man’s thigh to get his attention. The texture of the embroidery increases friction significantly – even through thick wool trousers - so you are impossible to ignore. Another fun thing about a heavily embroidered front panel is that the stitching on back of the embroidery presses against the clitoris, even through the soft cotton crotch liner so it can be a massive turn-on for some girls and quite distracting to others. Women were distracted by our thongs while driving long before cell-phones and text messaging came along.

Thongs as scent pads and favors: Thongs make wonderful scent pads. I use my different natural scents at various times in my cycle to attract men I’m near. My estrogenic pheromones just seem to work really well that way and I teach my ballet students to be confident while dancing en pointe in their thongs. A thong is marvelous for use in showing off our glutes beautifully toned and clenched when we are balanced on our pointes. And, a thong scented by our natural pelvic musk as well as coitial discharge makes a wonderful gift, a memento of a memorable encounter to a fave man! I suppose it’s natural to wonder as a new man penetrates me for the first time, will he will be thongworthy?

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