Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Dive-Chick tests positive

After a pill failure Anna stresses her implants during ‘quiet time’ as she considers her options.

Pregnant: Katrina, one of the adult media actresses here videoing in the pit, tested positive for hCG Friday morning. Her staring scenes were pretty much completed for the next few days, but she was still doing background work so Cyndi filled in for her the rest of the day since we don’t allow pregnant women to dive, even if they do intend to have a termination. That’s because they might change their minds and then there would be the possibility of pressure related birth defects. Since she wanted to be back at work as soon as possible we called ahead to the clinic and they were ready for her when we got there. I went with her and after signing the necessary releases she had a menstrual extraction and should be working-diving again by Monday. She felt fine an hour or two afterward and is wearing a diaphragm to collect the residual bleeding. She is on an antibiotic for ten days and Chuck, the Gyn who did her ME, said she could have sex as soon as she felt like it. She worked as a surface assistant (gofer) that afternoon. I’m just glad that if it had to happen it happened three days after she arrived so there is no doubt that she conceived before she arrived and none of my guys was responsible. The paperwork for an unintended pregnancy caused by a Pool Stallion, regardless of the releases previously signed, is a real headache! She said she thinks her pills failed because she was on antibiotics for a few days 7 weeks or so ago. An antibiotic decreasing the effectiveness of BCPs is such a common problem, especially when the woman is taking a very low dose (20mcg of estrogen) pill as Katrina is. I’m really surprised why there aren’t more prominent warnings.

A ‘wet-dream shop’ career: She’s a darling girl and at 19, blond with lovely long legs and a natural C-cup bust she is a man’s fantasy, which of course is why she is working for what Pirate calls a ‘wet-dream shop’ like Graphic Media. Working for that sort of org the money is good for now, but her career will be very short as her looks change with age. As far as moving up in the organization, there are so few jobs in management in that line of work and she isn’t built to be a security asset. She could work in industrial espionage penetrating similar organizations if she shows the guile for that sort of thing. The down side of industrial espionage in the Adult Media business is that agents often disappear never to be heard from again.

Vegas fetish rubber: To be in the trade the girls aren't all that experienced so Pirate loaned us a pride of Pool Stallions to make sure the girls had a good solid Vegas fetish experience and since they work a lot of rubber we went to one of Gepetto's rubber clubs Friday night. It was a rush but he outfitted all three in lovely Polymorphe butterscotch latex and boots. I didn't want any of them injured by random riders at the club so each having an experienced escort was the safest way to show them a good time. That way when they got drilled at least they knew he was clean and they wore their strapless FemCaps as thrust buffers, except Katrina who was wearing her silicone diaphragm. But since two are on the pill the FemCaps were secondary back-up. I had all three insert an applicator of Dive-Gel before we left for the club so they would be well lubed because their pills had reduced their ability to lubricate naturally. Katrina was wearing Semécide (an N9 spermicide made with Dive-Gel) in the dome of her diaphragm so she was quite safe. I don't think this crew had been doing much if any xxx work but their experiences here Friday night can't but help with their overall explicit media fetish education.

We spent four hours with the girls in Polymorphe latex, gasmasks; the Mil-Spec version of the Mestel SGE 400-3BB, and with their toes taped, padded and packed into pairs of Gepettos loaned high-end leather ballet boots. They only had to remove them three times in the four hours to relax cramping muscles which I thought amazing for girls not used to wearing BBs. But their diets and mineral levels are closely monitored so they won’t cramp while diving which probably explains why they did so well.

After they watched fascinated as girls in bar harnesses were being routinely drilled by random riders picked up in the club it was time for some action. Pirate and I started as he paraded me around the room so everyone got a good look at us before he led me up to the bar, unzipped my crotch and while I bent over the bar and he penetrated me. I gasped and arched my back as he entered me and the globe of my helmet briefly fogged over on the inside as I started panting and screamed when he took me to orgasm. After I’d lead the way the girls were taken onto the floor paraded around so everyone got a good look at their costumes and then in turn led to the bar and drilled. All three were drilled at least twice while standing in their BBs bent over the bar. One was still reluctant at first to have sex in a club, but we convinced her that with our male escorts she was quite safe. None are in monogamous relationships so the issue of ‘cheating’ and guilty consciences never came up. The custom double ended micro-zip back is a really nice feature of the Polymorphe that allows complete access for penetration from the rear. Given the girls relative inexperience they handled being drilled on their toes and walking in their BBs very well, with natural confident strides as the starlets they hope to become not the fearful mincing steps that make so many BB wearers look like repressed subs.

I had a 10:30 PM dinner reservation and took the entire party to the casinos high end restaurant, all still encased in Polymorphe latex, and we listened to the orchestra as we ate fillet mignon and salads. I was glad to see all the girls had good appetites because being an actress-diver takes a lot of energy. Afterward we stayed and danced for a while. We were all wearing heel guards so our spikes didn’t scar the floors and the footing was a bit more stable for the newbies. When we took the floor everyone else stopped dancing and watched. Even for Vegas it’s unusual to see four couples encased in Polymorphe latex in a mainstream restaurant-club aside from the fact that we looked like we knew what we were doing and were enjoying ourselves.

Pool stallions: A specialist sub group of escorts, which became known as Pool Stallions, was started in February of this year to care for the demand of female executives for strong male partners for dive-sex during recreational retreats from their business and family responsibilities. The pool stallions that Pirate lent us are marine biology graduate students spending the summer in Vegas doing research on the human female and her relationship with water - swimming pools – here and so will be gathering research data on the women they have been assigned to while on loan for the rest of the shoot. The end date for the shoot now seems in flux as they have asked for it to be extended twice as the writer-producer team thinks of more scenarios to video in the pit. Pirate thinks it’s worth the cost because of the good will it will bring his company and the possibility of paying contracts when Graphic Media needs more talent.

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  1. Looks like the girls from the AV shoot are having a lot of fun in Vegas. You and Pirate really know how to show them a good time. I sometimes wish I'm in the industry, but I don't have the assets (not large enough) where it counts.


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